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  • I was always pro-life. But then I was raped by my fiancee and offered the Morning-After pill…
    'As I lay there crying and in pain, I knew in my heart that a life, no matter how it is conceived, is still a precious gift created by God.' ...
    Source: Life Site NewsTue, Mar 28By pbaklinski@lifesitenews.com
    48 mins ago
  • ‘Fashioned by God’: The Family in ‘Populorum Progressio,’ 50 Years Later
    By Helen Alvaré, J.D. | Nearly all of Blessed Pope Paul VI’s treatment of the family in his 1967 social encyclical Populorum Progessio (The Development of Peoples) is contained in Paragraph 36: Man ...
    Source: NC RegisterTue, Mar 28By NCRegister
    1 hour ago
  • Australian archbishop speaks about helping human trafficking victim
    ROME — The Archbishop of Sydney has personal experience of what the modern slave trade can look like in an affluent western country like Australia. When he was a parish priest ten years ago in the Sydney suburb of Watson ...
    Source: Crux NowTue, Mar 28By Crux Staff
    3 hours ago
  • World peace cannot be achieved by maintaining nuclear weapons, Pope tells UN
    Today’s threats to global peace and security must be countered through dialogue and development, not nuclear weapons, Pope Francis told the United Nations. “How sustainable is a stability based on fear, when it actually increases fear and undermines relationships of ...
    Source: Catholic HeraldTue, Mar 28By Carol Glatz
    3 hours ago
  • Pope Francis calls for elimination of all nuclear weapons
    ROME — Pope Francis has called for a “collective and concerted” multilateral effort to eliminate nuclear weapons, telling a United Nations conference working on a treaty to prohibit such weapons that international peace and stability “cannot be based on a ...
    Source: Crux NowTue, Mar 28By Charles Collins
    3 hours ago
  • Can small children be saints? Fatima shows the answer is yes
    Late last week, the Vatican confirmed that a second miracle for Blesseds Jacinta and Francisco Marto, the little shepherd-seers of Fatima who died during the Spanish Flu Pandemic, has now been approved. It seems likely that Pope Francis will canonise ...
    Source: Catholic HeraldTue, Mar 28By Stephen Bullivant
    4 hours ago
  • Pope: ‘to have faith is to live our lives with joy’
    (Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis on Tuesday encouraged Christians to get on with things, living life with joy.Speaking during the homily during Mass at the Casa Santa Marta, he urged them to avoid complaining and not to let themselves be paralyzed ...
    Source: News.vaTue, Mar 28
    5 hours ago
  • Pope sends message to UN conference on nuclear weapons
    (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has sent a message to the “United Nations Conference to Negotiate a Legally Binding Instrument to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons, Leading Towards their Total Elimination,” the first part of which is taking place in New York from ...
    Source: News.vaTue, Mar 28
    6 hours ago
  • Pope Francis’ activities for Holy Week and Easter
    (Vatican Radio) The Vatican on Tuesday released details of the celebrations that Pope Francis will preside over for Holy Week and Easter. A note from the liturgical office said that on Palm Sunday, April 9th, the Pope will lead a ...
    Source: News.vaTue, Mar 28
    6 hours ago
  • Supreme court struggles over hospital pension dispute
    WASHINGTON  — The Supreme Court seemed to struggle on Monday over whether some of the nation’s largest hospitals should be allowed to sidestep federal laws protecting pension benefits for workers. Justices considered the cases of three church-affiliated nonprofit hospital systems ...
    Source: Crux NowTue, Mar 28By Associated Press
    12 hours ago
  • PCPM meets for Plenary Assembly
    (Vatican Radio) The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors [PCPM] met for its eighth Plenary Assembly from March 24-26, 2017. The resignation of founding member Marie Collins was a key topic on the agenda. The Commission expressed its gratitude to ...
    Source: News.vaMon, Mar 27
    1 day ago
  • USCCB President’s Statement on the Passing of Cardinal Keeler
     WASHINGTON—Cardinal William H. Keeler, retired archbishop of Baltimore and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) from 1992-1995, was a "servant of priestly virtue and gentlemanly manner," said Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, president of USCCB. He ...
    Source: USCCBThu, Mar 23
    5 days ago

The views expressed in the above articles do not necessarily represent the views of phatmass. This feed was automagically generated from multiple Catholic news sources.


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