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    Quick update

    Just a quick update: I had a meeting with my diocese's vocation director today to discuss my vocation discernment. He was super helpful. We talked about Consecrated Virginity and he said I would basically be the first in my diocese but that he would contact the Bishops office for me to see what the process might look like. He also gave me a couple of resources for finding a spiritual director. I'm glad that the meeting turned out to be fruitful!
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    Meeting with vocation director

    Hi All, I will be meeting with the vocation director for my diocese to discuss discerning a vocation to Consecrated Virginity! Please keep me in your prayers
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    A new chapter in my life

    After a 42 year nursing career, I retired today. While I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life it is a bit daunting. Some prayers for a peaceful transition would be much appreciated.
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    Kayte Postle

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    Hello Phatmass pham! It's been awhile since I've posted, but I've still been lurking. I've grown so much in the past year. I've moved to a new town, started a new job, found a new parish, and even found a spiritual director! There's been lots of healing and the Lord has worked just amazing yet simple things in my life. I'm plucking along in discernment and have deep draw and interest in one community, who I get to visit in just two short weeks! I'm very excited and a wee bit nervous, but I know the Lord will be right there alongside me the whole way. One thing I am thinking of is starting a video series about religious life, the discernment process in general, and my own discernment. I do video journals pretty regularly (though not as much as of late) and was wondering if sharing some of my journey would be helpful for others. What type of information would you hypothetically be interested in seeing or think would be helpful? I'm hoping to update this thread as things progress, but I ask that you all keep me in your prayers! Please pray especially for the weather in the next two weeks. I'll be driving to Michigan for the Come and See, and I'm particularly worried about the weather. Thanks pham, know that you all are in my prayers!
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    Jubilate Deo

    Urgent: for my grandmother, who's in the hospital

    We don't know what's wrong with her right now. Please pray that my grandmother will be all right and my mom (who drove her to the hospital) will be okay as well. She's tired and the roads are icy.
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    Jubilate Deo

    For Emily

    The man who fixed our internet today mentioned that his puppy, Emily, hasn't been well. Whatever was wrong with her is gone, but she still isn't acting right.
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    The Bus Station

    Postulancy! + Brother

    Hi Pham, God willing, I will begin postulancy with a community of Benedictine monks this September. Please pray for me that I will stay vigilant and focused during the next nine months - the devil will be keen on throwing many doubts and distractions my way. Thank you! I also ask for prayers for my brother and his fiancee as they prepare for marriage, and particularly my relationship with my brother during this time. Ours is not the best relationship and I anticipate having some uncomfortable but important conversations with him before the wedding. Thank you for your prayers pham -- it is always nice to know I can come here and ask for prayers from compassionate, charitable strangers (strangers for now, anyway)! God bless you!
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    Buddie Unwell/Thank you!

    Buddie went to the vet yesterday. The vet gave him a very thorough examination and said that there is nothing obviously seriously wrong. If in 4 days the diarrhoea has not ceased, I need to take over a sample and tests will need to be done. This morning, no diarrhoea at all! Buddie is on a diet for the next 4 days of bland chicken and rice, once the diarrhoea has ceased, I can then very gradually introduce him to his normal diet. There is no doubt at all in my mind that the prayers of Phatmassers must carry some weight since all my prayer requests to date have received a happy response. Thank you all! Relief is not quite the word! God bless and prayer for the intentions of all on Phatmass especially those who pray in our Prayer Forum. Fiat voluntas Tua. Laudate Dominum.
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    The short answer is no, men cannot be consecrated virgins. Or, to parse this out a little more, men can be "consecrated virgins" in the sense that they can be virgins and enter into some form of consecrated life, but they cannot be consecrated virgins in the technical sense of being part of the Ordo Virginum. The Rite of Consecration to a Life of Virginity is restricted to women, as is indicated by the Rite itself. Theologically, consecrated virginity is at its core a call to be a bride of Christ, which is an intrinsically feminine reality. Unlike religious life properly so-called (i.e., life lived according to a rule in community according to the spirituality of a founder) which as a general category is gender-neutral, there has never been a point in the Church's history when the consecration of virgins was an option for men. Because of this, I actually think that consecrated virginity can be thought of as sort of like a parallel to the all-male priesthood. Just as only men can image the masculine Christ through ordination, only women can image the Church as the feminine bride of Christ through the consecration of virgins.
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    For our Home

