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    Kayte Postle

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    Friends, in my journey I need some prayer right now. I am so frustrated because of my mental illness, especially as of late. I'm having to move soon, and I'm not even sure where I'm going to live in a few weeks. I had to cut my hair very short, because it was falling out due to stress. To say the least my mental state has been shakey lately. I'm having to lay this down at the cross about 100 times a day. My heart longs for the convent, but I know it's still quite awhile aways, if it is in God's plan for me at all. I see the community I love and long to be there among them, and tonight my heart is sick at the thought that I might never be there. God is good always though, and I know that He is in control and ultimately working for my good, and the good and salvation of the world. He is Lord, and that's enough. Sometimes I have to remind my heart of that fact. So some prayers would be appreciated.
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    Kayte Postle

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    It's been a few since I've posted an update. Things in life are going well, and I will actually be moving to a new state and city by the end of the summer. I am so excited for this move and transition in life! I've needed a change for awhile, and things just lined up very nicely to make the move now. Still thinking about religious life, I wasn't able to visit the community I mentioned above. I think that it was divine providence that it happened that way. I am feeling called to a community that can't accept me with medication. I am really praying about being able to come off medication within the next year (which is what my doctor has been hoping for as well), and will revisit the idea of a vocation then. Until then I'm going to focus on praying, growing, settling into a new city, and paying off my student debt.
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    Sister Leticia

    Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate?

    Hello Jacinta and welcome to this forum! I was reading the age barrier thread and saw that you posted there, saying you are 48 years old. I'm pretty sure that even if these sisters are in a position to start accepting candidates again, that they probably have an upper age limit a lot lower than 48. So please, don't suspend your life and your discernment waiting for them to be able to invite you to visit, start discerning etc - it could be a long wait. Continue making contact with other communities, and follow some of the suggestions made on that other thread - your home may well lie there, and not with these sisters. Blessings on your journey!
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    Age Barrier

    Entering religious life in later life is complex and difficult, more so than entering in young adulthood. I speak as a former religious from a community that accepted older vocations from time to time, and my observations are my own and not necessarily representative of a particular community. One thing that is difficult about religious life, whatever age you're at, is not being able to make choices for yourself (beyond obviously the choice whether or not to remain in religious life). I have seen the extreme difficulty faced by older women in community who feel that based on their life experience they know best, only to have to obey their 30-year-old novice mistress. After 50 or 60 years of doing things a certain way, to switch to what someone else tells you to do is very challenging. Habits of speech, forms of prayer, ways of relating to others, coping mechanisms for the various frustrations of life -- all of these will be uprooted. Few people are psychologically, emotionally, physically, spiritually able to abandon the life they have spent half a century building and successfully adjust. Not that it is impossible, just rare. Based on my experience, as well as conversations with other former and current religious, many discerners have an unrealistic view of what the life entails, and while leaving religious life may be a difficult experience for a young person, it can be utterly devastating for an older person (who may have taken early retirement, sold significant assets, resigned from a job, interrupted contributions to a 401(k), or some other life-altering decision) and this can in addition significantly hamper the person's individual freedom in discernment. The documents of the second Vatican council made it clear that the vocation to holiness is a universal call for each person in the church. The profusion of third orders, societies of apostolic life, and new movements within the church speaks to me of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the laity. There is real Christian community, opportunity for growth in Christian life and charity, and a true and authentic form of life in imitation of Christ. It is easy to get caught up in romantic notions of religious life but this is like entering a marriage simply fantasizing about the day of the wedding. We have to be practical and realistic about our own limitations -- there is no merit in picking up the cross that looks to us like the biggest. Exercising our human freedom in an appropriate way requires prudence and self-knowledge (which includes candid knowledge of one's own limitations). I'm not trying to throw cold water on anyone's fire. I hope that older discerners will be encouraged by the possibility of a vocation within the church to a path of holiness that embraces all of the valuable experiences and gifts they possess already, that meets them in their lives as they are and encourages them to devote themselves wholeheartedly to Christ and his people.
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    Anastasia (L&T)

    Long rest of the week

    Hello, I am getting up in 5 hours for a day with a phone interview in the middle and a job application to be done after. Husband is having MRI in the morning. Trying to get stuff finished at work before I leave.
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    Sister Leticia

    Come & See in UK and Ireland

    I know there's already a thread listing discernment weekends and other events (thank you Luigi), but as there are dozens and dozens of them, mostly in the US, I fear the events in this country might get lost or drowned out, so to speak. Hence this new thread. These are the events being advertised on UK religious life website - http://www.ukreligiouslife.org/events/ And here's the Irish counterpart, though I think its events listing needs updating http://www.vocationsireland.com/category/news/
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    Healing prayer for my husband's lung cancer

    I pray to you O my Lord and ask for assistance. I pray that my husband's (Joseph Eduarte) another biopsy results are negative and I pray that he do not have cancer. I pray for your miraculous blessings and I pray for strength to help us get through the stress of waiting for the results. Thank you so much for everything! Thank you for always helping me, Lord, I thank you for the strength you give me everyday, I thank you for my beautiful family, my wonderful amazing husband. I thank you for the food we eat everyday, the house we live in, our good health, my solid marriage and the love I share with my family and friends. I know all this is possible because of you . Thank you!
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    Active vs Contemplative

