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    I was accepted to enter a monastery to discern a religious vocation with a beautiful community of nuns and I'm entering on Trinity Sunday. I've been discerning with them for 3 years and now I'm able to really start discerning whether this is truly the life God wants for me. Please pray for God's grace and mercy to guide us in this journey so that His will may be done and for perseverance. You'll all be in my prayers +
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    Fidget Spinners

    My fidget spinner is a rosary.
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    Nephew's death

    My brother had to find his eldest son, dead, this morning. Please keep my brother, his wife, and three sons, as well as my mom, her six children, and 11 great grand children and our eight spouses/significant others in mind. 90% are practing Catholics.
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    Update time!

    TheresaThoma is a little over a month into her three month live-in! I heard from some people that were able to see her during a visit at the monastery. She is doing well as can be expected going through transition. Being at the formation house this past year has been a huge help in that. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she continues her discernment during this time of live-in with the community. Know that she keeps all of you in her prayers as well!
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    Hey pham, read this!

    Hey Pham, it has been a while since I have made my last appearance. Just dropping in to say hello and letting everyone know that I am still alive. I have been quite busy with work and in the preparation of moving (hopefully soon). So here's something that I wrote a couple months ago that you might enjoy reading: A letter to you from God: "Hi, I know you have a lot going on. I wanna let you know how much you mean to me. My love for you will never cease. This love is unlike any other. It will never go away, it will never fail, it will conquer and it will satisfy. It will move your heart that your fears will crumble, and your faith will move the mountains. This love will make you look like a fool to some and an inspiration to others. So take my hand and let me guide you on the right path. Let's take a look in a mirror. Look at yourself. What do you see? Your eyes? Your smile? Your hair? You're beautiful! I made you just right. Let's go deeper inside your soul. Your soul has been stained from many sins. Your heart has been broken into a billion pieces. That can change because I am a forgiving Father and I will heal you! I'll take every shattered piece of your heart and replace it with mine. I love you too much and don't want you to fall into the depths of despair because of your sins, your sufferings and your unsatisfying pleasures. There will be times of suffering where you will feel alone, but I'm always here for you. There will be times of you stumbling and falling, but I'm here to catch you and help you get back on your feet. There will be times of you being too weak to stand and walk, but I'll carry you when you need it the most. There will be times of you letting go of my hand and wandering off in the wilderness, but I'll be calling you back again. You are my precious child who I adore. You are beautiful inside and out. Do you realize how much you mean to me? You are very important to me! Nothing can ever change that. Live today as if it were your very last. Your presence in this world can make a difference. It can bring souls to me. Don't push them away. Don't push me away. I'm always here for you. Don't worry. Be brave. Be joyful. You're a fighter. I believe in you. Let my love shine through you so you can set the world on fire. The less you think of yourself and of worldly desires, the more selfless you become. You'll become more of yourself who I made you to be. I know you don't understand what's going on but you have to trust me, I have a better plan for you that's amazing. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable for my sake. You might lose family and friends for my sake but I can build you up and give you my strength. I can send you friends who will love you no matter what. Don't forget how much I love and adore you, my little one. My love for you will never die! You are my beautiful and precious child. You're the apple of my eye!!" March 1, 2017
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    Suicide Survivor

    A girl in my brother's freshmen class tried to commit suicide. She's in the hospital now. This is especially hard on my family since I have depression myself, but have never attempted to take my life.
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    Stress and health

    Hi pham, could use your prayers again: I'm currently in a very busy part of my year, and due to a little bad planning on my part, have a lot on the go in the next while. I could use your prayers in helping my stay calm, trust God, that every thing runs smoothly, and that also I don't get sick, because it tends to happen when I stress.
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    Dating and Relationship

