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    The Bus Station

    Applying to join monastery

    Peace be with you, Pham. I have started the application process to join a monastic community (if anyone here remembers, it is the same community I posted about visiting a couple of years ago). If I am accepted, my only obstacle to entering will be student loan debt (currently in repayment). I am not so concerned with the "how" and "when," as I know it is all in God's time. I ask that you pray that I stay close to Christ during this time. Know that you have my prayers as well. Thank you Pham. And thank you to all of you who have prayed for me in the past -- rarely have I been shy about posting prayer requests here!
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    Spem in alium

    We've Gone Public!

    Dear friends, I have just been informed that I will formally be accepted for the next stage of my formation on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, Feb 11. God's grace is overflowing in my life. Please pray for my sisters, my family and for me.
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    Spem in alium

    We've Gone Public!

    Dear friends, this will be my final post here for some time. I will no longer be responsible for our social media page and so now (thankfully) no longer need to visit Facebook. As such I will be limiting my activity online. I may be here occasionally, depending on the rules of my novitiate -- I hope at least to access the Prayer Room to see intentions. It looks like I will still have email so if you send me a PM I should be able to see it (if I don't reply, know you are still being prayed for). Please continue to pray, as you have been so kindly doing, for my formator and for me as we journey together. She really is the best formator ever so I'm seriously blessed and feeling God's mercy. Please pray for my family -- my blood family and my congregational family. Know that you are all in my prayer, that we are never far from each other with prayer and in the Eucharist, and that I carry you in my heart as I walk with Jesus, my friend and my heart's desire. I'm grateful to and for you all.
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    Death of my Grandmother

    Please pray for the repose of my grandmother's (dad's mom) soul. She passed away earlier this afternoon.
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    Ash Wednesday


    After starting new treatment I am getting much better -- and have been able to start attending mass regularly and return to the sacraments after being away for months (not by choice, just often felt too ill to attend mass). Just offering a prayer of joy and thanksgiving.
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    Please pray for me. In need of wisdom and guidance. Thank you.
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    Meeting with Vocations Director

    I am meeting today with the vocations director for the Oratory of St. Philip Neri here in my hometown. The meeting will be at 7 pm. Please pray that this meeting can help to further clarify things in my discernment. Thanks Pham.
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    Suicidal Friend: Update

    My friend is taking some positive steps. She recognises that she's more ill than she thought, for example, and she has decided that she needs sick leave from work, as she is using overwork as a way to hide from her problems and possibly putting her clients at risk by doing that. I am grateful to God that she has had this insight. But in the same conversation she told me that she has finally got her hands on enough pills to kill herself, and she's very happy about this. She was agitated when I said I would have to do something. I told her that even if she hates me for it (hopefully only temporarily), I can't keep this a secret, and I'm letting her family know. Please continue to pray.
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    Ash Wednesday

    Friend Passed Away

    Today I lost a friend to illness and I am requesting prayers for the repose of her soul! God bless.
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    My friend is in hospital

    Dear pham, thank you for your kind prayers for my friend who is suicidal. Thanks be to God, today she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. I'm so glad that she's in a safe place. I don't think she would have lived much longer if she had remained in her own home. She's frightened and homesick and part of her thinks she doesn't need to be there, but another part of her is relieved to be getting help. Please continue to pray for her recovery, for her family, and for all the people who care about her, and thank God for giving her the bravery to tell the truth to her doctors.
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    Struggling with depression. I also seem to have an ear infection. Thank you for prayer
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    Pray for my estranged husband

    Please pray for me and my husband. We've been separated since, at least, November. Though really, we've been "apart" since about April. But he really messed up in November, ended up loosing his job because of it and, consequently, I had to get a restraining order against him. I'm filing for legal separation, but it breaks my heart. I feel like such a failure, even though I know I'm doing the right thing, and I know that the church even supports separation or divorce in cases like ours (abuse, several kinds). The hardest part is just how lonely I am. We have 4 very young kids together, but now it's all on me, and I live in a very remote, rural area, far from any family. Right now, I'm sitting up in bed just wishing I had someone to talk to. So i pulled up Phatmass for the first time in a long time. Why can't things just become normal overnight? Why did he have to do all of this to us?
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    Credo in Deum

