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    So Yesterday I Turned 21

    I joined this website when I was 14. Let that sink in and feel old. I got to celebrate my birthday by serving for His Eminence, Cardinal Burke. It was my second time meeting him, and he is such a kind and gentle man. Knowing it was my 21st birthday, he allowed an exception in his busy schedule so I could have a picture with him. Then this morning after serving Mass for him again, I spoke with him afterwards and asked him to sign a copy of Hope For the World. His response was "For you? How could I say no?" I could have melted. Anyway, for the more alcoholic-interested people, I went to a great Irish pub in Dallas and had an ale for my first drink, which was fantastic. I knew I hated beer and didn't know what the difference was, but I knew I love ye olde England, and chose a drink based off that. Smithwick's ale is fantastic and I will be ordering another one when possible. Someone bought me a whiskey despite my protests, and, as expected, I despised it. I then tried a frozen margarita which, as expected, I hated. And the low quality picture, for those of you who are still mildly interested in that. It's unfortunate it isn't great, but he was in a hurry, plus there are a ton of other pictures that will be coming out soon.
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    My next steps

    Until 2016 I was a candidate with a secular institute, which unfortunately had no members in my country. This made receiving solid consistent formation very difficult, and as the women in the institute seemed uncertain about how best to manage the situation and after several years I was getting no closer to making any kind of vows, I decided that this could not God's will for me and I withdrew. The institute shared the spirituality of Bl. Charles de Foucauld. I had originally discerned with a religious community founded in that tradition, but at the time I felt, along with the provincial, that my disabilities would make their life too difficult for me. However, I remained close friends with these sisters, and recently the provincial told me that if I am willing to try their life they are willing to do their best to accommodate me. She suggested I visit the house where I would be entering if I did become a postulant. I went in July, and I felt very much at home. The next time I see the provincial, I am going to ask to become a postulant. I've already told my parents, and the first thing my mother said was, "I've been half-expecting this." They seem honestly happy about it, and this to me is a very good sign - in the past they've always been a bit nervous when I mentioned religious life, although they always tried to be supportive. The final thing that has pushed me to take this step is a lot of trouble that has arisen in my family over my grandmother's will. I've been pretty shocked by the greed that it's stirred up, and the malice. I kept thinking about the words of Jesus - "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be" - and seriously asking myself where my own heart is. That verse has given me a lot of food for meditation. I thought of Bl. Charles de Foucauld, who wrote, "My Lord Jesus, how quickly will they become poor who, loving you with all their heart, cannot accept to be richer than their Beloved. How quickly they will become poor who accept with faith your words: If you wish to be perfect, go and sell all you own and give it to the poor. Blessed are the poor." I'm a greedy person myself and I can't say that my heart is always in the right place, but I know where I want it to be, and I think its deepest and purest wants will be answered in the community founded in the footsteps of the saint who wrote that. Pray for me, pham.
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    Needs of our home

    Would you please pray for our facility for elderly/vulnerable. One special intention is regarding our Mass schedule. Thank you.
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    do you wish those who reject papal infallibility would leave the church?

    I would rather they repent and be saved rather than leave the Church
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    My next steps

