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    Update time!

    Hi all, I haven't been on here in a while but I have some exciting news to share. I will be finishing up my year at Mater Redemptoris House of Formation in May. During that time I discerned that the Lord was calling me in a different direction than I originally thought. In January I visited two Benedictine communities. One just felt like home and so on May 13th I will be returning there for a 3 month live-in. I'm super excited but also a bit nervous. As some of you know in the past my family and particularly my mom were very much opposed to my vocation. When I shared this news with my mom she was completely fine with it and is even slightly supportive. For me that is a miracle.
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    Cancer strikes again

    My wife's best friend probably has cancer. My wife's mom is undergoing radiation for mouth cancer. We've lost a lot of family and friends to cancer recently and it's hitting my wife hard. Telling my wife I've asked for prayers from you here means much to her and I appreciate the kind thoughts. Thanks.
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    Great News!

    Hi everyone, I've posted a couple of times on this forum. Once a couple of days ago, asking about monastic communities that accept discerned with chronic health needs. I am on medication for depression. My condition is very well managed, but, unfortunately going off medication is not an option for me. This made me wonder if I would be able to discern religious life at all. The great news is: I have found a couple of communities that are open to me discerning with them. One is the Trappist communities in Iowa. Another are the Carmelites of the Sacred Hearts of Los Angeles. As well as the Apostales of the Sacred Heart. I feel so blessed that theLord has opened up these doors for me! It seems that I may have a religious vocation after all
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    Prayers please for this semester, it's a tough one. Grazie, BigJon
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    Nihil Obstat

    John Vennari (1958-2017), R.I.P.

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mr. John Vennari, who passed away today wearing his brown scapular after receiving viaticum, extreme unction, and the Apostolic Blessing. Mr. Vennari was a titanic traditionalist voice, one of the most significant of our generation. His death was imminent for several weeks now, and I cannot help but think what a grace it was to have so much time to prepare for a holy death.
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    My Little Discernment Thread

    I have contacted a monastery! This is my first foray into discerning contemplative life. Part of me is very happy, while the other part thinks I have gone crazy.
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    Wonderful Easter News

    This week has gone very well! I am happy to say that my GP prescribed Buspar and my anxiety is getting much better! I am still working with my therapist and will meet with the new psychiatrist next month, but it's such a wonderful feeling to be able to enjoy life again without worrying about everything! I went to see the neurotologist on Thursday and that went better than I expected! After reviewing my symptoms and asking questions, she did a physical exam as well as a balance test. I gave her the results from the VNG and audiogram I had in January. She asked what I'd tried previously and I told her about my prior visits to the 2 other ENTs and the neurologist and that the 2nd ENT thought it was vestibular migraines (MVA) so he referred me to the neurologist. I also told her that the migraine medications weren't helpful at all - in fact, they worsened my vertigo. She, to my great relief, told me she believes my symptoms could, in fact, be due to Meniere's disease (MD). I am not saying I wanted the diagnosis, but I definitely want the right treatment and MD and MVA share MANY of the same symptoms. Meniere's disease is often misdiagnosed so people seek multiple opinions. I have been scheduled for more tests on May 2nd - another audiogram and electrocochleography. The reason for the 2nd audiogram is that MD patients usually have documented fluctuating hearing loss in the low frequencies, whereas I have permanent sensorineural hearing loss in the higher frequencies. This does not mean I do not have MD - I may have an abnormal case. I have all the other symptoms, however. The new doctor also put me on a low-dose diuretic and a low-sodium diet (two treatments commonly used in MD). She told me that the first dose of Klonopin that the 1st ENT prescribed me which made me so groggy was too high of a dose. He gave me 0.5mg but she said to take 0.25mg for vertigo. I cannot believe how well everything is going and I am very hopeful that, in time, I will get better. Please continue to pray.
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    I love how they are looking at each other http://aleteia.org/2017/04/02/eye-contact-in-you-i-see-all-i-have-been-and-all-i-hope-to-be/ MISHAWAKA, Ind.: Sister Marita Stoffel, age 102, a Sister of Saint Francis of Perpetual Adoration for 86 years, greets Miss Alexis, on the day she and two other young women enter the community as postulants to discern their vocations. Sister Marita (born Colette) died on March 21, 2017.
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    He committed suicide. What are we going to do! What answer is this to the relinquishment of one's own human experience? Please pray for him. Cameron's friend, from Kindergarten till grade 12.
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    Magdala Apostolate (for religious & novices)