    Chastity and Detachment

    Please and thank you.
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    Funding Application and Friend

    I have a Catholic friend who has been living with her boyfriend. She's become more religious and now her conscience objects to being in a sexual relationship before marriage, but she's worried about what to do. She doesn't want to upset him, and I'm a little concerned that she may jump into an engagement when she isn't even sure about marrying him in order to make the situation OK. Please pray for them to have wisdom and guidance. Please also pray that I am successful in a funding bid I submitted as part of my job, that I will receive enough for the project and that God will make me prudent in its use so that it benefits as many people as possible.
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    Tornado and Aftermath

    Last night, we had a HUGE squall of storms race by at 60 mph which is the perfect weather for tornadoes. Unfortunately, we were in the path of destruction. Last night, at 10:30pm, the weather service announced tornado warnings and, right after, I looked out the back window because I thought I heard hail. I saw swirling trees and bushes and ran to get my mom and she was running to get me. All of a sudden, we heard a ROARING noise and a huge crash which made me shriek! It scared the crap out of me. All of a sudden, my mom and dad noticed that a tree limb was poking through my dad's bedroom ceiling. I had my bedroom door closed while I was out and my mom opened it to find a HUGE gaping hole in the ceiling with rainwater POURING in! My laptop was on the floor open and got ruined. Fortunately, my bed is OK and my mom immediately got some plastic to lay over the furniture in the area. We had to wait for the rain to stop so we could move the furniture out of the way and put huge trash cans down to catch the rain. My dad got the ShopVac and soaked up as much of the water as he could. A lot of the insulation from the attic fell down from the ceiling which caused my dad and I to get asthma attacks. The ceiling smelled like horrible mildew after getting soaked. My mom and I moved my mattress set into the living room and I slept in there during the night. I woke up this morning and found the destruction to be much worse than what we saw in the dark. After I fell asleep, my mom and dad heard a huge crash again and my ceiling proceeded to crumble further. I didn't hear it, but it happened around 2am - I slept thru it. Anyway, the elm tree in the front yard was the cause of the destruction and was yanked up BY THE ROOTS and fell over towards the two front bedrooms. The disaster in front of the house was astonishing. The roof looked like it had been crumpled into a million pieces. The backyard had a LOT of damage, too, since the fences on both sides were broken by the wind - the wood was just splintered! We can't find our bird feeder anywhere. Someone's trampoline ended up in the lane behind our house. Also, our neighbor's car was totaled by a huge tree limb landing on it and smashing the windshield and denting the hood. We spent the whole day watching a tree service company cut and remove the elm tree from our house. When it was done, it looked even worse! The trusses underneath were snapped in half by the weight so they have be completely replaced. The tree company put a tarp over the holes so any further damage will be mitigated. It looks like I may have to wait a while to get my room back, which sucks. We aren't allowed to go in that part of the house due to the damage. Anyway, please say some prayers that we can get this mess straightened up pretty quick. I am just so thankful that no one was hurt!
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    My moms boyfriends mother passed away. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for her soul and for the family. Thanks.
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    J.S., who died this week

    Mr. S was the first person I ever had a serious intellectual conversation with when I was a tender, yet very dogmatic, lad of 13. He counseled me to read Plato. I came to his office thinking I understood what Plato meant to see. Mr. S, like Socrates, gently deconstructed my argument -- asking leading questions like Socrates did. He taught me about syllogism. He taught me about dialectic. He wrote my college recommendations. Many years later, he was also the first person I had a frank conversation about work with after I had begun working as an educator myself. It only really occurred to me last year just how often I fell back upon his example in the classroom when I was in doubt. He was also one of the kindest human beings I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Maybe he would be a rare breed today, but what made him a great teacher, rather than merely a good teacher, was that he truly loved his students, wanted to get to know them, wanted to see them learn, and think, and do well. He went above and beyond, going to every school event, always answering his former student's letters, and always meeting them many years later if requested. He was also an excellent mentor to young faculty and very involved with local government -- helping and mentoring everyone on that end as well. Please remember Mr S, perhaps the best teacher I ever had, in your prayers.
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    Soon to be...Three!