    Would you please keep us in prayer: our facility and all our needs. One special intention right now is for our Mass schedule- that we can find priests to offer Mass here for our residents. Thanks.
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    A Yearning Heart

    For going back to work

    It's nearly time for me to head back to work and there is so much work to do to prepare for it. Prayers that I can get it all done and be well prepared for the new term.
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    BUSHFIRE/My son & his wife

    My son interstate and his wife are not all that far from a bushfire burning out of control. They are also very close to a large bushland reserve at the rear of their property - it will be dreadful if that catches fire. Prayer very much appreciated as well as for all at risk in natural disaster areas. Fiat Voluntas Tua
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    Driving 450 miles tomorrow

    I'm packing up and leaving town. My extremely kind friend volunteered to drive me in his car there...but he's going to drive back the same day! Prayers for safe travels there and back - we will be affected by all the cold USA weather and a whole lot of snow. And prayers that he's protected from danger and stays alert during all 900 miles! Thanks.
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    X-Ray Updates

    After getting the radiologist's reports of my neck (cervical), lower back (lumbar), and pelvic x-rays, it has been discovered that I have 3 chronic conditions affecting my spine - loss of spinal lordosis in my lumbar region (aka "flat back" syndrome), degenerative disk disease in my neck and lumbar region, and osteoarthritis. Oddly, the only area that seems to be mostly unaffected is my pelvic area except for the top portion of my sacroiliac joint. I meet with my rheumatologist for the 2nd time on January 12th and will discuss treatment options for pain control and to prevent further damage as much as possible. I still have not completed the blood work she requested but I will do it this week. I also bought some hemp CBD oil today at my natural food store to try for my chronic conditions - anxiety, depression, nausea, chronic pain, etc. I plan to try it later today to see if I feel OK since I have the day off tomorrow. Please say some prayers that it works so I can get some much needed rest that actually refreshes me.
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    Buddie Unwell

    Buddie woke me this morning at 4am and this has never happened before - he usually likes his bed more than I do. He is still awake at 5.14am and mopey. He is back to diarrhoea after I thought he was coming good. It is stained with blood. I will ring my brother after 9am to see if we can get him in to see the vet. I am quite concerned for Buddie and hoping it might be nothing too serious. I now feel I should have got him to the vet sooner, but I did think he was coming good. My hope is he is not suffering too much until I can get him in to the vet. He has an excellent vet. Thank you for a prayer. Fiat voluntas Tua
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    Brother/financial pressure

    My brother and his wife are facing financial pressures (both are professionals, my brother retired) with the latter's family home needing to be sold; however, the extensive land and house have been assessed as historical meaning there are limitations on any alterations to the property and this is hindering sale. The property has been for sale for over a year. They now need to pay $43,000 every year in land tax. The whole story which includes their amazing unselfish generosity to me is HERE Please add a prayer for Buddie my little dog who is unwell. Please pray that the property will be sold and once again thank you very much, Pham, including for Buddie. Prayer for your own intentions.
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    Traveling on Christmas

    Hello, and Merry Christmas! I will be spending most of Christmas Day en route to London, where I will be studying for a couple of weeks. This is my first time traveling overseas, and I am very, very nervous. Please pray that my trip goes safely and smoothly.
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    A Yearning Heart

    Prayers for the lonely this Christmas

    Please keep in your prayers all those who have a difficult time during the Christmas season, especially those who are alone or who have fractured family relationships. On a practical level, maybe try to check in on neighbours who may live on their own and see how they're going.
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    2017 Entrances, Vows, and Ordinations

    I probably shouldn't leave out myself...lol. It's not an entrance! Just a week-long visit, but it's the first one, and it's been a long road to get to this point. It's in two and a half weeks from now. I am open to it not being my vocation, but I'm also entirely open to being snared like a fly. Please pray for me!
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    2017 Entrances, Vows, and Ordinations

    In December, the Poor Clares in Barhamsville, VA, clothed a new novice (scroll down to the end of the 1/15 post): http://quiltsandcanvases.blogspot.com/
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    Impediment to religious life?

