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    I ask your prayers for my friend M, who has been in a hospital for mentally ill adolescents for nearly a year now. She was admitted after a suicide attempt. Her admittance itself involved a miracle – thank the Lord for what He did that the morning.

    She suffers from depression, anorexia, and dangerous self-harming behaviour. Her illness was triggered by a horrific history of sexual abuse, which she kept secret for far too long. She has been poorly for years. Mercifully, she trusts her doctors and therapists and she has made some great progress in the hospital. Pray that this continues and she is able to become a day-patient soon.

    She used to be a faithful Christian, but after such a long and painful sickness she has lost her faith. I and a friend plan to invite her on a special youth pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady Walsingham, if it's Jesus' will for her to go. The pilgrimage is for people 'who've gone a bit wobbly in faith and need to reconnect with Christ'. According to people who have been before, the atmosphere there is electrifying. Please pray that M will be there this year – and even if she can't go, ask that the Lord opens her eyes.

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