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  2. littlesister

    Little Sisters of the Poor Leave Oregon

    Giving Oregon up was...hard, but we just don't have the Sisters to staff all our Homes properly and vocations are not numerous enough although we've never been without. The consolation is that another Catholic group is taking it over and a few Little Sisters are staying for a bit to help them get acclimated. The residents won't have to move, which spares everyone a real heartache, and the spiritual support will stay intact. As St. Jeanne Jugan always said, "Blessed be God. Thank you, my God. Glory be to God!"
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  4. Lilllabettt

    Puppet media EWTN claims Christian identity; it's wrong

    Well hes no Wrangler man that's for sure. I prefer the British style of news reading personally. On a slightly tangential subject: EWTN. It's a little rich for the Register to be calling for ecceliastical authority to reign in a rogue catholic media provider. I fully appreciate the irony. Just so that's clear. But I feel EWTN really has gone down hill in the past 5 yrs, and it seems to be accelerating. I think the Francis pontificate posed a huge challenge/ opportunity and they blew their response. "Loyal opposition " is a very difficult role to play well, but they blew it. Especially with Arroyo. Not sure he was ever meant to be a non editorial guy but... yeah. I would be adding something to his contract to restrict where he can appear, if I were them.
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  6. KnightofChrist

    Puppet media EWTN claims Christian identity; it's wrong

    Most news anchors and the way they act on TV come off as plastic to me. Most of them seem like automatons. I perfer to read the news than watch it. I've never thought of him as gay.
  7. Lilllabettt

    Puppet media EWTN claims Christian identity; it's wrong

    Ok. But doesnt Arroyo give you an icky plastic feeling. Part of it is my homophobia and my inability to take gay men seriously. Not to accuse him of being gay -hes married with kids. But I was extremely surprised to find that out that he was married with kids. He reads the news theatrically. It's off-putting and I have no idea how he got his job.
  8. KnightofChrist

    Puppet media EWTN claims Christian identity; it's wrong

    There has been a clear up tick in the hate of Arroyo and EWTN lately. I wonder if their putting a spotlight on bishops for their cover-up of sexual abuse has anything to do with it. I'm sure it's a factor.
  9. "There is nothing to be done about Fox News, but EWTN pretends to be Catholic. Is there no ecclesial mechanism for insisting that it not distort Catholic teaching so egregiously? Is there to be no accountability for its star's hateful rhetoric?" https://www.ncronline.org/news/opinion/distinctly-catholic/puppet-media-claims-christian-identity-its-wrong
  10. At least 12 advertisers have now dropped “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the Fox News host said in a show last Thursday that immigrants to the United States made the country “poorer” and “dirtier.” https://www.thewrap.com/tucker-carlson-dropped-advertiser
  11. Elizabetta

    Investigation into Sisters Minor of Mary Immaculate (SMMI)

    The order is completely dissolved with all members suffering from the past abuse caused by the order. Patrizi still hold spiritual conferences and makes her living that way she has a small following. That is all I know the order was completely disbanded in 2014. That is all I know.
  12. CatherineM

    Artwork and Jewelery From Holy Land To Fund Christians There

    I have a special call to help Christians in the Holy Land.
  13. If it keeps one person away from the coyotes, it could save another life. I’ve dealt with coyotes. They’re worse than drug dealers.
  14. If the family didn’t want it publicly known their son committed suicide, making this viral kind of seems counter.
  15. Incredibly beautiful homily. It makes me think though. My family would also be offended if the priest suggested that they pray for me after death because it goes against their beliefs. Not even sure I’d get a proper funeral Mass. I’d still want the priest to do it though.
  16. little2add

    Drop a word, keep a word

    Christmas tree
  17. Having lived in Detroit, I can assure you that the archdiocese's statements reflect the whole of their mentality and ethos. On the one hand, the archdiocese is afraid of rocking the boat, especially after all of the negative press in the media for the Church in general. It's understandable. But, knowing the archdiocese, they would have said this no matter the context of press, so I'm not going to give them that much of a pass. I think the priest made an excellent homily for well-catechized Catholics who know what a funeral is for. Sadly, the opposite is what should be taken for granted, and I think he should have taken that into account and made at least a primer on the purpose of a funeral Mass. I think the problem wasn't necessarily the content, but the lack of padded wording. It's likely that the priest is not a personality who finds this necessary, which is not bad or wrong, but there are those who are more sensitive and worry when the absence of more comforting language is found (not that his message wasn't, but the wording itself). The whole situation, of course, is unfortunate. That the funeral Mass was needed, that the family does not appear to understand the purpose of a funeral, that the priest perhaps didn't read or prepare the family as well as he should have, and that the family took such offense to bring it to the news. It could be that the family is high-conflict, it could be that the priest is insensitive, it could be that they wouldn't have been comforted no matter the message, etc., etc. If nothing else, I think this just underscores the problem with hyper sensationalizing everything and bringing it all to the media. It could have been resolved on the local level, but everyone today feels the need to let everyone know that x did y and it super offended me.
  18. BarbaraTherese