    Interesting that you post this as we read the Sunday's reading from St Paul on fornication and our bodies! (UK missal) Community to community- it all varies. I think practising chastity for two/ three years before entering is generally the rule, but I'm not certain of the technicalities in that. However, I do know people who have had massive conversions in their late 20s or 30s that have led them to religious life and they have been previously cohabiting. It's about your conversion and your life as lived on the discernment journey! You can only live out of your own experience. As regards an abusive family... it depends on how much healing you've undergone and whether or not there was psychological abuse or illnesses stemming from that abuse. There is no blanket rule- discernment of the Lord's call always varies from person to person. Also formation is different for everyone so of course you'll have to pass a psychological assessment and speak to the vocations director about it all and about how you've dealt with the abuses. However, if the Lord has made you for religious life, there may be barriers to overcome but, God provides! And He will guide your path and those directing your path. It is sometimes thought that entering religious life is an "escape" from your tenuous family background. But if you've shown that you can life independently and lead a life that it unattached to an abusive home, then it's not an escape.. because you've already 'escaped'! It's not to a convent/monastery that one should be running to if they're trying to 'escape' anyway!
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    Anastasia (L&T)

    Stress and medical tests

    I have some medical tests coming up. Also work is busy plus changed a bit and is stressful. I feeling discouraged and could use a win.
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    Apostate Vatican II Antipopes praise and practice false religions

    I’m worse than that. Pope Francis just named me a Dame Commander in the Order of St. Sylvester. That’s a Papal Knighthood. I’m a sword carrying Ninja in the Pope’s Legion of Doom. I’m legally allowed to ride a horse in St. Peter’s Square. I’m one of the horsemen of the apocalypse to weirdos like you.
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    Obgyn And Convent?

    As a retired nurse-midwife, I am sure that any community of women has and is dealing with a variety of gynecology problems. This isn't the Middle Ages, after all. Hormonal birth control pills are used for a variety of other conditions besides contraception, such as PCOS, menorrhagia and metrorrhagia, severe side effects of menopause, acne. Metformin is a major medication for type 2 diabetes as well as some other medical and GYN conditions. It's also inexpensive. I wouldn't worry about disclosing your medical history.
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    Well, I had quite the busy week! I had my first ever rheumatology appointment which went pretty well but I'm still not sure what I think of this doctor. I didn't get that good feeling when I saw her but I'm giving her a chance. If I don't feel comfortable, I can always go for a second opinion. She ordered a plethora of blood work and 2 x-ray series of my lower back and pelvis. I had my neck series done the same day before the appointment so I am waiting for the radiologist's consult on it which will most likely be this upcoming week. I'm praying that I don't have any autoimmune disorders, but I would like some firm, concrete answers so I know exactly what I am dealing with and I, likewise, want a solid treatment plan. I'm thinking, from the reading I did, that it's chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia with some mild arthritis in my neck (I saw narrowing of some of the foramen in my neck which compresses nerves; the chiropractor I saw diagnosed me with cervical radiculopathy, so it fits). Anyway, I hope I have updates soon. I'll see the rheumatologist again in less than 3 weeks. Also, the interview did NOT go well at all - it was nothing I did. I went there after a third party recruiter submitted my information and resume to the company. She thought I was exactly what they were looking for. However, when I spoke to the ADON, she basically stated that I was supposed to "marry this job" and they were looking for someone not interested in further advancement opportunities - that is NOT suitable for me since I'm going for nursing starting in the Spring. I was horribly upset and confused and I told the recruiter that she needed to consult with them because they are looking for someone specific. At least I still have my job, but this interview left me dazed and shaken to the point where I am not sure I want to go on any further interviews. It might be a good thing because I still have FMLA and I have flexibility with my schedule to allow for doctors' appointments so I think I may halt the job search for a while, at least.
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    Sister Leticia

