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  3. Love Lourdes

    Best books about nuns

    have read a couple of Mother Catherine's but no others. My favorite fiction is In This House of Brede.
  4. BarbaraTherese


    I need your prayer please, as I fear I might be becoming unwell. I not only do not have a refrigerator yet (hoping to arrange one today), but my finger has become infected and I am going to have to go to the doctor. My little dog, Buddie, is unwell and I have just been advised by the vet he is due for his arthritis shot too. He is on a special diet and it is very difficult without refrigeration, which I haven't had now for five days, this is the sixth. Dealing with almost all these things requires taxis and that means money and I am already scratching. I lived over Easter on bread and jam. I have no human support whatsoever here and I think that humanly, the stress is beginning to get the better of me. May The Lord's Holy Will be done, despite my very real weaknesses. Amen. Thank you and prayer for your own intentions. A very happy Easter Season to all.
  5. BarbaraTherese

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    Prayer for you, Kayte.
  6. JHFamily

    Philadelphia Carmel?

    Oh, that's right. The JMJ Carmelite have "refounded" this Carmel. Whatever you can read about the JMJ Carmels would be mostly true for the Philly Carmel. There are several threads on this forum. They have the Traditional Latin Mass with the Latin Office.
  7. truthfinder

    Philadelphia Carmel?

    This should be the same Carmel. So things would have changed a bit from Laudem's old post.
  8. InCordeRegis

    Best books about nuns

    "My Beloved" by Mother Catherine Thomas " and And Mary Was Her Life: Sister Maria Teresa Quevedo" are both great books to. And "A Right to be Merry", as was already mentioned, is always a favorite too! Another one I just remembered that I really love is "A Few Lines to Tell You: My Life in Carmel" by Sister Marie of the Trinity. No, I haven't read others mentioned, but they sound interesting.
  9. InCordeRegis

    Philadelphia Carmel?

    I don’t know much about this Carmel, but here are links to the pages with some info about them that I’ve come across when looking at different Carmels. Hope this helps! https://yellow.place/en/carmelite-monastery-in-philadelphia-philadelphia-usa http://tatamistructure.com/carmel/archives-o/carmel-philadelphia/ https://www.facebook.com/Carmelite-Monastery-in-Philadelphia-154836404537754 /https://www.localprayers.com/US/Philadelphia/621159201312972/The-Discalced-Carmelite-Nuns-of-Philadelphia https://thecatholictravelguide.com/destinations/u-s-a/catholic-shrines-places-interest-philadelphia-pennsylvania/philadelphia-the-carmelite-monastery-relics-of-st-therese/ Also, here are some links to some Carmelite directories if you are interested. https://cloisteredlife.com/carmelites https://www.pathsoflove.com/religious-communities.html http://www.carmelitenunsstjoseph.org/ God Bless you and Happy Easter! Oh! And here is link to an old post that I think might be about the same Carmel too...? http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/topic/94824-my-4-day-visit-with-the-carmelite-nuns-of-philly-pa/
  10. Dymphna

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    Blessed Easter for you too, Kayte! Too bad about the breakdown - and about the laws of your state. But considering all this you sound really well, I hope you're lucky with your job interviews! And don't worry about being in a tiff with God - I have quite some experience with this, he can take it. Praying for you.
  11. Gary david

    Drop a word, keep a word

    Coming home
  12. Kayte Postle

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    Blessed Easter to you all my dear pham! I have some less than great news to share, I'm back on medication. I had a rather severe mental breakdown that has prompted this, and I ended up losing my job because of the amount of time I missed in order to deal with my health (it's a crappy situation, but unfortunately perfectly legal to do in my state). I've also had some things come up in my personal life that very well may prevent me from ever entering an order. I'd like to pick the brain of someone very well versed in Church teachings about something, so if you consider yourself someone who is please PM me. Health wise I'm doing really well now that I'm back on medication, and I already have several job interviews lined up. I'm okay overall, just in a bit of a tiff with the Lord. I know it will all be okay in the end. Pray for me.
  13. little2add

    Drop a word, keep a word

    Second coming
  14. Dymphna

    Best books about nuns

    I can recommend "New Habits - Today's Women who choose to become Nuns" by Isabel Losada. It's based on interviews with 10 young sisters of different (UK) communities who talk openly about their lives, including their difficulties and what makes them love community life.
  15. Kateri89

    Best books about nuns

    I’ve read A Right to be Merry. It’s been awhile but I remember really liking it
  16. GraceUk

