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    My next steps

    Until 2016 I was a candidate with a secular institute, which unfortunately had no members in my country. This made receiving solid consistent formation very difficult, and as the women in the institute seemed uncertain about how best to manage the situation and after several years I was getting no closer to making any kind of vows, I decided that this could not God's will for me and I withdrew. The institute shared the spirituality of Bl. Charles de Foucauld. I had originally discerned with a religious community founded in that tradition, but at the time I felt, along with the provincial, that my disabilities would make their life too difficult for me. However, I remained close friends with these sisters, and recently the provincial told me that if I am willing to try their life they are willing to do their best to accommodate me. She suggested I visit the house where I would be entering if I did become a postulant. I went in July, and I felt very much at home. The next time I see the provincial, I am going to ask to become a postulant. I've already told my parents, and the first thing my mother said was, "I've been half-expecting this." They seem honestly happy about it, and this to me is a very good sign - in the past they've always been a bit nervous when I mentioned religious life, although they always tried to be supportive. The final thing that has pushed me to take this step is a lot of trouble that has arisen in my family over my grandmother's will. I've been pretty shocked by the greed that it's stirred up, and the malice. I kept thinking about the words of Jesus - "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be" - and seriously asking myself where my own heart is. That verse has given me a lot of food for meditation. I thought of Bl. Charles de Foucauld, who wrote, "My Lord Jesus, how quickly will they become poor who, loving you with all their heart, cannot accept to be richer than their Beloved. How quickly they will become poor who accept with faith your words: If you wish to be perfect, go and sell all you own and give it to the poor. Blessed are the poor." I'm a greedy person myself and I can't say that my heart is always in the right place, but I know where I want it to be, and I think its deepest and purest wants will be answered in the community founded in the footsteps of the saint who wrote that. Pray for me, pham.
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    2017 Entrances, Vows, and Ordinations

    The Trappist monastery of Our Lady of the Mississippi has received a postulant, Sr. Mary Gabriel. Check out the photo - either the novice director is very short, or Sr. Mary Gabriel is very tall. (Depending on when you read this, you may have to look in the Blog Archive under 2017 February.) http://mississippiabbey.blogspot.com/
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    For Becoming a Nun

    Hello all, I believe I am called by God to be a contemplative nun, but I am nervous about making a bad impression on Come and Sees! Please pray that the nuns I visit will open their heart to someone a little different. My most important mission is to please God with whatever I do. Your intentions ae in my prayers as well. 28yrolddiscerner
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    Indwelling Trinity

    Is one rosary a day enough if you’re considering religious life??

    I love you and mi's you ally so much! My coordination is and cognition is getting poorer by the day. T the in information is still there but getting it from my brain to my Hands or mouth can be quite a challenge. Please excuse all my mistakes I in my original post here. My older friend ends here know I have end stage Multiple Sclerosis from my cervical vertibrea 3-5 affecting my ability to think clearly at times. It also text by speech ability to write my sense of touch my vision and my ability to eat or swallow anything solid and keep it down. This in turn causes me to choke on food and water and I have lost almost all my teeth from the acid of constantly vomiting eroding the enamel on my teeth. This doesn't mean that it's all bad if he wants to know why I like it I break and I have good days when I can choke and smile and be the same goofy person I used to be. Everything I am going through right now it's a combination between the Dark Night of the Soul and the Holy Light Of God. I I had a friend when I was in the April days who always used to say to us religious life is Miseria, Misericordia,, and Magnificat !!! Despite my sickness and my sins my Confessor father Fidelis which makes me laugh because that was the first name I was given in Caramel sister was just sister Fidelis which made me cringe unless you're too sick carry out your duties in some mitigated form 'I only relay this cornucopia of information to new members so they do not think I have gone raving head or worse yet gone senile. I love you am and seem to be going into a mild improvement I praise the goodness of God and hope to spend some time with a of you. god bless you as we son enter into that most beautiful mystery às we await the coming of our God!!!
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    Indwelling Trinity

    Your Opinion-Custody of the Eyes

    In the missionaries of Charity there was great emphasis put on custody of the senses. What evil you do not see cannot come back to your mind at night and tempt you and cause you to sin. Having custody of your thoughts when not occupied by other things not related to your vocation allows you to brood over little irritations by other sisters to the point you are sweating bullets. And if you are in the cloister, these things can become quite distressing. Think of being next to a sister 7-9 times a day who clears her throat about every 30 seconds. For the next 30 years Custody of the tongue. Have you e ever meet someone who always knows t the inside scoop on almost everything? Walking nearest the wall we did not practice but I tried to give others the r right of way as a sign of respect and love. I cannot tell you how many times these little things saved my vocation but they also taught me how to pray a and how to love. Most young people myself included, 30 years ago are drawn e excessively b by the things that shine in religious life. I do not condemn it rather I see it as a visible struggle for the soul to truly become inside what he or she manifests to the world outside. It is fine to do that but keep a balance in what you do. What you want to be in seminal form, you already have God is calling you each has a special vocation whether to the priesthood, religious life, active or contemplative or holy matrimony whatever it is live it now as you can. Pray as you can and not as you can't. What I say to you most emphatically is get your heads out of the small stuff. We may very well be headed for a 1nuclear meltdown, a collapse of our economy and in the media sheer evil. Don't wait u until tomorrow to radiate Jesus start now for the sake of souls and to comfort Jesus bringing his mercy to all you meet. I am praying for you take heart! .I am 30 years a religious and still growing and learning. In my case t the lord forgot to put in a few screws. Indwelling Trinity
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    Bit of a Problem

    I asked kindly could my neighbour and I negotiate over a cuppa - twice she has caused problems because she claims that what I thought was my front garden is her property (the three units here, including hers, are on common land). There was no negotiation only hostility. I had to remove plants and also she had cut back a plant at the front ruining it. I have asked our Housing Manager to advise me what is and what is not my front garden. I am rather hoping she will decide in my favour as what I think is my front garden is very small - but if the Housing Manager does not decide in my favour, that I will be most gracious about it. I am hoping too that bringing the Housing Manager in on the situation will not create further problems with her - she has a lovely personality usually. I can have a dark side too when things go amiss.
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    My next steps

    I had a good long talk with the provincial. She and the other sisters still have some hesitations about whether this is the right place for me, as my particular needs and strengths aren't a natural fit with their apostolate on first sight, but they invited me to do a three-month live-in so that we can discern this together. My work is quite flexible, but I still can't get my employer to give me three months off on the spot, so it will take a bit of time to arrange. Please pray for this.