    Sad News of Sr Faith

    I too remember Faith's journey very well. When I first came across this forum, almost by accident, she was visiting Notting Hill. I remember a very long thread, which ended with her eventual entry. So my prayers are with her, and all those who have loved her, especially as her death appears to have been such a shock (despite her illness) Beatitude - if your heart bursts whenever you look at the Christmas present then put it away. Maybe one day you will be able to reclaim it as Faith's final, physical Christmas gift to you. Or maybe you will one day meet someone to whom you know you can give it - and Faith, who longed to give all and live a life of Carmelite austerity would surely be very happy for "her" gift to be given away. But for now, in the rawness of grieving, you don't need to spend time dwelling on it. And a thought: perhaps you could ask Faith's family if they would like you to inform NH and her previous Carmel about her death? Or just do it? It's one less thing for the family to do, and it would also mean that they will undoubtedly be prayed for, and know that they are being held in prayer. (And if you don't have the convents' contact details, they have websites and FB pages, so messages will get to them) Hugs and blessings...
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    For My Book and My Parents

    My publisher wants the first draft of my manuscript by 4th January. I'm stalling with it. Please pray for me to finish it in time, and for God to bless the work and accomplish good things with it. Please pray for my parents, especially my dad. It's the first Christmas since my nana died (his mother). There has been a lot of trouble and spite in the family over her will, and as my dad was the executor, he has had to deal with it all. He rarely complains, but I know he feels hurt by how some of our relatives have behaved. Pray for the relatives too, that God may make us all compassionate and generous to one another.
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    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    Marbury also had a Solemn profession, Sr. Mary Thomas, on January 3, 2018. http://www.marburydominicannuns.org/solemn-profession-sister-mary-thomas/
  29. 2 points

    I'm back, phor those who care.

    Well Ladies and Gents, It's been a LONG time since I've been on PM 2014ish I think, so I'm sure there are some new names around. I'll be stopping by more phrequently again hopefully and enjoying the community. For those who do remember me, I'm in my 1st Theology year of the Seminary now and things are going well. -PAX
  30. 2 points

    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    Sr. Mary Rose of the Pure Heart, O.P. made her First Profession on January 13, 2018 at the Dominican monastery in Marbury, AL: https://www.marburydominicannuns.org/sister-mary-rose-first-profession/
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    A Weekend to Remember…[13] Years Later

    I know discussions come up here, from time to time, about parents and religious life. Today as I mark the 13 year anniversary of my parents taking me to the convent 'for good,' I thought I'd share my dad's reflection which he wrote for our blog: https://ourfranciscanfiat.wordpress.com/2016/01/16/a-weekend-to-remember-eleven-years-later/
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    MLK day

    "All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." -- Martin Luther King Jr.
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    Sister Leticia

    Impediment to religious life?

    Welcome! There are three separate issues here. Firstly, previous sexual experience and/or cohabitation are not barriers to religious life. If a congregation says they are, then would they also say that earning and spending a lot of money is a barrier because the person might struggle with poverty, or being in a senior position at work is a barrier because the person might struggle with obedience? Would they really say that God is unable to enter someone's life and captivate them so much that they are willing to give up things (and people) they previously enjoyed? No, surely not! And if a congregation does say this, then don't spend your time knocking on their door. Secondly, is the issue of coming from an abusive family. As Lou has already said, it really is a question of how [much] the individual was affected; what healing may have happened; how the person's history of abuse affects their ability to form relationships, to trust, to deal with difficulties etc; and the person's capacity for continued growth and healing. Most orders will ask candidates to have a psychological assessment, which will help to flag up potential areas of concern, and where and how support might be needed. And the third issue is where you say "I was told that communities wouldn't want to accept... in case they would be running away from their family". I've never heard that as THE concern about people from abusive backgrounds (especially if the person is an adult and has already been living independently, as you must have been). Concerns are more likely to be about how much a person would be able to live in community, to be loving, able to relate in simplicity and trust, not to be forever fearful of authority figures and so on. So who told you this? Was it the vocations director of a religious order? Or someone who you think knows about these things, but maybe they don't? Beware of believing people who sound authoritative and as if they're experts when maybe they're not - and beware, therefore, of worrying so much about what they've said that you don't move forward. Blessings on your discernment, and your searching
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    A Yearning Heart

    For my other Mum who's dying

    Prayers for my biological Mum please Pham. We've only reconnected about 5 years ago and had a rocky time connecting. Mum was diagnosed with a lung disease around 3 years ago and has suddenly worsened over the last few days to the stage of being put into palliative care today, with possibly not long to live. Prayers for a peaceful end in the mercy of God for her journey to eternal life.
  35. 2 points

    Obgyn And Convent?