    I'm locking this thread in order to keep Catholic vs. Catholic debate out of VS and to help us all have a holier Holy Week. Palm Sunday has just begun where I am, and it's only a few hours away for posters in the US. As a Mediator of Meh, I'd like to suggest we step back and think about how we want to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem. I have topics that I care about very much, but I still wouldn't want my most heated posts on those issues to be the banner that I wave when I see Him, and I'm guessing it's the same for other people. We're almost at the end of Lent, it's been a long fast, we're all probably more cranky than we should be, but let's remember we are also part of the same body of Christ and we're going to be honouring the Passion together and celebrating the Resurrection - arguments are out of place here.
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    The Church needs both cloistered communities and active communities. They are like two lungs providing oxygen to the Church. They compliment each other. I am reminded of the Battle between the Jews and the Amalekites in the Old Testament. Moses went up to the hills to look at the battle, and the entire time, he raised his arms with the staff of God in his hand. As long as he kept his arms held up, the Jews had the best of the battle. When he let his arms rest, the Amalekites did. It got so Aaron and another had to support Moses' arms so that the Jews could win the battle. In this I see cloistered and active. Moses represents the cloistered communities who's "arms are raised up" in constant prayer so that the active communities can be successful in their fight against Satan out in the world. One is not better than the other, both are equal and needed.
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    The Trappist monastery of Our Lady of the Mississippi has received a postulant, Sr. Mary Gabriel. Check out the photo - either the novice director is very short, or Sr. Mary Gabriel is very tall. (Depending on when you read this, you may have to look in the Blog Archive under 2017 February.) http://mississippiabbey.blogspot.com/
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    I urge you all to check out this beautifully produced video on a project the FSSP seminary in Denton has been working on. It warms my heart because I recognize and/or have met a significant number of the priests and seminarians shown here. In the thumbnail image is Fr. Saguto, and in the background is CJ, who is an incredible, funny, and very intelligent young man. You will see Rev. Mr. Charles Ike and Rev. Mr. Adrian Debow, both of whom will be ordained to the priesthood in a matter of a couple months (and therefore please pray for them). Just a great video, and a great group of men.
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    My best friend

    Since I won't be spending much time on Phatmass during Holy Week, I'd like to share now and ask you to keep my best friend in your prayers as she becomes Catholic on Holy Saturday. I'm honored to be her sponsor
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    Not meaning to be controversial, but....

    In the past few days, there have been at least 2 posts that refer to religious, and specifically women religious, as "cute." While I understand that this is meant to be complimentary, or at least non-judgmental, I think such references run the risk of infantalizing or trivializing women (or all religious) and the rigor and seriousness of the commitment they make. Sisters, nuns, and all religious are many things, but "cute" is hardly the first thing I would like us to think of as we consider what their lives are all about. I've been debating whether or not to post this, and finally decided to do so, because I think it does address a serious issue. Again, my purpose in posting is not to criticize individuals or to impute motives, so much as it is to give people something to think about.
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    Abbie Reese's film (Chosen: Custody of the Eyes) about former VSer "Heather" who entered the Rockford Poor Clare Colletines has been named best documentary at the Sydney International Film Festival. I am referring to "Heather" as this is the name the subject prefers for anonymity in the film. If you've been around VS long enough, you'll know who this is...:) For more info: chosenthefilm.com
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    After a couple years of being told I should visit a therapist I finally found one that I'm comfortable with and have made my first visit and scheduled the next. So that's a moment for thanksgiving that I got off my rear end and got help. Also please say a prayer for J, who is a customer from my work. I don't know him well but I am quite worried about him. He just lost his job, his marriage, custody to his kids, and has been hit very hard financially. He was more or less abusing himself verbally in a low voice to himself close to where I was standing at work today. He also told me he has no friends and that he's worth more dead than alive. That last bit set off alarm bells in my head.
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    Honor Your Father and Mother

