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    I'ma get married

    Sometime in 2020. Yep
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    Life Update

    Hello, phriends! It's been a really long time since I've last posted on here. I'm not really sure if any of the old guard are still on here, but just in case, I wanted to have a life update and see how everyone else is doing. So much has happened that I'm not sure what to put. I am still in seminary. I'm almost halfway done with junior year, which is going by way faster than it seems the past years have. I'm currently assisting and teaching RCIA at a parish in Dallas for my pastoral assignment this year, which is going well. Also, my beard has progressed to a satisfactory level. ...Somehow I can't really think of anything else to add. Ask me questions and I'll fill in the gaps. How is life going for you?
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    Kayte Postle

    Plane Ticket and Retreat

    Hello Pham, I am discerning religious life with a specific community. I am scheduled to go on retreat with them for a week starting on Dec 9th. However I've been struggling financially and don't have the funds for a plane ticket there. I also picked up an extra job that might not let me take the time off for retreat. Please pray that the money will come for the plane ticket there, and that I can get the time off to go. Thanks, and I'll be praying for you all!
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    I'ma get married

    he sounds ok.
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    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    Sr. Laetitia of the Barhamsville Poor Clares made her first profession of vows this past Wednesday, November 21. http://pcheartponderings.blogspot.com/2018/11/sister-laetitias-first-profession.html
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    How can I know what my vocation is?

    Wow, your story could be mine! Feeling lost is pretty normal; if you didnt feel any turmoil I would be worried. Trying to figure out what God wants is hard but -- You can be 100% certain that God wants you to be happy and holy. There are a lot of different ways you could become those things, but as you consider the options rest knowing that you cannot screw it up. Sometimes we are like preschoolers inconsolable because we have peed our pantaloons and think we've ruined the day out. And then God sighs heavily and brings out the plastic pantaloons. Love me the plastic pantaloons. Day out saved. In all seriousness. One way to see Gods will is to try to cultivate perfect indifference in yourself regarding your vocation. This is hard because usually we have an attraction one way or the other and actually that attraction can be a good sign of where we should test the waters first. But in my experience when you can cultivate that resignation to the divine will, that's when the door swings open into Gods calling for your life.
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    Ash Wednesday

    Life Update

    Glad to hear you're still in seminary. I will pray for you. I just became a dual US-UK citizen this week!
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    Bipolar episode

    A prayer please and thank you..........Phatmass prayers are very effective for me. Struggling just now with a bipolar episode and am in contact with my doctor. I have written more into the "Private Vows in the Laity/Spirituality" thread in Open Mic ...... HERE I pray daily for Phatmass members and Administration (dUSt and Moderators), especially those asking for and needing prayers. Father is coming tomorrow morning with Holy Communion
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    A.R.R. ..........

    This is a really good little video on prayer generally - 8.38mins. It is certainly not only for priests or religious: I am a fan of Fr. Mike and his quite short videos on seemingly endless topics.
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    Why is the Phorum Mostly Dead?

    I blame Pope Francis. No seriously. I think being an orthodox Catholic was more fun and less confusing before PF. He thinks we are poo in some ways and he tells us that. Hey, he has the prophetic charisma and who said we are supposed to be comfortable? But yeah ... I think for many faithful Catholics who want to love the Pope, e.g. phatmass'core audience, PF stresses them out. orthodox Catholicism isn't easy to navigate rn. Hard to know what to think or say. The other reason is that some of phatmass' core group got older and frankly is no longer so hard core. Some rejected the Church teaching on sexuality. