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  2. Private Vows in The Laity/Spirituality

    St Vincent de Paul Society Quote of the Day – January 20 "I hope that your past fidelity to these rules and your patience in waiting so long for them will obtain for you from the goodness of God the grace to observe them with greater ease in the future (XII:10)."
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    fluffy air
  4. Drop a word, keep a word

    fluffy snow
  5. Drop a word, keep a word

    snow white
  6. What to do--booklet of non-approved revelations

    https://www.ewtn.com/expert/answers/luisa_piccarreta.htm http://www.catholicapologetics.info/catholicteaching/privaterevelation/priprinciples.htm Ring your diocesan offices, or ask your parish priest, what to do.
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  8. Sad News of Sr Faith

    Way in the past, faith would write to me asking me questions on how to prepare for Carmel. How ardent was her desire to be completely identified with her beloved. Good looked on that desire and gave her her hearts desire. He formed her in the crucible of his purifying fire,and she proved worthy. I have never met a Carmelite who has not been tried by the fire of God's love. I am in no way implying that this only happens to Carmelites; but in a cloistered order this purification takes on a certain immediacy that may not be as obvious in a different order. Having no outside apostolates to distract oneself from from the silence and solitude one is more disposed to see oneself as we really are. That takes great faith and great love. I believe Faith has that love and stamina in her in my book she was a real carmelite in process. The process did not end when she was sent home from Carmel ;rather God intensified her period of purgatory and formation as a Carmelite for as I always say and I do not remember which Saint said it, but a carmelite is known from within. Good took her out of Carmel and gave her a cell and more solitude to be alone with him offering herself for others than she could ever find in a O. C. D. or O. Carm. monastery. I think Jesus saw her love the Father smiled in her and the Holy Spirit and our Mother of Carmel brought her home where her life is hidden with Christ in God. May she have eternal rest and the joy of the beatific vision. Please pray for us sister faith as we will pray for you and your family. IT
  9. Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister

    Cat Burglar? Sr. Elaine went out shopping again this morning, as she often does on Saturdays (or when need arises around here). As she was about to take the items out to the car, a man (store employee) who appe…
  10. For Relatives with Leukaemia

    Yesterday one of my mum's cousins was diagnosed with leukaemia. His prognosis is poor. His wife and their two sons are devastated. Pray for them please. The sons are my age and we were friends as children. As adults they live in another country and I don't see them that often, but I still feel close to them and I'm concerned for one of them in particular, as he has depression. Please also pray for another of my mum's cousins and for everyone who is touched by her situation. She has leukaemia too and has been in hospital since before Christmas. My mum is pretty shocked by it all and also needs prayers.
  11. Ban The Person Above You

    Banned for having me lolling
  12. Drop a word, keep a word

    white snow
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  14. Movies You Have Watched Recently

  15. Ban The Person Above You

    banned for name calling
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    white yeti
  17. Laid Off Work

    Yesterday, I got some horrible news. I was called into my supervisor's office and the HR director was there as well. It was explained to me that they are doing restructuring and modifying certain jobs as well as eliminating jobs and, unfortunately, my job was eliminated. My responsibilities are going to be absorbed by another staffing coordinator in a different department. It came as a huge shock - I've been there 2 years and it was my first job after I graduated with my Bachelor degree. I will admit that I was getting a bit burnt out because the job is very stressful - especially when you have multiple callouts and are having difficulty finding replacements. I was, however, planning to stay until I found another job because I have bills to pay and need health insurance (thankfully, they extended my insurance thru February and then I can use COBRA). Anyway, I was given 2 weeks' pay in lieu of notice and told that I could apply for unemployment, which they would approve. I am already job hunting now but I don't think the shock of the event has fully sunk in and I fear my depression might return so I made an appointment with my psychiatrist on Monday morning. Please say some prayers that I find a job soon.
  18. Benedictine habit question

    WONDERFUL! Thanks so much!
  19. Drop a word, keep a word

    Himalayan yeti
  20. Drop a word, keep a word

    Himalayan salt
  21. Pick correct answer on Church Dogma (Answer is obvious)

    Yeah catholics that deny church dogma, I don't deny that the world is condemned but Im just unsure it is eternal damnation, perhaps another way the word can be used is in building terms is set aside for destruction, ie perhaps war and poverty, but in gods mercy something new is always built again. Grace in the hope I guess that all will be saved, he is patient,even in there personal lives they are destroyed in so many ways time and time again so I guess some learn the hard way, some the easy way and god forbid but it may be so some not at all. Please keep dialogue with me warbler as I am reading what you are writing and I'm no saint but also I definitely don't wish to be spreading error and the cause of the fall of any of my fellow brothers and sisters of Christ. Sorry dUSt for multiple post, I just remembered, please forgive, and it wont happen from now on and I will try better to think my responses through more before posting I'm just a bit slow mixed with a hunger to discuss things which means it takes me awhile to get out my points. Jesus is Lord. God is Good. Lord have mercy on me a sinner. I believe,help me with my unbelief. Amen
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    salt marsh
  23. Ban The Person Above You

    Banned for using cumin
  24. Drop a word, keep a word

    marsh mellow
  25. March for Life- Who's Going?

    Full text: President Trump’s historic speech to 2018 March for Life LINK: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/full-text-president-trumps-historic-speech-to-march-for-life isn't it amazing that the so-called "press/national media" outright ignores or undereports this news
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