    Family is never easy, relationships with parents can be even more difficult. The mandate to honor your parents from the Gospel comes down to ultimately treating your parents with dignity and respect. One has to handle their relationship with thier parents tailored in way that the dignity and respect of both parties are not compromised. So I guess it all comes down to what is said in the Lord's Prayer; " forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." Ultimately you owe your parents a level of respect ordered by God, but parents being sinners and human do not get a pass, parents must be held accountable at some level for the good and the bad, but that accountability has to be tempered with forgiveness and mercy.
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    My fried has attended kindergarten to graduation at year 12 with me. He, has since, being two years graduated, committed suicide. Please pray for his soul, as well for his poor family who can't afford his wake nor funeral.
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    I'm frazzled. Firstly I've hit a dead end in my research - some people whom I was really hoping would agree to participate in my study have said no. I know this is all part of academic life, but it's still dispiriting when it happens. Please pray that God unlocks the right doors for me and leads me to the right people. Secondly, someone hacked into my eBay account and bought a very expensive smartphone. Please pray that eBay and PayPal deal with this promptly - I can't afford to make presents to fraudsters right now. Thirdly, over the last few days a group of boys in my neighbourhood (ten years old or so) have decided that my disability is very funny and whenever they see me in the street they're imitating how I walk and saying things like, "Hello, spastic," and, "Hi, retard." Today I spoke to them about it and explained that I've been giving them a chance to correct their own behaviour, but if this continues I will have no choice but to speak with their parents. They seemed chastened, but please pray that this translates into better behaviour - I'm stressed enough as it is and there is no reason for me to put up with rudeness in the street. Finally, please pray that I get myself to confession soon. It's been a while.
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    Sister Leticia

    Thoughts on a Golden Jubilee

    Hello everyone, and a happy, blessed and grace-filled Easter to you all! This weekend one of our sisters celebrated her golden jubilee - 50 years since she made her vows. She has written a reflection for our website, full of energy, amazement, thanksgiving and zestful joy (which is just as she is). I hope you enjoy reading it too http://www.societysacredheart.org.uk/NewsEvents/tabid/1984/ID/217/Thoughts-on-reaching-a-Golden-Jubilee.aspx
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    For all the converts

    Just a tad late posting this but I want to give God thanks for all of the Converts who entered the Church on Saturday night and I want to pray for them that they remain strong in these difficult times. May they stay close to God who loves them so much!
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    Urgent prayers please

    Dear Pham family please pray for an urgent special intention for a family member. I am sorry I can't be more specific but I will so appreciate you help. Thank you all.
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    Family Opposition

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, As a number of you know, this is a topic well discussed by many discerners, who, like me, face family opposition to their vocation. I've posted several times on this forum for a while, but I've actually been discerning since I was around 14 or 15, and formally since the age of 18. I'm under no false impressions of the reality of Religious Life after having been on several live-ins, worked with Religious, and was even a Candidate in a congregation back in 2013-2014. However, I think I've now found where God wants me to be. One particular congregation kept crossing my mind, and somehow, I kept being led back to them over the years. Even while I was in other congregations, visiting, on live-ins, even the one I was a Candidate with, I missed the prayer life of this particular congregation. I used to pray with them everyday, before and after work, as well as join their oblates on retreats and study days, and work alongside them in their apostolate/ministries. I should mention that I didn't just "miss" the prayer life, somehow I resonated with it, and it is what "spoke" to me this entire time. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it's much more than any emotional feeling etc. There was definitely something more to it than that. The only thing is, my parents were opposed to my discernment. When I was 19, they wrote to my confessor saying I was a vulnerable young girl who should finish her education and when I'm over 21, then I can make more mature decisions and "plan properly" for my life. The desire to give my life wholly to our Beloved Lord in the Religious Life has never left me. Nor has the thought, or the fact every time I tried to do other things, even dated a young man for over a year (until he turned around and told me that he thinks God might be calling him to the priesthood!) I ended up back on the path of discernment, without doing anything. Then, I realised my heart wasn't settling on anything I do...and I always had a sense of God having planned something more for me. I did everything I said I wanted to do, but there's still an emptiness, a longing to serve more "fully" (and I don't really know how to describe it in words, because it won't be justified if I do). Anyhow, I have been asked to go overseas to visit the community and stay with them to discern further. My parents don't believe I'm serious about my discernment and my mother keeps threatening me with a matchmaker, saying young people talk a lot of rubbish and don't know what they really want. By right, I have the funds and I'm going to be 23 this year. I could go over during my holidays. However, the sisters have advised me that it's better to get my parents' "permission" because they would rather I didn't cause a stir in the family. Other than that, all is going well. I'm very active in the music ministry in my parish and will be cantoring and playing the piano/organ for the Triduum Masses (not at the same time, different things for each Mass!)... I'm also an undergraduate student, and I'm doing very well at university, so please keep me in prayer. The Lord has always been faithful to me, so I hope and pray that He helps me work out a solution for this, but I'd greatly appreciate your prayers for this intention, and if you wish, your advice too. God bless you all this Holy Week, and may you have a joyful Eastertide in the Risen Christ (since that will be this weekend). May Mama Mary keep you under the mantle of her love, and may our Beloved Lord continue to watch over you all and keep you close to His heart. In Christo, Kim-Thérèse
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    The Pink Sisters' Mount Grace Convent opened in St. Louis in 1928. At the time, the neighborhood was largely German immigrants. It has gone through a great deal of change since then, but the sisters have stayed in what is now a very rough neighborhood. One of the local television stations did a story on them - about two-and-a-half minutes. There's accompanying text. http://fox2now.com/2017/03/21/neighborhood-nuns-pink-sisters-add-color-to-neighborhood-with-hope-prayers/
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    Family Opposition