    After all the seemingly negative posts I've made, I'm finally able to post some good news. I am currently chatting with a young man on Catholic Match - the 2nd one I've met - and we seem to be hitting it off very well. He is very low-key and his personality is similar to mine from what I've witnessed in his writing. This is a much better start than the 1st young man I was dating - I wasn't able to be patient with him and give him the time he needed for communication. I ended up writing him and breaking it off because he's leaving this month and I don't know when I'll see him again. The 2nd one started messaging me while I was still dating the 1st guy but we were not serious, so I decided to see which one seemed to mesh better. Right away, I noticed I was clicking with the 2nd guy and we had many more things in common. I started praying about it and realized that the 1st one needed to end so I could stop worrying about it and focus on the 2nd guy. We've been getting to know each other thru email since he lives 3 hours from me, but we plan to meet face-to-face soon - we just need to find a good day for both of us. Please say some prayers for me and A. If it's meant to be, I know it will work out, but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet since we haven't met in person. St. Raphael, patron of happy meetings, pray for us!
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    Result of fall

    Since falling over a couple of weeks ago, I am now on 10 painkillers (three types spaced during the day and of different ingredients). I had an XRay and cat scan yesterday. My doctor is hoping to be able to give me a cortisone injection to help the pain. The very worst will be as a result of the X-rays & Catscan, a hip replacement. On Tuesday, my brother will be taking me to try out a rollator or walker on wheels I have chosen. The pain in my lower back and left leg is quite sharp and unrelenting - I can't even walk over to the shops nor stand for any length of time. Being housebound with continual pain is getting me down psychologically. I have my head above water.............just! The worst for me personally will be if any of the above affects what I am doing as a volunteer for St Vinnies in my parish. Thank you very much for a prayer and God's Will be done.........and may I work with the Grace of loving acceptance and creativity if things don't go as I am hoping. May I please not get into lousy moods burdening others.
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    Rough Day

    I had a very rough day yesterday (Friday) and I really need some prayers. I wish that I had the capability to quit my job so I could pursue my studies full-time, but I cannot do that right now as I need to save up for when I planned to quit next year. I feel so trapped sometimes, especially since we are expecting a visit from the state and my boss and the other managers are always stressed this time of year, which contributes to a stressful work environment. I got home and cried my eyes out because I didn't even want to go to work today due to some horrible stomach cramps. I have my first appointment with my new gastroenterologist next week about my lifelong stomach issues as I may have gastroparesis - my stomach always feels full and bloated in the morning and I feel nauseous, I get horrible stomach cramps, and I feel full after only a few bites of food most meals. Please say some prayers that things get better at work and that I can figure out what is causing my stomach issues.
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    Twenty-one people killed by ISIS - not by a bomb at a well-known singer's concert, but dead nonetheless. Plus one priest, ten worshippers, and three church staff kidnapped from the cathedral of Marawi. I assume they will be the Church's next martyrs.
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    Taking GRE

    I'm taking the GRE tomorrow. Very nervous. Would appreciate prayers.
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    No analogy works perfectly. The thing I like about this one, though, is that the three lobes blend into one God - when you get your spinner spinning fast - instead of staying distinct as they do in the shamrock. No, this analogy doesn't show the Spirit proceeding from the Father and Son. There are probably a lot of other features of the nature of God that no analogy can demonstrate - God is too big, too mysterious, too everything else. But teachers, especially of young children, have to start somewhere. Young children can probably relate to this very basic analogy as an introduction to a mystery that none of us will ever fully understand.
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    My grandmother

    My grandmother is in the hospital. It's a problem she's had before so hopefully they can treat it quickly and hopefully it won't happen again. Please pray for her.
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    Hip Replacement

    Saw my doctor yesterday with the XRays & catscan. I need to have a hip replacement. This is introducing complications, not physically but psychologically - temporarily I am hoping Thank you for your prayers, very needed and for which I am very grateful. All pham members and intentions are in mine.
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    Prayers for London...