    Please help pray for our Sister postulant who is preparing to receive the habit of the Dominican Order this Saturday, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes! Then we'll have 3 white veils novice in the house... http://nunsmenlo.org/soon-to-bethree/ Deo Gratias!
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    My mother in law was diagnosed with mouth cancer and will begin two months of radiation treatment. She is a remarkable and generous person who is loved by all who meet her. She is also extremely health conscious so this cancer is a bolt from the blue. My wife is Catholic, and this has been very difficult for her. I have no faith in prayers, but my wife and Mother in law do. They would appreciate the kind thoughts and gain hope and solace from them.
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    Spem in alium

    We've Gone Public!

    Thank you, all! I'm very happy! The orientation session was tremendous: there are eight novices in the program (one Jesuit, three Salesian sisters, three Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, and me!). I now truly have a group! The three "Josephite" sisters are all middle-aged women and their stories are particularly inspiring for me. We all get on very well and had so much fun in addition to our time of reflection and sharing -- on the first night, two novices and I sang hymns for about three hours, and then on the second night we had a cultural concert with dancing, music and singing that was truly non-stop for three hours --- the music just kept flowing, so well, in fact, that at one point one song merged into "Jingle Bells"! I also learned to dance the cha-cha even though I'm very uncoordinated, so I'd say the whole thing was a success. Most people participating in the program were surprised to hear that I am the only candidate in formation (and the first novice in my province for 40 years). I really sense God is trying to show me something important in all of this -- I've worked out a bit so far but I'm sure more will become clearer over the next two years. And today? I just spent over an hour pinning my veil My formator pinned the one I was given on Saturday, but I needed to make a fresh one (I have two veils and wear a new one each week) and tried to copy her folds and pinning...all I can say is that it's an art in itself and that I'm reconsidering my decision to wear the darn thing! Just kidding --- besides a little pain around my ears because I wear glasses, the veil is very comfortable to wear and has a wealth of meaning for me. I am so happy to wear it and even more to be a novice in my province and in my congregation, and to belong to God in this way. It all makes me do this:
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    Private Intention

    I'm not at liberty to go into detail on this, but I would deeply appreciate your prayers for a very important intention. I could say more but it would not be prudent to do so. Thank you kindly!!
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    Thanks Pham.
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    Nihil Obstat

    Where might the axe fall next?

    A very substantial portion of the artwork owned by the Vatican is already on public display. And another substantial portion is also in use, whether as altar pieces or sacred vessels or as sacred art in chapels, etc. The value of such religious uses cannot be overstated. To sell off such art would be a phenomenal tragedy, and a betrayal.
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    Archaeology cat


    My 4-year-old has a barium swallow test tomorrow and some labs, as we try to get a handle on his reflux.
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    Well Pham, thank you for all of your prayers. Your prayers paved the way to heaven for my friend who passed away a few hours ago. It was so sad to see him suffer, his systems failed and his heart finally gave out. I saw the EKG strip on the Code Cart monitor and watched it change going through the poor rhythms until asystole. That was hard to look at. Please pray for his family that they find peace and comfort in the Lord at this time
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    Colleague's error and my safety

    A colleague from another university has published a paper about some work the two of us did regarding one of the conflict-affected countries where I worked. She has used my full name and mentioned that I broke the law during my time there. She assured me that names would be changed before publication to avoid putting people in harm's way, but apparently she didn't realise that I could be harmed if this came to light. I'm supposed to be going back soon and I really don't want a welcoming committee consisting of a not-very-pleasant secret service. Please pray that it's possible for her to pull this article and that she's willing to do it. Please also pray that it doesn't affect our relationship negatively - I'm quite frustrated because I'm the one with the country-specific knowledge and I expected that she would take my feedback on the paper before she went public with it.
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    My friend's younger sister was seriously injured when a tree fell on her during the recent storm. The next few days are very key, as we're waiting to find out whether she suffered a stroke during surgery that would prolong her coma indefinitely. I believe the family is especially asking for the intercession of St Teresa of Calcutta. http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2017/02/20/irvine-girl-remains-in-critical-condition-after-being-crushed-by-tree-during-fridays-storm/
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    Sister Leticia


