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  • St Francis Xavier (1506 - 1552) Fri, Dec 2
    Celebrated: 3 Dec (worldwide)He was born in the Basque country of Spain in 1506. He met Ignatius Loyola when he was a student in Paris, and he was ordained priest in 1537. In 1541 the Pope sent him as part of a mission to India, and he spent the rest of his life in the […]
  • Blessed Clementine Anuarite (1939 - 1964) Wed, Nov 30
    Celebrated: 1 Dec (Southern Africa)Nengepeta Anuarite was born in North Zaire on 29 November 1939. In 1955 she joined the Religious Institute of the “Holy Family” (Jamaa Takatifu) where she became known as Clementine. She trained as a primary school teacher and for a few years, was the matron of a boarding school. In 1964 […]
  • St Alexander Briant (1556-1581) Wed, Nov 30
    Celebrated: 1 DecAlexander Briant (or Bryant) was born in Somerset (1556), and entered Hart Hall, Oxford (now Hertford College), at an early age. While there, he became a pupil of Father Robert Parsons which lead to his conversion to the Catholic Church. Having left the university he entered the seminary at Douai, and was ordained […]


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  • Friday of the First Week in Advent
    Reading 1 Is 29:17-24 Thus says the Lord GOD:But a very little while,and Lebanon shall be changed into an orchard,and the orchard be regarded as a forest!On that day the deaf shall hearthe words of a book;And out of gloom and darkness,the eyes of the blind shall see.The lowly will ever find joy in the […]

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