    In a way it's surreal. In another way it just feels completely...normal. I've got to know the sisters well and I'm at ease with them. It's been just over ten years since I met them, and I can see that the intervening decade has been good for me: as a twenty-year-old I really couldn't have entered anywhere. I was still figuring out what my capabilities and limitations were. At one point I would have said that I'd wasted a lot of time and looked enviously at those young women who enter straight from college or even school, but now I'm not so fixed on doing everything at 100 miles an hour and I can appreciate that each person's journey is different. This self-acceptance and peace is another sign to me that I'm doing the right thing. Even if I don't persevere in the life, I will have been right to try. I am also remembering my reaction to these nuns when I met them for the first time. In my country they wear all blue, in honour of Mary, but no habit as such - it could just be a blue skirt and a blue shirt that they found in any second-hand shop (they take their poverty very seriously) with their congregational cross. They try to live in the same way as the poor and marginalised, so in Brazil this means a mud hut in an Amazonian village with the indigenous people, and in London it means a cramped apartment in an inner-city high rise. They say that they themselves cannot do much in these places, but they bring the Blessed Sacrament there, and He can do everything. As a nineteen-year-old, I was intrigued by this way of life, but also unimpressed: I wanted a beautiful monastery with ancient stonework and the traditional flowing veil and all the rest of it. I wanted some glamour and mystique. It was almost as if I were picking and choosing 'my' congregation from a conveyer belt of sushi. Now part of me is wondering nervously if I will even be accepted for postulancy - suppose some sisters disagree with the provincial about me? - which is a definite about-face! And this too is another sign that I'm knocking at the right door, because Heaven knows I couldn't have found this unfamiliar humility otherwise.
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    So Yesterday I Turned 21

    An image from Friday of us carrying a statue of Our Lady of Fatima made in 1947. We carried it around the church property for the span of a rosary. My arm is still recovering.
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    FILIAL CORRECTION of Pope Francis

    Nonsense, McM. The Church's teaching on the indissolubility of marriage MATTERS. I don't agree with this document, but I don't agree with wolves like yourself who want to pretend these issues are not important. Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, the Good Shepherd, teaches explicitly that remarriage after divorce is ADULTERY. Are you a racist? You can receive communion, but you must go to confession first and stop being a racist. Did you participate in the death penalty process, as a guard who did the injections for instance? You can go to communion, but first you must confess and take steps never to be involved again (you must quit that job). Beat your wife and children? You can receive communion, but first, confession, and stop beating them. Lie, rape, cheat on your taxes, hire a prostitute, do IVF, have an abortion... what's the key ingredient? A firm purpose of amendment. You and others seem to think that divorcees (and a couple other select kinds of sinners) are Magical Sin Unicorns who don't need to "go and (at least try) to sin no more" in order to get right with God. The people who violate all the other commandments? Our sinful urges don't have to do with having an orgasm so... too bad! No Magical Unicorn exception for us! We are expected to try to exercise our self-control! There are many divorced and remarried people receiving the sacraments already... guess what... because they are committed to not sinning any more! And sometimes they fail. Then they go to confession and try again! This solution to the problem has been used for CENTURIES. People like you want to pretend that it's asking too much for a man to even TRY to refrain from putting his private parts into a woman who lives with him. Speaking as a woman, it's truly a disgusting point of view and no doubt launched a thousand martial (and non-martial) rapes.
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    Torn meniscus

    So about 3 weeks ago, I was praying with my Dominican Sisters and I noticed when I got up from kneeling, my knee felt weird. Then a week went by and it felt worse. Then another week...then another week...to the point it became unbearable so I went to my doctor. He thinks I have torn my meniscus. I'm getting an MRI on Thursday. I don't want surgery. Please pray its not torn off or that bad to the point i need surgery. Pray it heals up. *sigh* I just don't want surgery... Thanks for the prayers
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    My Vocation?

