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  • Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus (1873 - 1897) Fri, Sep 30
    Celebrated: 1 Oct (worldwide)3 Oct (Nigeria)Marie-Françoise-Thérèse Martin was born in Alençon, in France, on 2 January 1873. Her mother, who already had breast cancer, died when Thérèse was four, and the family moved to Lisieux. Thérèse became a nun at the Carmelite convent there at the age of 15, after a long battle against the […]
  • St Jerome (340 - 420) Thu, Sep 29
    Celebrated: 30 Sep (worldwide)He was born in Strido, in Dalmatia. He studied in Rome and was baptized there. He was attracted by the ascetic life and travelled to the East, where he was (unwillingly) ordained a priest. He was recalled to Rome to act as secretary to Pope Damasus, but on the Pope’s death he […]
  • St Michael Wed, Sep 28
    Celebrated: 29 Sep (worldwide)He is mentioned in the Apocalypse as the leader of the heavenly host. He is a patron of soldiers.See the article in the Catholic Encyclopaedia.