    One thing that should be considered is how a religious woman (or community) would like to live their vow of poverty. Women in poverty do not have access to medical care, tests, treatments and the like - including this very country. I have actually known some religious (active) Sisters who chose to "give" their entire selves to God and to accept whatever may be. That being said, for the majority of us here, who do live in the United States, many believe that we have an obligation to care for our bodies in the same way we care for others, the earth, whatever has been given into our care. It is true that we do have amazing access to medical care and preventive care is really important; for the mission of the community as well as the financial stewardship of the community as well. If a woman had breast cancer and it was untreated (let's say it could have been easily removed through a lumpectomy) and then metastasized into crippling bone cancer, the resources of the community - both financially as well as physically - now rest on the community itself to help this woman as she faces the consequences (could be very complicated) of her metastasized cancer. A Sister who is in this state could obviously need pain medication, help with simple duties, etc., all of which - depending upon the community, could either be very expensive or time consuming. So while it might sound "faith-filled" to give one's health issues to God, if one is really intent upon entering a community, one must consider how their choices might affect others. Lastly, nobody likes preventive health care visits. If one is really concerned about this, and about to enter a community, and is lucky enough to have medical care offered to them, I suggest that you graciously accept the doctor's appointment as a steward of the body God gave you in an effort to be a healthy member of the community. Imagine if you were later diagnosed with something that could have been prevented, you refused and now are a burden on the community you had originally hoped to bolster.
  36. 2 points

    Pick correct answer on Church Dogma (Answer is obvious)

    I didn’t learn about that ex cathedra in theology school. What do you care if other Christians go to Heaven?
  37. 2 points

    Female Active Augustinian Communities

    Of course, all Dominicans follow the Augustinian rule. There are a lot of congregations that do so, so my suggestion would be to research communities that seem otherwise attractive and then see if they follow that rule. Another approach would be to specify what it is about Augustinian spirituality that appeals to you and then find communities that reflect these spiritual characteristics.
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    Not A Mallard

    It's Saturday!

  39. 2 points

    Upcoming Come & See Weekends

    Trappistine Cistercians in Ireland (nuns) http://www.glencairnabbey.org/news/story/events/event1/ February 9th- 11th and Trappist Cistercians in Ireland (monks) Feb 5th- 7th https://www.facebook.com/Mount-Melleray-Abbey-194520840614364/
  40. 2 points

    Apostate Vatican II Antipopes praise and practice false religions

    Seconding this. Phatmass is loyal to the Magisterium. This thread is also suspiciously troll-like. For that reason it's locked. You do not join a forum to start calling people heretics.
  41. 2 points

    Apostate Vatican II Antipopes praise and practice false religions

    Congratulations Dame Catherine! And thank you for your service to the Holy Father.
  42. 2 points

    Apostate Vatican II Antipopes praise and practice false religions

    VIVA PAPA!!!
  43. 2 points

    Another year gone, another goal?

    Finish downsizing our extra bedrooms to make room for adopting some more kids.
  44. 2 points

    Sad News of Sr Faith

    There is a New Year retreat down in London that I wanted to go to, but as the accommodation is always basic (retreatants camp on the floor of whichever school or parish hall has been hired for the event) I decided against it - nights are the worst time for me and I was concerned that I would disturb other retreatants if I were to cry. Then I got a phone call out of nowhere from one of the Little Sisters of Jesus, and in her usual extremely forthright way, with barely a pause to say hello, she went, "You will sleep in the community and have your own room, and every day we will go to the retreat. Do not worry. I will come with you." The LSJ know I love that retreat. I was so touched that they had remembered, and they'd realised without my saying anything that I would find it hard to participate this year. If I had to choose one sentence to sum up the Incarnation, that "I will come with you" would be it. Another thing the sister said to me was, repeated two or three times, was, "She is working for you." I think it's true. Various practical difficulties I was experiencing with my work and life in general have suddenly been resolved, and the manner in which they were resolved makes it hard not to suspect the involvement of Faith. My publisher is expecting my manuscript by 4 January. When I got the news that she was gone I just froze and thought I would never be able to deliver it on time. I'm sure Faith herself would have other ideas. She used to press on with whatever she was doing even when she was dreadfully unwell. I broke out of my freeze-frame by opening the cover page and adding her name to the dedication. After that I could write again, and if I say it myself, this book will be good. As she used to say, "God is good, all the time."
  45. 2 points

    It’s Christmas, But Do I Need this Gift?