    Oh dear, it's another me. I'm glad you had a really positive experience at the Steubenville conference! Good job on not allowing it to be just a weekend high and really sticking with it so far. As for the question at hand, take this from someone who was very much like you at your age: don't strain to search for the hand of God in every detail. I thought I might be called to marriage for a while because of one girl in particular whom I was very close to. Over a small period, I became certain God was calling us to marry, and I imagined the life we would surely have together. One night, while having a serious conversation on the phone, she said in a meaningful voice "Miles, I love you." I had to sit down -- it was everything I knew God wanted finally happening before my eyes. I asked her, just to be sure, "You mean, in a romantic way?" I'll never forget her answer: "No no no no no no no no, I mean in a totally Platonic way." Before that event by a few months, I visited a seminary. I had desired to be a priest for two years at that point, and I couldn't wait to go. I went and decided definitively that God was most certainly not calling me to be a priest. And now I'm in my second year of seminary. I have all but entirely lost contact with that girl. Not because we don't like each other as people, but just because our lives took us different places and as we matured we became less compatible as friends. Life is weird. As far as being attracted to this girl after not being attracted to her, it might be something, but it might also not be. Attraction is very weird and fickle, especially at your age. The aforementioned girl that I was quite certain God was calling me to marry told me "I don't know why I don't like you in that way, because you're literally everything I want in a guy." If I can give you any practical advice, it's to not look so closely to find God's hand in everything you think might be significant, because often what ends up happening is we just decide something is God's will in order to justify what we want. Looking back on my life, I can see God's hand in many seemingly small things, all of which led me to be where I am now. But the thing about these events is that I could only know what they mean in retrospect, not at the time. I can only think of a handful of events in which I knew for a fact what they meant at the time. When I was "certain" God was not calling me to be a priest, it's because I was crazy over a girl. Same concerning my certainty that God was calling me to marry the other girl. I kept taking my feelings at the time and applying them definitively to God's will, which is exactly what we shouldn't do. So, just relax. Enjoy this friendship with this girl and see where it goes. Don't make any assumptions about what your vocation is or isn't -- just follow along your path one day at a time and be open to whatever God wants. I don't know what your vocation is, but I can say with certainty what God wants of you right now is to relax and just grow in holiness and enjoy your time being 15. Adulthood is long and adolescence far too short -- don't make it shorter by trying to be an adult prematurely.
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    For my vocation, and for all others

    As you will see in my post on Vocation Station, I am trying to discern my vocation right now, and I need all the prayers I can get. I also want to pray for all others who are trying to discern their vocations, their calls from God.
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    HHS Mandate

    When the Democrats forced Catholics to pay for birth control/abortions... I was outraged! I hated seeing my Sisters having to fight for their religious liberties guaranteed by the Constitution!!! But thank God, Trump lifted the mandate for religious objectors! PRAISE BE TO JESUS! It's over, it's done! Let's thank God that this terrible law has been rescinded. Thank you Thank you Jesus!
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    For the conversion of friends

    Please pray for two close friends of mine. One is from a not very practising Muslim background. She's extremely interested in Christianity and asks me a lot of questions about Jesus and the faith. She seems to have a very pure and instinctive grasp of basic Christian truths, even though she's never had much contact with Christianity before - often her insights and questions are so clear. The other is a former Orthodox Jew who became an atheist. She has experienced a lot of suffering in her life and she's tired out. Sometimes she comes with me to church and when she is with me there I can see that she is curious and frightened and hurting all at the same time. Please pray for them both to see the way forward, and to know that they are loved by God.
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    For the dead, injured, and mourning in Las Vegas

    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
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    Carla Discerning Vocation

    Dear friends in Christ! Thank you so much for so many nice words and messages.It really warm my heart and soul to see so many message of encouragement. Soon i will be able to write more but for now be free to contact me i will gladly to talk with all of you kind people.One of my new roles in my community will be that i will work with new possible vocations.So if anyone desire to just talk about it or have some question (not only about my order) i will be more then happy to help. God bless you all!
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    Stop what you are doing and please pray

    The Devil likes to attack his fiercest enemies.
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    A new "Ave" from the Benedictines of Mary

    Or not "new" but one I'd never heard before. https://aleteia.org/2017/10/18/the-benedictines-of-mary-singing-in-their-natural-habit-at/
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    "My little sister joined a convent. Why am I so angry?"

    Interesting perspective. https://aleteia.org/2017/10/13/my-little-sister-joined-a-convent-so-why-am-i-this-angry/
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    My Vocation?

