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  • In other years: St Augustine of Hippo (354 - 430) Sat, Aug 27
    Celebrated: 28 Aug (worldwide)He was born in Thagaste in Africa of a Berber family. He was brought up a Christian but left the Church and embraced the Manichaean heresy, later seeing how nonsensical it was and becoming a Neoplatonist instead. He led a wild and dissolute youth. He took a concubine by whom he had […]
  • Saint Monica (331 - 387) Fri, Aug 26
    Celebrated: 27 Aug (worldwide)She was born at Thagaste in Africa of a Christian family. She was married young, to Patricius, and among her children was Augustine. He had a brilliant intellect and uncertain morals and his wayward spiritual career saw him at one time a Manichee and then a Neoplatonist. With many tears she prayed […]
  • Blessed Dominic Barberi (1792 - 1849) Thu, Aug 25
    Celebrated: 26 Aug (England)Dominic Barberi was born near Viterbo, Italy, in 1792 and joined the Passionist Order, urged on by an inner assurance that God called him to work as a missionary in England. He was ordained a priest in 1818 and worked in Italy and Belgium before coming to England in 1841. His first […]