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    Post your prayer intentions. No replies are allowed in this category.

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    The Word

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    The Daily Readings are posted by the phatmass robot. Read 'em and talk about 'em!

    Open Mic

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    Talk about anything you want here. Don't be afraid.

    Spem in alium

    Vocation Station

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    Contemplating religious life? It's a party for all you priest and nun wannabes!

    Catholic Q&A

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    Ask a question. Vote up the best answers.

    Debate Table

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    Debate, apologetics and inter-religious dialogue. Get charitable.

    Lame Board

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    Creepy aliens run rampant in here. Cliques, lame posts, and general nonsense is tolerated.

    Grown Up Talk

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    Adults only please. NFP, parenting, etc. The password is "iamanadult".

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