    PhuturePriest gave excellent advice! I would like to give a bit of my own. I have been discerning for about 7 years now and at multiple points I wanted to know so badly what God had planned for me and just do it. Something that I am just now realizing is at that point I just wasn't ready for what God is now asking of me. It wasn't that I wasn't listening but it just wasn't time yet. It can be difficult to be in that place of waiting but I have personally found great spiritual fruit in that balance of being at rest but ready to move forward when God calls. Enjoy your friendship with this young lady wherever it goes. There is a beauty in a guy/girl friendship that doesn't lead/involve a romantic relationship. A strong friendship is also the basis for a good romantic relationship too.
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    For my family

    My nana died a couple of months ago, appointing my dad (her son) as executor of the will. I'm dismayed by how some of the relatives are behaving. They're fighting among themselves about what they have and haven't been bequeathed, and my dad is so stressed out with trying to resolve the disputes to everyone's satisfaction that he isn't sleeping properly and today he was almost crying. I hate seeing him like this and I'm really aghast by what's happening. It reminds me of vultures. Jesus (as always) was right: the love of money is the root of all evil. Please pray the Hail Mary for peace in our family.
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    And now Torches are symbols of Hatred

    who pissed on the american flag? hypocrites? you mean like the conservatives who are bashing liberals about Harvey Weinstein but didn't condemn Trump for his actions? Trump got a pass from conservatives. Same as Bill Clinton got a pass from liberals. Or Bill O'Reily gets a pass but conservatives go after Hilary and Obama for not making a comment about Harvey Weinstein. At the end of the day conservatives and liberals give a pass to their side and condemn the other side. Always happens. The more and more I see, the only rational people in these debates are the moderates. They will condemn both sides. Problem is there are not many moderates left. Maybe all people should take a step back and follow the bishops of America when it comes to american politics. I have seen the bishops condemn both sides as wrong and praised both sides as being right. They adhere to principal and not to political ideology.
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    Anastasia (L&T)

    Sleep, work, mil, etc

    That stuff.
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    Tom Petty

    Pray for Tom Pettys soul. He hasn't died yet. Maybe he's been given this small time so that all of us can pray for him before he expires! ? Or maybe just maybe a miracle will occur and he wakes up from this okay? (He won't back down...) (okay I couldn't resist...) I love this artist, I grew up listening to him and saw him in concert a few years ago. It was amesome! One of the legendary rockers! Lord have mercy on his soul and prepare him as he is on the precipice between life and death...
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    A Prima Ballerina & Consecrated Virgin -- Documentary

    Amazon has a documentary on Mireille Negre (you can rent it): https://www.amazon.com/Mireille-Negre-Devoted-Dancer/dp/B018IW4JVM/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1506291364&sr=1-1-spell&keywords=mirielle+negre Mireille entered the Paris Opera Ballet at nine, joined the Corps at seventeen, and became a prima ballerina by 22. She left the world of ballet at age 27, to join the Carmelites (in 1973) as Sr. Mirielle of the Heart of Jesus. After ten years as a Carmelite, she found out about the vocation to live as a consecrated virgin in the world. Only then did she feel as if she'd found her full vocation. She was a born dancer & artist, to the bottom of her soul, yet also longed to consecrate her life to God. Seeing no way to reconcile the two, she set dance aside and entered religious life. After obtaining permission to leave her order, she was consecrated by Cardinal Lustiger, and founded her own dance studio in Paris. Photo 1: Photo 2: Photo 3 (she is on the right): Photo 4:
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    Hugh Hefner died