    You meet a girl at a couple of events, you chat and get along, you become Facebook friends. Thanks to her posts you have a general idea of what's she's up to, how she is etc - but although she sometimes shares about her Faith she's not the sort of person who tells the Facebook world absolutely everything. She blogs intermittently, but again, though she shares reflections, she holds back from sharing stuff about her family and friends, and only talks generally about any disappointments or upheavals. Sometimes you chat via Facebook - general stuff, nothing too personal. One day you notice her boyfriend isn't in the last few photos she's posted. You check back - she hasn't mentioned him recently, and hasn't said he's going away. There are no clues in her blog. Do you: A. PM her to find out if she and her boyfriend have split up (or better still, phone her - you've got her number somewhere) B. Wait and see - maybe it's a temporary split, maybe he has just gone away. If necessary, for example if you realise you're likely to meet at another event, you can always discreetly ask a mutual friend. C. Decide it's none of your business - after all, she's not a close friend. Make a mental note not to ask after him if you're chatting. If you opted for B or C for this young woman, on the grounds of sensitivity and respecting her privacy, then please opt for B or C when it comes to news/speculation about religious communities. We are not public property. And even though many communities have a strong online presence, with Facebook pages, blogs, websites and so on, there may be some members who simply hate being photographed, or who don't want the whole world to know that they're having medical treatment or had a migraine during a jubilee, or needed a break elsewhere due to exhaustion or are having a vocational crisis or whatever. They have a right to their privacy, just like anyone else.
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    Friend with cancer

    Please pray for a close friend of mine, a father of three teenagers, suffering from an aggressive form of cancer with many complications. He is in the hospital. Thank you.
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    No, I've never had anybody tell me I'd make a great nun.
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    Sisters marriage problems

    My sister just found out her husband had an affair She has forgiven him, and wants to make it work but he is unsure he wants to...Please pray for the healing of her heartbreak and for God to give her strength and to guide her in the right direction. Her husband is not very religious, so I ask that you also pray for him to find God, to ask for his forgiveness, and that God leads his to understanding the true sacrament of marriage.. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you. XOXO God bless
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    I'm not sure what good it will do, but at the same time, I can understand their concern and frustration that have lead to their actions. We live in sad times, either way we look at it. Continued prayers for our Church.
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    Friends and family

    I would like a prayer for my girlfriend's mother and my friend Mike's father, who are both battling cancer, a prayer for my friend Alfredo's mother who passed away recently, for my father who died a few months ago, and one for my mum who died 5 years ago. Thank you.
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    Pham, Please pray extra hard for my friend who is in the hospital fighting for life. My friend wasn't feeling well, really went down fast to the point that organs are failing, continues on a ventilator, and is on a huge amount of different medications. I'm stunned at this series of events of someone my age and that I know for so long. Please pray not only for his healing, but for his wife and family in dealing with this. They are quite numb
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    My Acceptance to the Master's Program

    While at an event, my enrollment advisor called and left a voicemail today that I've been accepted the program for my Master's degree in Summer 2017! I emailed her earlier this week and asked how long it would take to get a decision and she said they would start reviewing applications this upcoming week and I would receive a decision 2 weeks after that. Well, this is MUCH sooner and VERY welcome!!!! With all the stress and anxiety I've had lately, I feel this is a turning point and things are going to get much better. Please say some prayers for my health, as well, as I saw my primary care doctor yesterday afternoon and she prescribed a higher dose of the antidepressant I've been on for 7 years. I've also applied for the EAP program thru work and scheduled an appointment with my therapist that discharged me successfully in 2012 as she agreed to see me for a few sessions. I received 3 free sessions thru the EAP and my first appointment with my therapist is March 15th. I really want to get back to normal. I cannot change anything at the moment about the house or the scheduling difficulties at work, but I can work on managing stress better.
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    CV discernment meeting.