    There comes a time when a adult daughter/son needs to cut the umbilical cord from their parents! You are not getting any younger...(that is a biological fact) and life starts getting shorter as one ages! Do what makes YOU happy! After all, this is YOUR life, not your parents! Even though the Sisters would like you to have your parents "Permission", I have a feeling, that is not going to happen. Soo...what to do? From my perspective, you have 3 choices. A- Do what your parents want, and go with a "marriage" vocation (which near as I could tell..YOUR true heart is not really rolling along with that aspect) B- Do what the Sisters suggested (and try and keep the family peace; my words, not theirs) by soliciting for getting your parents "permission". C- Just go for it! Discern that "religious" vocation! And...Pray Pray Pray in asking God to help show you the way! 0:-) Not your will, but His will be done!
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    Various intentions

    Please pray for me and the people close to me. It's a stressful time, but the Lord knows what we need. Thank you, pham.
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    Personal Intention and Work Troubles

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    My Little Discernment Thread

    I have finalized plans to visit the monastery for a few days in July! I even managed to get a good deal on airfare! I am also arranging to make a retreat with an active community that I have visited several times. It should be a good summer for discernment.
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    I don't know when she entered, but I learned only today that the Dominican nuns at the Monastery of the Infant Jesus (in Lufkin, TX) have a novice, Sister Mary Therese. She probably entered within the last twelve months but we can include her for 2017. Why not?
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    Finding a Doctor

    I have been looking high and low for a psychiatrist who is covered by my insurance AND has appointments available in April. Each one I call doesn't have openings until May. Could you please say some prayers that I am able to find one that has appointments in April OR have someone cancel next month so my appointment can be bumped up? I scheduled an appointment with a new doctor on May 17th in case I can't get in any sooner.
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    For me

    I'm going through a rough time, physically and mentally. Any prayers appreciated.
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    First Eucharist

    Please keep my granddaughter and 72 other children from our church in your thoughts and prayers as they make their First Eucharist on Saturday. This is such a special day and she is so very excited!
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    Would you please pray for J, a lovely young woman who has recently left religious life. Thank you.
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    For my work

    Hi pham, an obstacle just landed in my way today, and it has the potential for significantly hindering my work. It was totally unexpected. Any prayers you could spare would be appreciated.
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    We did have the year of Consecrated Life
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    Credo in Deum


    For my friend and her marriage. They're gong through a very difficult time right now. Also for their son who has special needs. For someone I love and her son. That she breaks free of addiction and enjoys a healthy life. For her son to enjoy a life with his mom. For both of them to convert. For my brother and his family that he find a job that will bring him back to the states and united with his family. For all those struggling with addiction and depression. For my own spiritual and temporal needs. Thank you, Pham.
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    Telling My Dad