    As a devout Roman Catholic I feel very sad for Hugh Hefner. He pushed objectifying women to a whole new level and may even have been responsible for the sexual revolution of the 1960s, which saw a rise in extra marital affairs, out of wedlock pregnancies, abortions, rapes and sexually transmitted diseases. It's not like humans weren't having immoral sex before Hugh, it's that he normalized the behavior and called it "good." He then went on to make a billion dollar industry from smut. Pornography is a real addiction and disease. It affects the way we look at one another. We are more than just our fleshy parts! Jesus Christ warned that even just thinking lustfully youve sinned in your heart. Jesus condemned fornication. It saddens me that so many who say they follow Jesus behave in this same manner. The holy Scriptures tell us that only the pure in heart will see God. I know it's 2017, some may find what I'm saying old fashioned and prudish, but I just had to say it. This was not the way to live life, thinking only of the pleasures the flesh gives you. I cringe to think what Hugh and Jesus spoke about at his final judgement. May God have mercy on this mans soul. I write this so that people can pray for his soul, we cannot judge this man by saying he's now burning in hell for his sins because we don't know what his state of his soul at the time of death. Christ is merciful. But we also have to pray for an end to Hughes dynasty of smut. It remains on earth, a testament of this mans life. If anything I hope he makes it into purgatory...
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    Conservative/Liberal.... then Catholic

    It seems more and more each day so many catholics put their politics ahead of their faith. They are some political stance first and a catholic second. Just think about all the catholics who support Trump's actions and words when he lies and personally insults people. Or liberals who support Democrat's who do the same thing. I just can't not understand why their is either rabid support for everything Trump foes or rabid support for evertyping the Democrats do. At the end of the day liberals and right on many things and wrong on many things. Conservatives and Trump are right on many things and wrong on many things. No one party is right, yet many catholics act like it. They support to good of one party and justify why the evil the party commits is justifiable . It's really sad. On another forum someone questioned why thier was not a catholic political party for catholics. The answer seems simple. Not enough catholics put their faith above their politics.
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    This is what making America great again should look like

  27. 3 points

    phatmass looks different

    This one in Comic Sans.
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    This is what making America great again should look like

    I think this is beautiful too, I think this lady is on to something...
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    The Official Lame Board Thread

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    Excitement with Wildlife - Santa Rita Trappist

    Who says life in a monastery is boring? "We had a couple of exciting encounters with wildlife towards the end of September! First, a confused deer in the church garth jumped through one of the windows into our cloister hallway. Sisters Esther & Kate heard the crash of breaking glass and found the poor creature in the hallway! They were able to herd the deer up the hall to the phone booth where there is a sliding glass door for it to escape back outdoors. As far as we can tell, the deer was not injured. Sr. Pam cleaned up the broken glass and blocked up the broken window. Two days later, after replacing the window and while carrying her tools back to her office, Sr. Pam encountered a rattlesnake on the sidewalk outside the art building! The snake kindly warned her of its presence by setting off its rattle, so she did not step on it, but jumped back. After alerting Sr. Rita (our second superior, who was in charge while Mother Vicki was away at the General Chapter), she called our Sonoita-Elgin Fire District’s non-emergency number and requested their assistance with rattlesnake removal. A crew of three fire fighters, two men and one woman, came right over. It was the woman fire fighter who very calmly extended a long-handled snake grabbing tool, gently captured the snake, and lifted it into a special snake bucket. One of the men put the lid on the bucket. The snake was taken away to be released back into the wild at a safe distance from buildings and people. Thank you to the Sonoita-Elgin Fire District for helping us out!"
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    Cloistered Nuns

    There are definitely some communities - why don't you post in the vocation station. People in there tend to know these things, and there are several past threads on the same question.
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    My Vocation?

    I didn't date until after my teens were over. I discerned out of my first relationship...and now I'm figuring out the next steps which involve looking at religious life. Didn't regret any of that. What I do regret is all the time I wasted not praying and getting mired in my own sins. Everyone must make a choice, each day, to love God with all their heart. Whether you marry or do something else, that doesn't change. Go, go to the chapel and sit with Jesus awhile. Make plans to keep doing it, if you are able. Keep Him company. Look for your peace with Him, or else you won't find it with anyone else. Now is the time to get serious. So long as the spirit of prayer is in you, you'll be fine. Wish you the best.
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    And now Torches are symbols of Hatred