    ...where civilians have been attacked at several locations.
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    I'm friends with an elderly lady who really loves watching live sports and who takes photos of herself at different sports events to put on her Facebook. A stranger shared a picture of her and it went viral, with lots of mocking nasty commentary about how ugly she is. She feels very hurt and shaken up by the negative attention and now she's frightened of sharing any pictures online. She had never experienced this side of social media before. Please pray for her confidence in herself to be restored - I love how much she enjoys going to games and I don't want her to lose the pleasure she gets from taking photos just because of some mean-spirited strangers.
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    Another tragedy

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-40059307 28 Coptic Christians murdered in Egypt, and many more injured. What a world we live in.
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    Please pray

    Hi, I pray those who have a special devotion to st Francis, lover of animals, can please pray for me my cat is lost, today is the second day, she is spayed, and goes outside once in a while. I can't find her, I hope and pray she will come back, I have been looking, and nothing.... it's heartbreaking! Especially when you love animals. I worry about if she's ok... id rather have someone good and kind find her, than for her to become a stray! Jesus knows how my heart is broken, for he knows everything. My prayers are that I find her! If anyone can kindly pray for me that I have success in finding her, I would greatly appreciate it, during this time. Thank-you!
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    Budding Relationship

    Yesterday, I connected on Facebook with a young man I met on CatholicMatch and he seems like a really decent guy - very thoughtful and family-oriented. The first guy I met just wasn't the right fit so I decided to let him go for a few different reasons (after which, I felt peace). Shortly before making the decision, another one started messaging me and we've been talking ever since. Our communication is so natural and unforced and I consider myself blessed to have the chance to continue getting to know him. We're not able to meet in person yet since he lives 3 hours from me, but I'm hoping that will change soon. Please say some prayers for our continued relationship. I've never been in a relationship before because I've never really had the opportunity so I'm taking my time.
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    London Fire

    Please join me in praying for those suffering as a result of the recent fire in London especially those caught in the building and their loved ones.
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    Priest changes

    We are losing another great Priest at my Parish this year. I'm really happy for him because he gets to be a Pastor but it's devastating for our Parish. Please pray for him, our new Associate and for all our Parishioners
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    First time here, but I messed up quite badly today and if someone could pray for me to better myself and overcome being stuck in a friendship that's hurting me thanks
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    From Corpus Christi Dominican monastery in Menlo Park, California: Congratulations to our Sister Marie Dominic, O.P. who made her first profession of vows last Sunday [30-05-17]. Stay tuned for more. Deo Gratias! #FirstVows #DominicanNuns #ConsecratedLife #OrderofPreachers
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    I was a RSM of ALMA and left a year after taking first vows. My advice to anyone searching...make sure you spend ENOUGH time with them before you enter. My experience prior to and while in the convent was that we all show our "happy" go lucky selves when women are visiting. Trust me..its not always happy go lucky or even peaceful. Be watchful and pray. Make sure you feel you can trust them with anything you say or do. Unfortunately I found that this was impossible in my time there. The reasons I was there for more than 4 years was because I 100% believed that I was to be a Sister of Mercy of Alma and that God had called me there....but for many reasons, I found that I needed to leave. I was not "helped" to leave. I finally had to walk out or I thought I would die. Not to scare anyone, but be vigilant. Many stay with this order, many do not.
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    The authors of the Dubia from last year have written once again to the Holy Father -- and have once again (so far) been ignored. The letter begins with a respectful yet undeniably solemn tone: In particular, the crucial point of the letter occurs when the Cardinals point to a silent crisis occurring before us that will have dramatic consequences if left unchecked: See the full letter here and Edward Pentin's commentary on it here. If the Holy Father does not respond to this request for an audience (and it has already been over a month since he received it) I fear what the consequences may be. This is quite probably the last chance the cardinals are giving him before issuing the formal correction they promised to give last time if no response was ever given. That they are once again pressing the issue and this time requesting a personal visit shows that they are getting serious. We need to pray and sacrifice for Pope Francis and Holy Mother Church.
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    A New Analogy for the Trinity

    I heard of these things for the first time only about two weeks ago. Didn't take long for somebody to come up with the idea to use them as an analogy to explain the Trinity. This image is from the Benedictine monks at Marmion Abbey in northern Illinois.
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    Another death in family

