Manchild and DJ Sean P drop “Move Merchants II” for free

Nearly seven years after making their first album together, the hip-hop duo of Manchild and DJ Sean P, also known as Move Merchants, have done it again. This time it’s free.

Since the last album, Manchild (Mars Ill, Deepspace5) has spent less time on the mic to advance in his professional career. In his own words, he’s “making collard greens, no really, I’m making collared greens”. DJ Sean P has been the full time DJ and co-producer for Krum (Playdough, Deepspace5, Ill Harmonics), as well as producing, mastering and mentoring a number of other artists.

The new album, “Move Merchants II”, has a 70’s action movie theme and contains 11 tracks. The guest appearances include Krum, Jurny Big (Tunnel Rats), Elias (Scribbling Idiots, Dafuniks), and newcomer Le, from Austin, TX.

In a nod to DJ’s and producers, the instrumentals and acapellas are available on a second album with an alternate cover. “Everything the Move Merchants do is classic hip-hop,” said Krum, “I’ve been asking my parents for this album ever since it came out”.

“Move Merchants II” is now available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. For a free copy, or to download the instrumentals and acapellas version, go to the Move Merchants website at

The free doesn’t stop there. The Move Merchants are also giving away their first album from seven years ago. Both albums were produced by for the people of earth.



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