    The vast majority of people on here acnologe the problems with the left and call them out all the time. How many people on here blast the left for abortion, the transgender bathroom fiasco and the left's abandonment of God. What a lot of us take issue with is this assumption that conservatives are completely right on everything they do. That theis point of view is 100% right. That if they do something wrong conservatives try to justify or downplay their wrong doings. Conservativism is not completely right. Liberalism is not completely right. Catholicism is completely right. Conservativism and catholicism are not the same thing.
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    Sister Marie

    And now Torches are symbols of Hatred

    Actual teachings of the not-conservative, not-liberal Catholic Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be found here: http://www.usccb.org/about/pro-life-activities/respect-life-program/index.cfm http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/human-life-and-dignity/racism/index.cfm https://www.sharejourney.org/ Our allegiance should be to the Gospel, not a political party.
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    The closing of a monastery

    Another Trappist monastery - Our Lady of the Assumption in Ava, MO - is not exactly closing, but it's transitioning. The aging Trappist monks have been hosting cistercian monks from Vietnam for several years. Brother Chronicler reports in the October newsletter: "Fr. Alberic our Superior left in September to attend the Trappist General Chapter at Assisi. Our community's vote to dissolve itself, in order to make room for our Vietnamese brother monks to make a new foundation here in the monastery, was presented for the General Chapter's acceptance. They gave their almost unanimous approval. Now the question will go to Rome for a final decision. The seven or eight Vietnamese monks here have been guests in our Trappist community. After the transfer the four or five American Trappist monks will remain as guests in their Cistercian community. We can say it stays all in the family. ... Peter Vo has been making an observership in our community. He will soon gain American citizenship. Then he will go to the mother house, Our Lady of Divine Grace in Vietnam, to do his novitiate. After that he can return to continue his monastic formation here. Fathers Thaddeus and Basil have applied for Permanent Residence (Green card). Four new Vietnamese monks have been chosen to become the next members in our community once they receive their visas as Religious Workers." In a side note, which I probably ought to post under Monastic Humor... "It is time for our fruit cake fliers to go out by mail to our customers. The inventory has been building up all year. There is an aging period for the flavor to blend and mellow all through a cake. We don't sell one until it has aged at least six weeks. Recently a frozen fruit cake was found in an Antarctic station over one hundred years old—possibly from Robert Scott's expedition. They claim it looked and smelled in good condition. However we limit our period within two years."
  36. 2 points

    A mom comes to think of her "vocation"

    Well...as the mother of three, and the grandmother of three more, and a [retired] nurse and midwife, I can say that not just my profession, but the business of raising a family is the hardest possible work, and without any postulancy or noviciate to "form" one to perform it suitably. I don't know that I'd call it a vocation, though. I think I'd just call it "life".
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    Credo in Deum

    Why God Allows Suffering

    I asked myself the same question when I was younger, after being sexually abused by my step mother at the age of 12 yrs. Why did this happen? Why was it permitted? The scriptures tell us that God sends suffering to those He loves, which to me seems ridiculous, but when I look at that Cross I’m reminded of why Christ was permitted to suffer and die; love. As Christ took on our sins out of love for us, there are times when we, who are innocent, take on the sins of another in order to grow in love. By seeing what happened to me as an invitation to love, I’ve been able to grow personally and I’ve also been better able to connect and help others who’ve been abused.
  38. 2 points

    The closing of a monastery

    Thanks for the info! I think that men who were attracted to the Trappists went to Gethsemani. Thanks to Thomas Merton it's a well known Abbey. It's interesting to look back at how many people were joining the Trappists in the '40 and '50. Now they are slowly dying out. I know an Abbey in Europe who was a fairly big Community and now the majority are old and sick. Even the Novice is 50. Other Orders seem to be doing fine. I don't know why the Trappists aren't that known. Maybe the lack of "official" saints. They are a great Order with authentic and loving members. Not to mention the books some of them (beside Merton) wrote... :D
  39. 2 points

    RIP Tom Petty

    "You and I will meet again When we're least expecting it One day in some far off place I will recognize your face I won't say goodbye my friend For you and I will meet again" Pray for the repose of his soul...
  40. 2 points

    Knights of Columbus: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Their new uniforms remind me of girl scout uniforms. Also take away the beretta and it's just a ugly business suite. If they change it back in 50 years I think the response will be "wow they actually look like knights again, not like some kind of badly dressed car salesman girl scout."
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    Francis Clare

    Eucharistic Sisters of Our Lady of Guadalupe??

