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    Nihil Obstat

    I am going to be a dad

    She came three weeks early. 4:22am on July 23. Everyone is healthy and doing well, or at least as well as one expects with the first time parenting thing. She is a bit small and a little jaundiced, so latching has been a struggle, but I believe we really turned the corner today.
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    Should someone with mental illness give up on being a nun?

    It's very difficult to give advice without knowing more about your journey so far, but based on your posting history, and the question you're asking here, I can see why communities might be having concerns. In an extremely short space of time, you went from asking questions on Vocation Station about cloistered life, to asking about the Salesians, to asking about the DSMME. Rightly or wrongly, this gives the impression that you're just looking for any community that will take you, without really caring about who they are or what they do. Sisters will discourage women who seem to be looking for anywhere that will have them, even if the women take no medication at all and have always had perfect health. On the other hand, if you feel genuinely drawn to a community's spirituality, their charism, and their mission, the sisters are likely to be more willing to discuss health problems and see if there is a way for the community to accommodate them. This was the case with me: at first my community thought that my disability would be incompatible with their way of life, but as they saw that their spirituality resonated with me, they wanted to stay in touch. When they knew me and my problems better, they realised that it might be possible for them to adapt to my needs in community, and they let me know that the provincial council was willing for me to apply if I still wanted to try my vocation with them. But if I had gone to a bunch of other communities in the meantime, with absolutely no criterion other than, "Do you accept women with XYZ disability?", I doubt they would have made the offer - their invitation, like my discernment, was based on my affinity for their spirituality and way of life, and nothing else. Based on what you've shared so far, I think the best thing for you would be to find a spiritual director if you don't have one already, or to join a discernment programme. Make that your priority now. They will be able to help you identify what you are really searching for in a community on the deepest level, which means that you will hopefully be able to have more fruitful conversations with sisters when you do eventually approach them.
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    Ash Wednesday

    Pope Declares Death Penalty Inadmissible in All Cases

    Phatmass barbecue at Anomaly's
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    Coming home... again

    I am returning to the Catholic Church and inquiring into the Order of Secular Franciscans. God has been speaking to my heart, convicting me of sin, leading me to repentance, and granting me healing and grace. Many old sins of pride and rebellion have begun to wear away. I long to follow Christ with a pure heart, and to serve his people in the world. Pray for all the victims of war, abuse, and trauma.
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    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    Always impressed with those who have high retention rates. Makes me believe they really help their aspirants with discernment and have a great novice mistress.
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    Last attempt at vocation

    Basically I’m almost 30 and I’ve been rejected from 2 communities. I’ve visited about seven convents but the one’s I’ve liked....something always went wrong. I still feel God’s call, but it’s been five years of discerning. Please pray I find where I’m supposed to be! also, my family urgently needs prayer! One member in hospital for depression. He’s lost all hope. thank you for your prayers! It means the world
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    Religious Life - funny anecdotes

    Anecdotes, you say? There is always the time I clogged the toilet of my community on the day the Archbishop was due to stop by for tea. As we only have one toilet in that house (holy poverty is where it's at), I was mortified. One sister bravely went in and tried to unclog it with the help of an unravelled coat-hanger. After poking the coat hanger about for a while, she backed out of the bathroom, looked at me, and said solemnly, "It's made it worse." It had. The, err, contents of the toilet were now floating about level with the rim. Sister got on the phone to the plumber. He wasn't able to come out until the next day at the earliest. I burst out in horror, "But what are we going to do?" Sister said serenely, "We're all right. We've got buckets. It's the bishop we've got to worry about. He is elderly and I don't know what his bladder will be like at his age." Cue a serious conference on the probable state of the Archbishop's bladder, with one sister deciding that the thing to do would be to invite him in to meet the next-door neighbours as soon as he arrived, so that if he did ask for the toilet there would be a working one that he could use. Shortly after that incident they decided they would accept me as a postulant, so perhaps it endeared me to them somehow!
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    Father's Biopsy Results

    Please pray for my father, Bob. He has Acute Myeloid Leukemia and is awaiting his Bone Marrow Biopsy results. The results will tell us whether he has reached remission or not. (In April 2016, he was given 3-6 months to live. Within 4 months he was in remission. Thanks be to God! The AML returned March 2018, but his blood results were cleared of cancer by May and his blood counts keep improving, so we are very hopeful for a clear biopsy). Thank you for your prayers.
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    My wife broke her hip

    We are in hospital right now, waiting to see surgeons. Sharon is a practicing Catholic and is happy I asked for prayers.
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    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    4 Solemn professions for SSFPA's - two of whom were pm'ers. Feels like yesterday they entered. Time flies. Also scroll down for a first profession and I think 3 new novices. Cute.
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    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    3 new novices for the CFR's
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    What Happens When Nuns/sisters Leave The Order?