    Best books about nuns

    It seems like ages since books were discussed. My favourite of all I I think is a Right to be Merry. And another one by a poor Clare in the UK this time is Barefoot Journey and sequel Spring Comes barefoot. Poor Clare's seem to have a lot of fun despite their austere rule. Two other books I read which were by nuns that eventually left their orders but they were really uplifting. Heaven by the hems about somebody who entered the Cistercian order. This is a very old book but I loved it. Another more recent one is the Secret Ladder about a woman who entered Carmel in her late forties. Anyone read these.
  17. BarbaraTherese

    Quotations that Motivate & Inspire

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  19. ysft503

    bulk Tumble Dryer

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  20. ysft503

    Single Cylinder Motorcycles

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  21. ysft503

    China Casement Window

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  22. ysft503

    China Satellite cable

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  24. ysft503

    Deck Mounted Thrusters price

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  25. ysft503

    switchgear GIS

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  26. ysft503

    shock absorber piston rod price

    Jiangsu New Heyi Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in producing precision long small diameter axes and hydraulic piston rod. Precision long small diameter axes are widely used in mine machinery industry, textile and printing machinery industry and so on as hydraulic piston rod, guide rod, guide pin, guide spindle; and hydraulic cylinder piston rods are mainly supplied as the OEM parts for many large and medium enterprises, such as Heli Forklift Ltd, Hangzhou Forklift Ltd, Sanyi Heavy Industry Ltd and so on. We have enjoyed a good reputation with high quality and good after-sale service in recent years. Also our products are exported to USA, Canada, Southeast Asia, India and Brazil etc. We adhere to principle of “high quality, good reputation” and have carried out a set of rigorous quality management system. We have already passed and strictly execute the ISO9001:2008 international quality system. Complete and advanced inspection apparatus and superior production equipment adequately ensure product quality. We have complete piston rod manufactured equipments covering all processes. The critical processes of heat treatment and chrome plating are finished in our own company, which ensure the quality control of the key technical requirements of chrome piston rod. Our factory is located in the city famous for the peach in the shore of Taihu Lake in Wuxi. The transportation is very convenient, only 30 minutes to Wuxi Airport and railway station and about 1 kilometer from the entrance of Luqu of Wuxi—Yixing Expressway (belongs to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway). The manufactory covers an area of about 25000 square meters and has more than 200 employees, among which more than 20 are technical engineers.shock absorber piston rod price website:http://www.xhychromerod.com/ website2:http://www.xhychromebar.com/
  27. ysft503

    grey cast iron grade 250

    Zhengzhou Yili Machinery Co., Ltd., ISO9001:2008 certified, is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. ZhengZhou Yili Co., Ltd., mainly specialize in iron and steel casting,forging parts, stamping parts, and precision machining with superior quality and competitive prices. We supply the casting parts, forging parts, stamping parts, and precision machining according to the drawings or samples from customers, following customer-designated standards such as ASTM, BS, DIN or JIS. Our products are used in many industrial fields such as autos, trucks & trailers, trains, oil and gas pipelines, machinery equipment, pumps and power devices etc.. Our products are mostly exported to North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan, and we have established long-term and close relationships with our customers with our good quality and excellent service. Through over ten years of development, we have accumulated abundant experience and are making progress. All staff members in Yili have a common faith of "improve the production using advanced technique, and provide products with perfect performance and competitive price to our customers". The material standards we have used: 1. Carbon Steel Casting: ASTM A27 (Grade 60-30, 65-35, and70-36) 2. Grey Iron Casting: ASTM A48 (Class 20 A B C S; Class 25 A B C S; Class 30 A B C S; Class 35 A B C S) 3. Grey Iron Castings used on valve flanges and pipes: ASTM A126-04 (Class A B C) 4. High Manganese Steel Casting: ASTM A128/128M-93 5. Structure High Strength Steel: ASTM A148 (80-40, 80-50, 90-60, and105-85) 6. Grey Iron Castings used on vehicles: ASTM A159 (G 2500a; G 3500b) 7. Carbon Steel Casting used in high temperature with good weldability: ASTM A216 (WCA, WCB, and WCC) 8. Pressure Steel Castings: ASTM A487/487M 9. Wear-resistant Ductile Iron Casting: ASTM A532/A522M (12%Cr; 15%Cr-Mo) ,ASTM A897 10. Ductile Iron Casting: ASTM A536-84 11. Aluminum Casting: ASTM B26 (A355,A356), ASTM B108, ASTM B618, ASTM B85(A360,A380,A390),ADC10,ADC12,ADC14 12 Stainless steel Casting: ASTM A743((CF-3M,CF-8M,CF8.CF3), ANSI 304,304L,316,316L About Price: different material, production process, structure, machining requirements and surface treatment requirements will have different production cost. We will quote the exact price according to the drawings requirements .grey cast iron grade 250 website:http://www.zzyilicorp.com/ website2:http://www.yilicastings.com/
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