    Contact communities whether or not your parents are skeptical or approve. It's not like they are co signing for a loan for you and you NEED their help. You know what I mean? Sure it's nice to have your family backing you up but you're in the wee early stages of discernment, not entering in a week! Just say something like "Dad, I'm considering religious life and am going to start contacting communities." He will probably be like "oh, ok". Or just for fun tell him you are joining a convent in a week. After the initial shock tell him you are kidding and are only just considering getting to know communities.
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    Update: First of all, I am the same person as DominiCanis, but I got locked out of my old account. It was linked to my Facebook account and I deleted that ... Several months since my last post, I can say a lot has happened! I started meeting brothers and sisters in the Dominican order in The Netherlands, and of course the Nashville sisters in Sittard. I took up some serious praying and studying and this resulted in expressing my desire to become a Dominican sister officially (as did no less than five other women in the last couple of months; I think six candidates is a nice start coming from zero!). I was asked to be patient and wait, because there is no convent that can accommodate and educate new sisters at this point. Basically there are a lot of meetings going on now, involving several congregations and their superiors. Please pray for us, the candidates, and the congregations, and a new start for Dominican sisters in The Netherlands.
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    After looking through the website I think it is a great service that is being offered to religious communities. A difficulty some communities may have is the live class format and fitting that into their schedule and wonder if they offer a video on demand aspect to the courses as well. As for some of the profs not having doctorates, I looked through every course they currently and previously offer and maybe one or two don't have their phd. Not a huge detriment.
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    Really, nothing positive to say? You've been a bit harsh lately on the choices other religious make for their communities. It is not that easy to find faculty for projects like this. First, just from knowing some of the communities featured, I know that the "mandatum" would be important to them. It can be enormously challenging to find scholars who will even admit one way or the other that they have the mandatum. Then there is the fact that these courses are taught for *free.* This is probably achieved by paying the faculty close to zero. Lastly because of the fact that it is has to be conducted as online learning, means that many potential faculty will be unwilling to participate. And I agree that there is something lost when you are staring at a screen instead of interacting in the same room with a teacher and classmates. But some professors just aren't comfortable with such innovations (or they might say, such deterioration). So when you are trying to get teachers to participate you are limited to those who meet the students needs and who also will say Yes. Whether enough of the teachers have uteruses like the students has to be a limited factor. The students themselves seem satisfied and I think this is a great advancement for these women many of whom would receive very little high level theological education at all. I think it's very progressive (in the best sense!) that the people running this program and the superiors of communities recognize that high level education is important for formation both in and out of the cloister, that it was missing and they are taking steps to fill the gap. Obnoxious and rude.
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    Improved Health

    Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my intentions in the last few weeks. I know I've been posting quite a bit, but your prayers have definitely helped and I feel like I'm on the road to becoming healthy again - both mentally and physically. Things are definitely starting to look up at work and I'm doing my best to show them I still want to work there. Yesterday, I self-initiated a project that I've wanted to do for a LONG time - re-organize the staff mailboxes. We've had so many staff changes lately, that the mailboxes right next to my desk have looked awful for months now. Yesterday, I borrowed the label maker and used my extra time to make them nice and neat again. The 3 of the assistant managers - including the one who gave me the verbal warning - and 1 HR manager already thanked me for it, so I'm hopeful that will help me. Also, I've made several doctor's appointments for the next month - psychiatrist, endocrinologist, neurotologist (specialist ENT), and ophthalmologist. I have routine visits with my GP and OB/Gyn, too, in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully, with the right balance of medication and therapy, I'll be feeling better in no time. I'm really hoping the endocrinologist can help me balance my hormones so I can prevent more ovarian cysts from forming since my OB/Gyn only seems to prescribe birth control, which does not work for me and causes more problems. This endocrinologist specializes in PCOS, too. I also hope that the neurotologist can provide more insight into my problems with dizziness and sensorineural hearing loss. The last ENT said that it was likely migraine-associated vertigo and referred me to a neurologist, but I would like a second opinion. Migraine-associated vertigo and Meniere's disease share many of the same symptoms and MD runs in my family. Neurotologists are better equipped to diagnose MD than regular ENTs, too. Sensorineural hearing loss is one symptom that I've been diagnosed by the audiologist with that sets MAV and MD apart - only MD causes that specific hearing loss, so I think the other ENT missed that on the audiogram. I will likely require further tests that are more specific to diagnosing MD and/or other balance problems. This specialist ENT gets amesome reviews from patients with balance/hearing disorders.
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    PTSD and FMLA