    I have a meeting with my parish priest March 6 to talk to him about my interest in starting discernment to consecrated virginity. Please pray for both Father and I that the meeting will go well for both of us and that we will know what steps should be taken next in my discernment. Thank you!
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    Stress at Work and Personal Life

    I know this is my 2nd posting in 2 days and I really need the prayers. The last 2 weeks have been pure hell at work and I am completely stressed out. We've been having a lot of staffing changes and call-outs lately that have left us incredibly understaffed and the burden rests on me to get the holes covered. Since I've returned to work, 90% of the holes have been left open and I cannot do anything about it. To top it off, my new assignment is a little too much for me to take. I talked to my boss about it before I went on FMLA and she and I met after my return. One of the managers took over the assignment while I was gone and yesterday, it was found out it was not done properly which myself and 2 other staff members have been receiving flack for (even though I was not there and it wasn't my fault). Today, we had 3 call-offs and 1 last minute change to the schedule and I was only able to fill 1 call-off. Today, I started wishing I had a different job and I'm worried the stress is eating at me - it doesn't help that my boss mentioned I may have to leave my workplace when I get my Master's degree because they won't have any openings for me to move up. When I was interviewed, she had mentioned that they were going to be building on to the facility and now I'm wondering if that's not going to happen. Please say some prayers that the stress at work eases up a bit. I don't want to quit and start all over again - especially since I plan to stay in the industry for the duration of my career. I'm going with my mom to look at some apartments this weekend and I hope to get an idea of when I can finally move out on my own.
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    Soon to be...Three!

    Thank you, everyone for your prayers and support! Here are some pics and vocation story of our newest novice!!! She's a happy bride! http://nunsmenlo.org/finally-the-official-announcement-with-vocation-story/
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    Sister Leticia

    75th anniversary of vows

    Tomorrow (20th) the oldest sister in our Province (who will be 99 later this year) celebrates the 75th anniversary of her vows. That's right - seven and a half decades since she made her vows, halfway through World War II when she was only 23! Despite her advanced years Sr Amy still has a very good, clear memory, and has shared some of her story on our website. Those of you from the north of the northern hemisphere will appreciate the significance of snowdrops in wintry, rural Scotland. I am reliably informed that someone has found a patch of snowdrops in the convent garden, so those little flowers - sign of God's love and fidelity all those years ago - will be part of the party! http://www.societysacredheart.org.uk/NewsEvents/tabid/1984/ID/209/Amys-75-years-of-vows.aspx
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    Prayers please!

    I'd be very grateful for your prayers. After dithering over joining a Benedictine house for several years, and deliberately trying not to look at every order going, my (Trappist) spiritual director made the very valid point that it may be because my vocation lies elsewhere within the religious life. I've just spent a very productive four days at one of the priories of a mendicant order that's currently very active and growing in the UK...
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    Article published on discernment

    Hello Friends, My thesis on discernment finally got published! Thanks again to all that participated in the survey. Here is the link to the abstract: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10477845.2016.1273027 If you would like to access the full PDF, message me and I can send it to you. Katherine
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    Meeting tomorrow

    I could use a prayer for a meeting I have tomorrow with a superior - that I can be assertive but in a respectful manner. Thanks pham
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    Spem in alium

    We've Gone Public!

    Haha, thank you for that. Thank you so, so much! Please feel free to still refer to me as "Spem". We all take "Mary" before our names, and the name I took as a novice is my Baptismal name; hence "Sr Mary Spem", or "SMS" -- though, of course, Spem is not my given name! I'm encouraging my friends and family to not worry about calling me "Sister", as it may be uncomfortable for them or not easy to remember. I am incredibly joyful, beyond belief. Today I woke up and thought -- hey, I'm a novice! I can't really fathom that it's happened and my joy is certainly growing and growing. I've been blessed incredibly by God. I am about to leave for a three-day orientation program for an intercongregational novitiate course I'm taking. Know you will all be brought to Jesus in my prayer and that I will carry you in my heart as I walk along the seashore (it's held at a retreat house by the beach). God bless you all.
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    Where might the axe fall next?

