Phorum Guidelines

The main rule:

1. Don’t be a jerk.

Do not post:

  • PERSONAL ATTACKS - A post or comment that does not relate to the topic, but is specifically meant to upset or criticize another person or group of people.
  • HARMFUL, RUDE CRITICISM OF RELIGIONS - A post or comment that rudely criticizes a religion in a way that is harmful to open ecumenical dialogue.
  • CATHOLIC VS CATHOLIC BICKERING - A post or comment that results in doctrinal bickering that might cause scandal among the faithful. This includes but is not limited to harmful criticism of the Novus Ordo mass, The Traditional Latin Mass, or our Holy Father.
  • MATURE CONTENT – A post or comment that has a subject matter not appropriate for underage visitors.

What happens if I am guilty of breaking one of the rules?

Do not fret. Nobody is suspended from the phorum without first being issued a warning. If you are guilty of violating the same rule again, your posting privileges will be suspended for 7 days. A third violation earns you a 30 day suspension. Members who are consistently warned will not be eligible for a phatmass tag (Church Militant, Church Scholar, Religious or Clergy).

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts are prohibited. Furthermore, creation of an account to bypass a suspension may result in a deletion of all accounts.

The Winchester Line

Winchester is a phounding member of the phorum, and the originally established source for phatmass morality–not subject to the same rules as other members. His posts are always right on the line between warn/not warn. His mastery of walking the line when it comes to the rules is what we refer to as “The Winchester Line”. The Winchester Line, by definition, is our barometer when trying to decide between warning a member and not warning a member. Since Winchester is the source of The Winchester Line, it is functionally impossible for him to be warned–and therefore, banned. Doing so would destroy our entire warning system.