    Last night, we had an awful severe thunderstorm with lots of lightening and LOUD thunderclaps. I went to bed around midnight and our dog, who hates the thunder, kept waking me up. She usually sleeps in my mom's room, but she kept coming out the living room since I have the fan on when I'm sleeping. She woke me up about 3 times. Then, about 3am, there was a LOUD thunderclap that jolted me out of sleep - I literally woke up and screamed. The lightening lit up the whole living room and I swear the thunder sounded similar to the tree hitting our roof. I don't think I'm over that event at all. My bedroom hasn't been fixed, so I'm still having to live with the aftermath 2 months later. Due to lack of sleep and the terrifying thunder, I woke up with a severe anxiety attack and I ended up telling my boss that I would need to use my FMLA - at least for the morning. I was in no shape to go to work at all. I slept another 3 hours and then got up to just watch some TV to try to get my mind on more positive things. By about 11:30am, I started feeling better, so I decided to go into work since I knew I needed to get some things done before tomorrow. I've had experience with PTSD before and I believe that I might be experiencing it again - I am very avoidant of my bedroom since it makes me nervous/depressed, I hate anything that sounds really loud since the tree made a loud cracking noise when it hit our roof, and I am experiencing anxiety on a regular basis. I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow around 4pm and I plan to discuss this with her. I have an appointment with my GP on the 11th and I plan to ask her for something to help with the anxiety. I stopped taking the mood stabilizer after 2 days, which I'm glad I did because it turned out to be related to my hormone patch for my ovarian cysts (once the patch was removed, the moods evened out). The anxiety is, sometimes, more than I can bear and it's very intense. I plan to ask about Buspar since it is an anxiolytic medication with no addiction problems (unlike the Ativan I've been using). This is the first time I've used my intermittent FMLA since it was approved last week. Please say some prayers. I've been saying the rosary daily to try to get some peace, which helps, but I'm still struggling.
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    Anastasia (L&T)

    Energy, health, work

    Need energy at work this week. Been a rough start to the year, and husband and I are both sick, and recovering from previous things-bigger in his case. Was so tired this morning and didn't get a chance to go to bed early tonight. Coffee is not enough.
  45. 5 likes

    Two sudden deaths

    My first cousin passed away suddenly last week and then yesterday my brother's brother in law passed too. Both men were very ill; nevertheless their deaths were sudden. My cousin was a Vietnam vet and devoted his entire life to helping veterans on his return from Vietnam; however, sadly he turned to alchohol in a marked way, but it was probably more likely Vietnam related health problems that brought about his death. My brother's brother in law was a truly lovely man. Life's problems got the better of him and he took the wrong way and turned to alchohol and he could not defeat that 'demon' either. He died of alchoholic related problems. What his life experiences did open him up to was rich compassion and understanding of others and their problems. Prayer for the repose of the soul of two very special men. Thank you.
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    Tally Marx

    The chat room

    I was just looking for the chat room. I still have that old picture of the rosary that Max and I drew together there.
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    Nihil Obstat

    (Lame) Art Criticism for the Artless

    This comment conveys a remarkably jarring authenticity.
  48. 4 likes
    Amata Christi

    Telling My Dad

    Yes, having my parents' support and approval would be nice, but my main reason for wanting to tell them first is that they would probably be less open to my discernment if they have any reason to believe I'm trying to hide it from them. I don't think it would go over too well with them if they happened to see a reply from a community before I tell them I've written. But I do see that it would be better to just tell them and do it instead of asking for their permission and then having to wait for them to get used to the idea before they let me write. If they freak out about it, I can remind them that this is just to start getting to know a community and not to join them next week
  49. 4 likes
    Sister Marie

    Not meaning to be controversial, but....

    I think there's a difference in feeling depending on who is doing the commenting. I have worked with elderly people in nursing homes and when a resident makes a loving comment that I'm "cute" I take it as endearment. I know it is meant with gratitude and love by someone I'm serving. When my boss tells me I'm a good and valuable employee because I'm "cute" there's a problem - even if I'm a religious. I'm not here to be cute. I'm here to teach and do my ministry which is a part of my vocation. I don't want my professional performance to be judged based on how "cute" or "pretty" I am or am not. I have also noticed that the people who feel free to comment on my physical looks are also the ones most likely to dismiss me when I have legitimate concerns or ideas for improvement in my ministry.
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    There's a convent (Corpus Christi) of Dominican nuns in the Bronx. It wasn't the first Dominican convent in the U.S. (that was in New Jersey), but it's the oldest continuously operating monastery of Dominican nuns in the U.S. They have 10 sisters, and now a postulant. Their neighborhood is called Hunt's Point. According to Wikipedia: "Hunts Point is a low-income residential neighborhood largely made up of Puerto Ricans, with smaller numbers of African Americans, Dominicans, and Mexicans. ... Almost half of the population lives below the federal poverty line," and "The neighborhood is considered to be a red-light district, because of its prostitution." Here's a link to an article written by a Dominican friar about Corpus Christi in their journal Dominicana. http://www.opbronx.org/our-monastery-featured-in-the-friars-dominicana-journal/