    Dear Terese, I will pray for you as you go through this time. I suggest reaching out to Leonie's Longing - it is a website/community of people who have left religious life and from what I understand, they often help people with resources upon leaving (i.e. resume help, prayer support, etc.) If you check out their "resources" page, there is information about getting connected with a Catholic counsellor. I'd encourage you to visit their site. Leonie's Longing
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    Anastasia (L&T)

    Friend with concussion

    For her comfort and healing, and her ability to get out again.
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    Financial aid for school stress

    Hey pham! I know I haven't posted anything in a while but I am in desperate need of prayers right now! I'm having trouble submitting financial aid and the due date is tomorrow. (believe me I've been trying to do this for weeks but there have been some interference.) Anyway this is making me incredibly stressed especially since there is nothing that I can do to speed up the process. This is the college of my dreams and I would hate if anything were to mess this up. Any prayers are needed! I have no idea if this is God's will or just other people going against God's will to keep me from going to this school. I seriously need help.
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    Sister Leticia

    Any Traditional (EF) Apostolic/ Active communities for women?

    Hello and welcome! I'm from the UK, but from over here, the US appears to have dozens of apostolic, conservative/traditonal orders. I believe there's a directory of them on the major superiors' website. So, you have a lot of congregations to choose from. Several belong to the Dominican, Franciscan, Augustinian etc families. They vary in size from just a few sisters to several hundred, in age from a few years to 100+, and have a variety of ministries. So instead of thinking "where can I go?" you can stop, and - if you haven't already - spend some time considering things like - Which spirituality most attracts you and resonates with your journey with/to God thus far How and where your skills, gifts, education and experience could best be used for mission Whether you feel you would thrive in a small, new, founding group - with all its challenges and uncertainties - or if it would be better for you to join somewhere more established And so on. Then, with all that in mind, pray for true, deep openess to whatever God might desire for you, and start looking at the orders listed on the website. Blessings on your journey!
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    PCPAs in Arizona

    The idea of creating this Monastery and church in the middle of nowhere, really never made sense to me, mostly for practical reasons. It's a hefty drive for the elderly, and the heat is not easily tolerated. Middle aged folks have jobs and families who are busy. Making an "outing" of it, when there is no option for lunch or refreshment, little option for visiting with the Sisters following Mass isn't really an option either. One has to really love the desert, to want to enter a very small enclosed community, which has not been able to attract vocations for over 10 years. The other issue I have is building a huge monastery for 4 nuns, with little hope of many vocations. Where is the money supposed to come from? There is really no "local" church community. They have very few sisters in the original Alabama community, which, without Mother Angelica, has lost it's luster. Very difficult to have "Perpetual Adoration" with so few. Just my opinion.
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    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    A new postulant and a new novice at Loretto Carmel. This Carmel follows the 1990 Constitutions and is a member of the St. Joseph Association of Discalced Carmelite Nuns. https://lorettocarmel.org/new-postulant-photos-2018/ https://lorettocarmel.org/new-novice-2018/
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    Anastasia (L&T)

    Waiting on interview results

    Well, it would be a great position.
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    Ash Wednesday

    Hello. Yes, this is dog.

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    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    A profession and four new novices for the Little Sisters of the Poor.
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    For clarity in decision-making

    I have been offered two good opportunities at work, but I can only pick one. It's a nice dilemma to have, only I get scared of making an unsound choice. Please pray for me, and for God to bless my choice and use it for the good of others.
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    I’m white, but not a racist. In fact I was almost murdered by white supremacists for standing up to them. I was raised as poor as any kid in America can be. Didn’t stop me from getting an education. Didn’t make me become a thug. I’m pro-life. I’ve fought against abortion, euthanasia, and capital punishment. We take in kids with fetal alcohol, sometimes at a real cost in money, emotion, and even physical safety. I do this stuff because I’m Catholic. I put my money where my mouth is, and I’m not alone. I am just one of a great many Catholics who do.
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    Ash Wednesday

    Catholic Church's Former Public Face On Sex Abuse Crisis Faces Decades Of Misconduct

    I never was a fan of McCarrick before news of this evil and filth even came out. He was the one who concealed and downplayed Rome's insistence that pro-abortion politicians be denied Holy Communion when Benedict XVI was pope. The Church has its own swamp that needs to be drained. And it sure would be nice if the media found a different voice besides Father Martin. But I realize that's probably asking too much.
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    PCPAs in Arizona

    They were recently transferred back to OLAM. I believe there were only 2 sisters at the end, both of whom were externs (hardly the making of a cloistered community). There was also a significant power struggle between the bishop of the diocese they were geographically located in, and the parish with they were associated (which I believe just transferred over to the Ordinariate).