    I began by discerning only active orders mostly because I wasn't familiar with cloistered life. Active religious life was all I had encountered. But the idea of cloisered life was always nagging in the back of my mind, even when I barely knew what it was. Later in my discernment I was given to understand that my vocation is to the cloiser, as I continued to develop my understanding of that vocation. In light of the Mystical Body of Christ, I understand the cloisters to be the heart of Holy Mother Church: hidden in Her inmost being, yet essential to the vitality of Her utmost extremities. I am currently in the process of applying for entrance to a certain cloistered community with which I have been discerning for some years. Pray for me!
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    Job interview

    I had an interview for a job today. Please pray for my success, if it is God's will for me to be there.
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    Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate?

    Echoing Sister Leticia. I may not have understood you correctly, but it sounds as if you haven't really interacted with these sisters much, you just saw them in the procession at Fatima. I don't think it's a good idea to pin all your hopes on a community whom you've only seen and haven't yet got to know. Definitely write to them, but also contact one or two other communities. If devotion to Mary is important to you, you could look for communities with a strong Marian spirituality. I only know one religious community in Boston and I'm not sure of their age limit, but if you got in touch with the diocese they should have a directory. God bless your discernment.
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    Peace on the Korean Peninsula

    Let us pray
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    Personal situation

    Please say a prayer to The Holy Spirit for me to inspire me on how to handle a difficult personal situation. It has me quite concerned. How I handle the situation could affect others. Thank you, fellow Phammers ....... and my prayer for you and your own intentions along with all on Phatmass, including any who are reading only.
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    Nihil Obstat

    I am going to be a dad

    We are expecting a baby girl this August. I am very excited.
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    Where has sin gone?

    If you follow the old school Catholic guidelines your life will be better, happier and with greater reward. You will have the greatest Quality of life that one can receive.
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    Update and prayer request

    I spent Pentecost with the community with which I'm a candidate, and during this visit the provincial and I decided which house I will go to for my postulancy. I will be living with sisters I already know. Please pray for me. Please also pray for the sister who accompanies me. She is a woman of deep prayer and I trust her insight, but a couple of things she said during this visit made me worry that she doesn't completely grasp how my disability affects me, even though we've talked about it at length. As the sisters do low-paid work that takes them among the poorest of local people, she suggested that during the first few months I could get a part-time job as a cleaner and bed-maker in a nearby hostel, where another sister also works. I don't have the physical capabilities for that and I was a bit concerned that I had to explain this to her, especially as I had to reject a similar proposal on my last visit. Then she was suggesting I could get a job waitressing in a café, which would be even worse - the last thing someone with bad balance and poor control of their limbs should be doing is carrying around hot drinks and fragile things in a bustling environment! The sister also asked me for the second time if I would be learning to drive, and I have already told her that medically I'm not allowed. I know that God equips the called rather than calling the equipped, but at the same time he does not design turtles to fly and I am not sure this sister realises quite how much of a turtle I am.
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    Anastasia (L&T)

    Job hunting

    Looking for something better, better paying, and healthier for me.
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    Job for my niece

    Please pray for my disabled niece who has applied for a few jobs and has interviews next week, that she may find a position. She has had arthritis for almost 27 years (since she was 3) and can only work part time because of her disabilities. Thank you - I will remember you all in my prayers too.
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    Sister Leticia

    Update and prayer request

    Dear Beatitude - congratulations on this confirmation of your next step on your journey. This is usually a time for joy and relief - but also a host of other feelings and anxieties, and all sorts of things to think/worry about and prepare for. I know that during your discernment and application you discussed your disability with the sisters. Did you also have any discussions with the Provincial or another sister about jobs you could do, which fit in with their charism and your capabilities? For example a return to care work, which I recall you used to do, and which is generally low paid. Or retail work eg on the checkout? Maybe she suggested the hostel and cafe because they know the owners or there are often vacancies, and they want you to be able to slot in quickly, instead of the uncertainty of job-hunting elsewhere? Blessings on this time - and my prayer of course, for you and the sister
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    A Facebook Post I Made About School And Guns

    While I agree with tighter restrictions and more accountability for gun ownership, I do not think guns are the reason people shoot up schools. Blaming guns for school shootings is doing harm by taking attention away from the underlying reason why these people are shooting up schools. Mental instability, immorality and the systematic devaluation of human life.
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    Where has sin gone?

    I think they are going to be very careful with each of these cases. Instead of one reaching decision, they are going to slowly laser beam each one as a way of keeping the gay lobby from losing their minds.
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    Church app

    There is one already called My Parish... you pick your parish, your church etc. It’s cool.
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    Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister

    Hello all! I am going to cut back on posting on Our Franciscan Fiat to once a week. I hope you'll still stop by. Also, if you want to comment here or there in the meantime toward the top, I won't argue. Thanks and have a great night!
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    Drop a word, keep a word (GIF edition)

    new car
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    Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister

    The Power of a Few Words Lately, I’ve been struggling with a troubling relationship. On top of the difficulty this poses, I was also feeling blamed for something I had nothing to do with. My time of prayer this morn…