    We live to serve And eat popcorn while doing it :))
  42. 2 points
    Francis Clare

    Eucharistic Sisters of Our Lady of Guadalupe??

    I believe they are from Costa Rica. Guadalupanas Eucharisticas del Padre Celestial Its in Spanish, but try es.catholic.net-Guadalupanas Eucharisticas del Padre Celestial
  43. 2 points
    McM RSCJ

    FILIAL CORRECTION of Pope Francis

    To Knight of Christ: "Again, Can the divorced and remarried who are still engaged in a sexual relationship receive absolution and communion without a change of life? Yes or no, then explain your answer. It seems to be "yes" but I just want to make sure. Lastly, please forgive me for not responding to most of your post. But since I feel you have purposefully avoided answering a simple question asked repeatedly of you I feel I should wait until you answer that question before continuing in dialogue." 1. I have answered over and over. 2. It is not a simple question, and the answers are not limited to "yes or no." 3. You want to "make sure" of my answer. So here it is again. I think Amoris Laetitia explains why and how, in some few instances, a couple and their pastor may engage in a searching, honest, presumably sometimes painful, discernment that may lead to full reintegration into the sacramental life of the Church including reception of Eucharist. And I not only agree with that explanation, I find it fully consonant with the message of the Gospel and the mission and teaching of the Church. That's it. Over and out.
  44. 2 points

    NFL and the National Anthem

    @dominicansoul I know you're hispanic, are you white though? There is a distinction to be made, not that you have to answer. Race classifications are in flux anyway, but a lot of hispanic people appear to be white and that can affect how they are perceived by others as "minority" or not. Obviously you don't have to answer. I'm just curious. I also heard an African American priest (in a letter after that summer of publicized police killings) say that the word "minority" carries with it negative connotations, suggesting that people of color are somehow less. He exhorted people to not using that word. I think it makes sense. Language is powerful.
  45. 2 points

    Discerning a religious community

    The first time I was discerning my vocation, I was only in contact with one community. This time, I am currently in communication with three. I have spoken with each of the communities and have tentatively scheduled two vocation retreats. I really don't see any issue with speaking with several at the same time. God Bless you in your Discernment!
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    FILIAL CORRECTION of Pope Francis

    My tuppence: I thought that what Pope Francis is saying is that every case should be taken by its own circumstances, its own merits. Instead of making sweeping statements such as a divorced and remarried person is in a state of adultery, that certain circumstances might mitigate the moral disposition. It is a very big might for sure, but not an impossibility. It is not up to us to judge the moral position of others and to state that someone is an adulterer is to judge their moral position. Jesus Himself assigns a heavy penalty to morally judging others (as below) and this is what I think Pope Francis is underscoring i.e. every case on its own merits, not sweeping generalisations:
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    medicaid expansion should stay, be expanded

    the problem is government run healthcare stinks. although so does private insurance. there has yet to be an acceptable safety net in this country during and before Obamacare. Healthcare costs are out of control. This was not fixed with Obamacare and it was not fixed before Obamacare and it will not be fixed with the republican plan that is being brought before congress. before you even try to fix healthcare for all you need to have a viable safety net for those who can not help themselves. the children, the disabled, the elderly and so on. those who through no fault of their own can not support their own healthcare. oh and for all those who will complain about the government taking money to pay for other people's medical care, well they are dead wrong. the government does and is supposed to take your money to provide for its citizens on certain things. the government has every right to take your tax money to pay for roads that you may not use, the military that protects its citizens, the homeland security that protects its people from domestic terrorists, the regulations on food and drugs that make sure those things are safe to its citizens and also to provide a safety net for those who can not care for themselves. that is the point of a working and just government.
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    phatmass looks different