    Drop a word, keep a word

    giant tree
  19. BarbaraTherese

    Abuse Crisis Prayer

    G1 - 7 Hail Mary, full of Grace, The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
  20. Love Rasian Bran. Haven't tried the crunch. I don't mind hearing it from priest's. I have a good priest at my parish who talks about mortal sin ect I'm all for it. Yeah I think child paedophilia is one of the worst evils out there. But I'm just as disturbed or even more about the continued cover-up of it that doesn't stop. It just continues and continues. All the way up to the Pope. The 2 before Francis as well. Not saying it's beyond forgiveness or anything like that but it bothers me. Extremely. To the point it tempts me to leave Catholicism. Not going to do that but it's a temptation. I'm embarrassed/nervous to go to Confession sometimes because I do evil things. It's really difficult to tell the evil things you do to a complete stranger when they tell you none of the evil things they do. It's even more difficult if they snap at you or respond in a confrontational way. Like I said before this has only happened once. So my experiences in Confession have been good. But it's still tough to do. If I was going in there with the scrupulous stuff people at Catholic answers do then it might be easier. But that's not the case with me. I confess messed up stuff. I should stop doing these things but I'm not a good person. If im being honest it's easier to go to Confession when I know what the Church is guilty of and to what extent. I know I'm wrong for thinking like this but it's how I feel. I'm very disturbed how the abuse of minors and kids could be handled like this for so long all the way up to the top. I definitely don't think innocent priests have anything to feel guilty or embarrassed about. Or Bishops or Cardinals. The ones who truly knew nothing about what was happening have nothing to be ashamed of. If I've expressed that tgey do in the past I apologize. But the ones who are guilty and nothing happens to them. The ones who are promoted to Cardinal and put in charge of handling the procedures in protecting youth from this happening (aka Mccarick) they need called out by good priest's. Like the good priest here who called out the kid for taking his life and how he let everyone down. I hope this priest has the courage to speak out against his fellow priests bishops cardinals and popes who have also let people down. Who have led people to kill themselves and leave the Church and lose faith in God. I don't think the innocent priest should feel any guilt at all. And its not virtual signaling when they call out the guilty . Just like it's not virtual signaling when the priest calls out this kids suicide and the evil of it. People in the pews need to hear that innocent priests are upset and bothered by the abuse and continued cover-up that never ends all the way up to the popes. Just like they need to hear how suicide is wrong and never justified. That's my view at least.
  21. I was following the discussion since you raised the subject. Going by what Josh has posted HERE I feel that I was in touch with his point of view in the main.
  22. :facepalm: i REALIZE that. My question was rhetorical. Obviously. Plain as the nose on my face. Let me spell it out. If Josh comes back and says "no I dont want to hear the hard truth about rapists being forgiven because it's not true" then you can quote Romans to him and it will make sense. Quoting it to me when you did, doesn't make any sense in the conversation. We are not arguing about whether rapists deserve mercy at this point. That might come later. We are currently arguing about Josh supposedly wanting priests to preach "all" the hard truths. I'm pointing out that this is a fake request. He doesnt mean it. It's just a statement intended to deride priests as hypocrites and undermine their authority to denounce sin. God bless, I'm well. Currently eating a bowl of raisin bran crunch so alls good. It just seems like you dont want to hear about it from priests. Whenever they say something you dont like this comes up. Or, I know I've read you saying you feel less embarrassed going to confession because of the scandals. Like, why? Not that you should be embarrassed to go to confession. But many priests have nothing to feel guilty about re the scandals. And they shouldn't feel unable or embarrassed to preach the truth either.
  23. You're a little off on what Josh thinks. I see where you're coming from. I don't think all priests have lost their moral authority. Nor do I think they're beyond forgiveness. I personally hope hell is empty and everyone gets all the evil tortured out of them in purgatory. If the priest in this case is going to preach what he preached after giving the dad the impression he wouldn't harp on the suicide aspect of the death then I hope he is just as bold calling out how much the heiarchy of the Church has let every one down all the way up to the popes. It's not easy for priests to do this cause I never hear them doing it. And no idea where you get the impression I don't want priest's to talk about sin or hell. That's not the case. So if you sincerely think that you're wrong. God Bless hope you're well and having a good night.
  24. I was commenting on your statement to Josh as above. HERE
  25. Ok but are you following the discussion?? Josh wants to be sure this priest is preaching "all" the hard truths. That child rape is a disgusting crime worthy of milestones is not a "hard" truth. The "hardest" truth would be that God does love and forgive child rapists and we must pray and hope that we will find them standing next to us in heaven. Josh does not really want to hear that. He thinks the priesthood has lost its moral authority and therefore he does not want to hear about sin from priests. Let's hope priests dont take Josh's advice and decide to quit hearing confessions or preaching on the reality of hell and damnation. Dead people need prayers whether a priest offers them or not.
  26. My point is that nothing can separate us from The Love of Christ, not even child rape. The rapist has withdrawn his/her love from God, but God has not withdrawn His Love from him/her...........as St Paul implies in the quote I gave from Romans Ch8. The following is what Father said in his homily, paraphrasing Romans Ch8 : TEXT OF HOMILY" Truly, none of us can stand before God on our own. We all need Christ to intercede for us, to plead our case. And here's the good news: Christ has never lost a case! What will separate us from the love of Christ? St. Paul answers that question with a display of words that cover everything he can think of in so little space. Not death or life, not angels or principalities, not present things or future things, not powers or height or depth or any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. What did St. Paul leave out of that list? Nothing. He did not list suicide, but he did not list murder or gossip or greed either. He covered all of those things in the final flurry of words that includes anything else in all creation. No deed is too evil to be beyond the forgiveness of Christ.  "
  27. Father paraphrasing mentioned the following quotation in his homily and spoke in an all embracing manner about it: I went to a Dominican college where nuns were still the sole teachers pre V2. We were taught that the sin against The Holy Spirit is to hold that there is an unforgivable sin. It is pride that asserts that one has done something so terrible, not even God can forgive it. The bold format in the post above, was not my doing. The computer decided for bold and bold it had to be. The computer would not change its mind as edit had timed out.
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