    The value of art is intrinsic to the dignity and value of humanity. It is one of the things that make us different than animals. Selling art for food is prostitution of human dignity. It is selling something beautiful created by humanity for coins when there are plenty of other coins that can feed the needy. Selling Vatican or other art is simply one selling another's gift to others so the one doesn't have to give of themselves. Once the art is sold, and the food is eaten, what if the next day? People are hungry again, and humanity is diminished as welll.
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    Good article. I think my feelings on this topic are pretty well known. The magisterium should magistrate, and the laity should lay. Sometimes the judge may be wrong, but that doesn't change the fact that he is the judge and gets to decide, and you have to comply with his judgment. I think it is fine to express your opinion when you think an authority is wrong, but in most cases as long as he has authority and you don't, you should ultimately comply even if you believe he is wrong. Otherwise you just end up with a lawless Protestant type system where each individual is ultimately his own pope.
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    Well, I had my post-op appointment and asked for the results of the VNG test and it appears to be vestibular migraines after all! There are also other problems such as lateral canal BPPV (usually, people have posterior BPPV) as evidenced by horizontal nystagmus during the caloric test. I also have early-onset presbycusis (bilateral permanent hearing loss in high frequencies) which is very unusual for a person of my age. My ENT referred me to the neurologist he sees which is covered by my insurance and I have an appointment with him tomorrow at 3:30pm. Please say some prayers that the neurologist can give me a good treatment plan so I can walk around without feeling like I'm on the hull of a ship. It will probably require testing such as MRI or CT to make sure I don't have acoustic neuromas or the like growing and start again on migraine medication.
  47. 7 likes

    David Rubin Interview with Bishop Barron

    But there isn't necessarily a rupture of continuity. Bishop Barron never said it should *remain* law, but rather that, given the present situation, we will most effectively oppose it through education and personal witness. He made it clear he doesn't agree with it being law or remaining so, at least so far as I read it. To go back to what I said last night, I think we're just too used to being a majority who gets it way legally, and we're not understanding we are not just a growing minority, but a hated and mocked one. We are discredited, ignored, and despised. Pushing laws in that type of environment will only lead to temporary wins at best. We have to win hearts on a personal basis before we can win legal cases. The early Christians didn't change the Roman Empire by picketing and pushing through legislation -- they did it through evangelization on a personal basis. As their numbers grew, the public opinion on matters such as gladiators and abortion also changed, and the laws consequently changed with them. I guess I just think this backlash against his words is by those who are vainly grasping on to laws which they see as an affirmation that they are doing their job, when they are in fact being called to more. We unfortunately have to work harder and in different means than we did in the '50s. There, Amppax, is that better?
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    Spem in alium

    We've Gone Public!

    Thank you, all. Two hours until we begin our prayer service. I have had my veil fitted, read over the order of prayer, ironed many tablecloths and set up our chapel and meeting room. Now it is time to gather my thoughts and my heart. I am happy, excited and wonderfully nervous! Above all I feel so blessed that God has called me to this place which is my spiritual home, and to the women who surround me with love and joy. It won't be smooth sailing always, but I know that Jesus, who led me to this place where I was once a stranger, will continue to lead me if only I follow. I may have access (though limited) to phatmass. Please keep me in your prayers and know how privileged I feel to have had you walk with me on this tremendous journey. I know we will continue to walk together even if we aren't connected here. You have my love and prayers. God be with you all.
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    I have my post-op appointment with my ENT doctor/surgeon on Monday after having my tonsillectomy and I hope to receive the test results of the VNG balance test I had on the Friday preceding my surgery. Due to the preliminary results from the audiologist, it appears that it may, indeed, be Meniere's disease as I have permanent hearing loss in the high frequencies and that is not a known symptom of migraine-associated vestibulopathy. If hearing loss occurs in a migraine episode, it is short-lived and comes back when the migraine is over. I knew that I had some hearing loss, but I wasn't aware of how bad it was until after the test. Anyway, I was kind of hoping it was related to migraines as that is easier to treat, but I'm hopeful that my doctor and I can work out a treatment plan if he diagnoses Meniere's. I am confident in his judgement has he has been really wonderful since I started seeing him in November after my PCD referred me.
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    Question About Contacting Orders

    Coming back to this again, things have kind of stalled with the Oratorians, though I may still be meeting with their vocations director in the upcoming weeks. However, there's another development in all of this that I wanted to share, and that is that I have started the application process for my diocesan seminary. I met with the vocations director for my diocese to talk about vocation in general and ended the meeting with an encouragement to apply for the seminary. So please keep me in your prayers as I pursue that as a further avenue for discernment.