    From Our Franciscan Fiat There can be a temptation to become lax about receiving gifts as Sisters, a inclination to automatically accept and store away item received. I realize, though, that a more careful reading of our directives should push me away from this. I have accepted a life of poverty in imitation of Christ, born in a poor stable. I have chosen to leave behind cultural tendencies to accumulate goods. Our provincial directives as Dillingen Franciscans in the U.S. guide us: Gifts– money or otherwise– are reported (shown) to the Superior. If the Sister needs the gift, she asks for it; otherwise, she turns it in to a common fund… Receiving gifts can almost become a bit of a burden. It takes prayerful thought to decide: Do I really need this? What should I do with it in light of my vows and our directives? Sometimes, I have received things that neither I nor the ‘common fund’ are in need of. What to do then?…stash it away in the common cupboard, I guess, until we come up with a worthy cause. (Some such items have become prizes for our residents or gifts for the annual employee party.) I am happy when a gift received is practical and is something for which I truly have a need. Last evening was such a time. I was given a box which had been hidden away, left by my parents at their last visit in late October. I opened it, wondering what it might hold, and hoping it would not cause dilemmas delineated above. To my delight, the box contained, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar and baking chips, all which I can certainly use for baking cookies with our residents. In preparing to write this post, I searched our directives for occurrences of the word “gift.” It was interesting how often, in fact, it was found. Most of these, however, were in reference to non-material gifts. We are to share the gifts God has given us. Whatever I have, whether material, spiritual, or otherwise, I am to be thankful for and willingly share with others.
  46. 2 points

    Two Poor Clare Monasteries Becoming One

    I was just checked on the religiousministeries.com website (not always accurate, but usually pretty good), and it states that Aptos has 4 solemn professed and 1 perpetual profession (presumably an extern). The Los Altos community has 22. Don't know anything more than that, though.
  47. 2 points

    Sad News of Sr Faith

    If anyone would like to give to charity in memory of Faith, she was helped by a breathing charity called NARA, whose staff were so lovely and kind to her. Without them she would have been in hospital far more frequently than she was. Another charity is Inclusive Skating, which helps people with disabilities and illness to get involved in ice sports. Faith was a figure-skater herself in the days before she got so ill.
  48. 2 points

    2017 Entrances, Vows, and Ordinations

    The Benedictines of Perpetual Adoration in northwestern Missouri recently received a postulant. Their Facebook page says: Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration added 4 new photos. December 2 at 5:35pm · Please join us in congratulating Elizabeth, who entered our postulancy today! Also, please keep her in your prayers as she continues her discernment journey. And thank you for your prayers for vocations. The Lord is listening!
  49. 2 points

    Interview Tomorrow and Health Issues

    The phone interview went VERY well on Monday evening and I was notified yesterday by the recruiter that the HR director wants to move forward and meet me in person. My formal interview is tomorrow at 2pm and I am very excited! If I get this position, I will be making $7 more per hour than I am right now which is a HUGE deal. My commute to and from work will be much shorter so I am really praying that I get this position if it's the right fit. Not sure if I will be extended a job offer tomorrow or if they will call me back later. Say some prayers that the interview goes well! Also, my first appointment with the rheumatologist is tomorrow. I have a neck x-ray set up before the appointment due to my chronic neck pain. My new PCP thought we should test for osteoarthritis or any other abnormalities. I also have my follow-up GI appointment at 3:45pm since I'm still having abdominal cramping and other issues. I have the whole day off tomorrow, so I'm going to be very busy!
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    mary wimberley


    Marriage reconciliation: Pray that Becky will soften her heart towards William and allow him back into her home.