    Hi Pham, Please keep my family in your prayers as we have lost another family member. This is 3 within the last year, not to mention friends who've passed also. **sigh**
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    So, here's my take. You can leave it if you like, but it's pretty spot on.... Until the Holy Father has the ball taken from him, it is in his court and he clearly doesn't want to play ball. So, there is one option and one option only to take. The Cardinals (and other bishops) must stand up and say ex cathedra episcopi, by the grace of God and in union with the Ordinary Magiserium and in union with the Petrine office (using that particular language), we acclaim, acknowledge and affirm that the consistent 2000 year teaching on marriage is upheld and known to be infallible. We are asking the Holy Father to clarify his statements regarding marriage in Amoris Latetitia, so that the faithful can better understand the continuity of the Sacrament. That takes the ball out of the Holy Father's hands and places in the court of the bishops. Now, before anyone gets all what is "ex cathedra episcopi, you need to read Lumen Gentium and come to an understanding of what authentic collegiality is in the mind of the Church. It is NOT simply the formation of episcopal conferences and committees....It is actually defined in Lumen Gentium. If you would like to discuss the ramifications of Amoris, I'm game....because there are 3 big issues....but that needs to be another thread. Peace out.
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    Sister Colleen, Sister Clare Rose (Tricia) and Sister Cecelia Joy (Megan)
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    Fidget Spinners

    I'm pretty sure there's an entire circle of hell where you're surrounded by children running around with fidget spinners.
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    It's really beautiful! https://aleteia.org/2017/06/14/a-first-look-the-community-of-franciscan-friars-of-the-renewal-icon/
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    GI Problems - UPDATE

    I saw my new gastroenterologist on Wednesday and she believes I have gastroparesis or a "slow GI tract." She has ordered a gastric emptying study which will be done at a hospital. Also, I had severe food poisoning about a month ago and things in my GI tract have not been right since. She thinks I may have post-infectious IBS and has ordered stool cultures and labs that I plan to have done tomorrow. Please say some prayers that these problems can be diagnosed and treated. I'm tired of waking up every morning and feeling incredibly nauseous for no reason - she said that's a classic symptom of GP.
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    Sister Leticia


    Trinity Sunday as in 3 days' time?? Sending prayers from across the pond, for grace and growth, an open, listening heart, and true joy, however your ongoing discernment goes.
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    Carla Discerning Vocation

    I wonder how Carla is doing..........Has anyone heard?
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    More GI Problems

    Friday, I had horrible stomach pain and it persisted into Saturday. At first, when I woke up, I thought I was fine and all better, so I proceeded to have some coffee and it went downhill from there. The pain came back and I also kept getting urgent urges to use the restroom many times and I saw a lot of mucus, which is not normal for me. I ended up taking 2 Pepcid AC tablets in the afternoon, but the pain persisted further and I wasn't able to go anywhere since I needed the restroom many times. Finally, in the late evening, I felt better and was able to eat some dinner so I stuck with something bland at first and then felt well enough to eat some mixed berries and do some exercise (trying to lose weight). I see my new gastroenterologist this Wednesday and I will definitely be mentioning this problem to her. I wouldn't be surprised if she decides to order an upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy (I already had one last year with the old GI) to check for inflammation and ulcers. I've been under a lot of stress lately, so I know my immune system is rather weak. Plus, I'm wondering if there is not some intestinal inflammation occurring. Please say some prayers that the new GI will be much better than the old one who acted as though I was a hypochondriac even though it was eventually discovered that I had a baseball-sized ovarian cyst.
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    Fidget Spinners

    Fidget spinners are the worst, full stop.
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    "Fear of Becoming a Nun"