    Comic Sans. Comic Sans! Comic Sans!!
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    Br. Antony Maria OSB


    I don't know the specifics of how the Franciscans do visitations, but I can speak to my own experience as a Benedictine, which might shed some light for you? The biggest difference that I can see (simply based on how you phrased your question), is that our superior lives with us (the Abbot), and as such when we have visitations, three monks from different monasteries in our Congregation (a family tree, if you will) come in and live with us for about a week. During that time, they interview every monk of the house: they'll ask what he thinks is going well, what he thinks needs improvement, etc. At the end of the week, the three visitators will get together, compare notes, and put together two reports: one anonymous report for the whole community, and one with more specific comments by individual monks (not anonymous) that is given exclusively to the Abbot. A part of each of these reports is a number of recommendations by the visitators about what the community can do to continue to improve and live a healthier community life. After the visitators leave, the community will then get together to discuss the results of the visitation report and produce a document that describes what they will try to do to implement the changes recommended by the visitators. My (completely uneducated) guess for your community would be that your provincial superior will come, interview the members of your community, and give a report to your local superior, after which all of you will get together to discuss it and come up with different ways of implementing your provincial superior's recommendations. The biggest thing that I can think of in order to prepare for your visitation would be to think of things that you think are going well in your community, and things that could be improved on (constructive criticism works best here). And be honest in the interview: what your provincial superior doesn't hear about in the interviews, she's not going to know about the community since she doesn't live there full time. As such, she won't be able to make recommendations about how to improve problems that she doesn't know about. I hope this sheds some light on the question for you, and for more specific information about Franciscan practices, ask one of your sisters who has more experience than you do. She could certainly tell you more than this crazy Benedictine! Pax, Br. Antony Maria
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    First Confederate Symbols, Now...Raw Cotton???

    It's a dangerous attitude to have, looking at others and assuming they aren't doing everything in their power to evangelize for Christ and to think only your attitude and your way of doing it works. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can say all I ever get from you is vinegar. It may not be so, but what I perceive to be so. I post what I want to post no one has to respond if it triggers them so much. Kofc seems to understand what I'm talking about. Other friends who've read it but don't post on phatmass get it too... I work in higher education. This tweet isn't just some random attitude, it's prevalent amongst millennials and liberals. I witness it everyday and I for one find it alarming. Like kofc said, the most innocent things are being attacked over this hysterical reaction that somehow racism is the most important evil rearing its head these days. It isn't. And the KKK are the same obscure irrelevant idiots they've been for the last 50 years. They aren't a threat to our society. The threat lies in mind control over the masses. I've witnessed mass hysteria on my campus when it comes to things perceived to be homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, name any phobic and they react hysterically to it! Lol! It's all part of the divide and conquering of the leftists to control Americans emotions and win votes for their side. It's eerie to witness... One day they will attack the very preaching of the Gospel and call it hate speech... and they will want to censor it, because that's what they riot about... to shut conservative values down. If you guys don't see that happening, well good for you, I see it in my very own work place. We no longer have the right to think what we want to think, say what we want to say or even believe what we want to believe without a real threat of expulsion from our positions. The other day they put the feminine napkin disposals in the men's room. People were shocked at that but no one said anything lest they be called by Human Resources for being transphobic... this random liberal tweeted she wanted hobby lobby to remove this racist display.. she speaks for millions. Within the first hour she had 20,000 likes not just shares, likes. That means agreements. They don't like something they want it destroyed. On my campus, a man putting up pro life display had his pictures vandalized while the students and faculty applauded. They don't like what they saw so they demanded it be destroyed. This isn't just some random tweet it's a reflection of millions...