    I think this is a very "real" blog post from the "A Nun's Life" website on facing one's fears when discerning religious life: http://anunslife.org/blogs/sister-julies-blog/the-fear-of-becoming-a-nun
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    Lawyers have the same relationship with their clients. I have a friend who's a lawyer. I asked her, "Do you ever ask your client, 'Louie, did you commit the crime the police have charged you with?'" My friend said, "Oh, no! We never ask! It might influence our defense strategies or our commitment." I made the point that if Louie is out there robbing banks, she has money in banks, so he might steal her money. Or if Louie's selling drugs, he might be selling drugs to people she knows. But she insists that the confidentiality between her and her client is more important. Doctors have the same relationship with their patients. And in fact, HIPPA now mandates that doctors NOT share medical information (except with other medical personnel, on a need-to-know basis) even if it could harm other people. So a doctor who diagnoses a patient as HIV-positive is prohibited by law from sharing that information with the patient's spouse or significant other, even though the silence/confidentiality may lead to another person becoming infected. Lots of professionals maintain the client's confidentiality - counselors, therapists, I think even accountants. CatherineM says, "It may seem brutal to those who don't understand the theology at work here..." and that's true. But in these other cases, there's not even any theology at work. Talk to your professional friends who maintain their clients' confidentiality and ask them if it isn't their duty to protect other people by informing the police.
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    Priests don't hear confessions for themselves. They are a channel to God, who has given them the power and authority to forgive our sins on God's behalf. It's important for us to know that our sins won't be revealed in order to give us the courage to confess. It may seem brutal to those who don't understand the theology at work here, but a priest's bottom line has to be caring more for someone's soul and their eternal life than for their brief temporal life. Priest's can and do urge people to turn themselves in for committing a crime, even to the point at times of refusing to give a person absolution. However, they will never break the seal of the confessional because that puts their own soul in danger. Eternity is bigger than the worries of our time on this planet, but that can be hard to visualize while we're still on this side.
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    From the archdiocese of Minneapolis, Minnesota: Ten priests ordained Saturday, May 17. http://thecatholicspirit.com/news/local-news/ten-new-priests-bless-archbishops-bishop-ordination-mass/
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    Here's a blog post from Sr. Silvana, rscj. I believe she lives in England. It addresses the issue not so much of fear but uncertainty. ************************************************************************ Sunday, 29 May 2017 An unknown future Easter was especially early in 1818, and so 199 years ago today it was already the Feast of the Sacred Heart. And this was the day that Philippine Duchesne and her companions arrived on American soil, after a two month ocean crossing, to begin their new mission in pioneer territory. Everything was new and strange for them. What little they knew about the "New World" and the southern states before arriving there had largely come from enthusiastic or hyperbolic accounts, which were not necessarily complete or accurate. And even with the information which was accurate, they could only imagine or have hazy ideas about how they might adapt or cope. Really, all they could have said they knew for certain when they boarded The Rebecca in Bordeaux was the likely length of their journey, and - all being well - their likely place of arrival. It was, in so many ways, a voyage into a completely unknown future. I thought of Philippine when I recently came across a reference to a book about discernment by Nancy Reeves, called I'd say "Yes" God, if I knew what you wanted. I wasn't able to discover the book's tone or content, but I was struck by the title. At first glance it seems entirely reasonable... just tell me what you want, God, and I'll do it. But it is in fact written in an entirely conditional mood... I would say yes, if only I knew... The onus is on God to make things abundantly clear - which very rarely happens. Those of us who have entered religious life, for example, will say we felt called, drawn, compelled... but never entirely certain: it may well have felt right, but even so, we couldn't say we knew for sure if this was indeed what God was calling us to. We could only hope and trust it was so, trust in God's loving plans for us, and trust in the ongoing discernment at the heart of our formation processes. That book title speaks bluntly of all our desires for certainty and foreknowledge, of all the things we like to be sure of and have in place; and equally bluntly, it speaks of all our hesitations, doubts and what ifs. And it therefore makes that voyage to an unknown future by Philippine and her companions even more extraordinary. Their foreknowledge consisted of the broadest of broad brushstrokes, a haziness many of us would baulk at when considering booking a holiday, let alone uprooting ourselves so drastically and definitively. Except that Philippine did know what God wanted - a heart that holds back nothing for self, as she herself once described it. And her wholehearted, trusting, totally given "yes" to this enabled her to say "yes" to everything else, whether clear or not, including this entirely courageous, heroic voyage to America and an unknown future in a new continent. And for this she has the undying gratitude of the worldwide Society. Every day, but especially today, may Philippine inspire and help us all to say "yes" as she did - not out of sure foreknowledge, but from a wholeheartedness which holds back nothing.
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    Era Might

    Honor Your Father and Mother

    I'm rereading Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. The passage below, with dialogue from the monastery elder Zosima, reminded me of this thread topic. But, it didn't occur to me that the entire novel is about a father and his three sons, all completely at war with or at least alienated from eachother, yet bound to confront each other and learn what love is. It isn't a happy family, because you can't get a more dysfunctional family than the Karamazovs. But that is where love is found, in the mysterious redemption of sinners.
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    In Poland: Fr. Tymoteusz Szydło, son of Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło, celebrated his first Mass this past Sunday: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/polands-pm-attends-mass-celebrated-son-47692160 He will celebrate in the EF this coming Sunday on Pentecost Sunday: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2017/05/all-hail-poland-son-of-prime-minister.html
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    Plan for Nursing School

    After much anxiety and worry, I finally decided to just let go and let God reveal His plan to me about nursing school. Today, I got a crystal-clear plan in mind which will probably take about 2 years to complete - maybe a little longer by a few months. I need to complete prerequisites - there are 3 of them - starting in the Fall. I plan to complete Human Anatomy & Physiology I by itself to kind of ease myself back into school since it will be about 2 years since I graduated when I start. Then, if I feel comfortable, I'll take A&P2 and Microbiology together. If not, I'll take them in separate semesters. I am set on applying to my alma mater for their Accelerated 2nd degree BSN program since I'm a prime candidate with my GPA at graduation being at 3.80. Doing really well on the last 3 courses will even further my chances. The scary part comes next - after applying and being accepted for nursing school, I plan to put in my resignation at my current job because I don't feel it's feasible to keep daytime hours during the week while attending school since most classes occur during the daytime and there are necessary clinical hours. I plan to get a PT or PRN job - possibly on-campus since I worked there before I graduated in the VP's office for about a year. I am also thinking about renewing my CNA skills and license and working PRN thru an agency or home health office. I still plan to move to my apartment this year and pay for rent using money I am saving up as well as applicable scholarships and financial aid. I will need to be on a strict budget, but I think this is the best option for me because I need a quiet place to study - I'm also older than most students at 33 (I'll be 34-35 when I enroll) - so living in a dorm is not a good move. Please say some prayers that this plan will work. It is a bit scary to be going in a different direction, but I am sure this is the right move.
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    Actually there are two universities that separated from being once united as the centuries old State (Rijk/Catholic) University of Louvain (having a very complex past of State's and Bishops' conference's founding fathers and several movers) in the sixties due to ethnic tensions in Belgium (French vs. Flemish). So today there is the KU Leuwen (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Flemish speaking, and the French speaking Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), about half of the size of the KU and shifted to Louvain-La-Neuve outskirts. As customary in Belgium, the KU is about 65-70% government funded, the UCL about the same, both via Federal government and via the respective French and Flemish community government. Most what one hears is about the KU, not the UCL, but the case mentioned is UCL related. And, what several media do not state clearly, Mr. Mercier was on a temporary contract at the UCL that was ending in September anyhow, without right or guarantee (and maybe not even probability, who knows) to be prolonged.
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    God can call any type to the convent...

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    Era Might

    Terrorist ?

    Terrorist is a political designation. We've come to basically associate terrorism with Islamics, but that's just a political worldview. It's hard to imagine that people in America used to bomb churches and lynch people, but they did. Was the Klan a terrorist group? A hate group? I don't know that it's either/or. The Klan was many things, depending on how you want to look at it. I think people get caught up in some idea that's completely unreal, but they need it to make sense of the world. The idea can be political, like a caliphate or the Confederacy, can be personal, etc. I don't think we realize how subjective all of our realities are. We generally live in a world with people who share our symbols and ideas, like national borders. But there is a huge world that has very different realities. I think the only way to stop senseless violence is not to insist on our own reality, but to try harder to build bridges and understand. Right now, there are kids in, say, Syria who are future terrorists. How we choose to act will shape our future. Maybe those kids don't have to be terrorists, or gang members, or homeless, or refugees. Maybe.
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    2017 Entrances, Vows, and Ordinations

    On Saturday, five new priests will be ordained for the Archdiocese of Detroit.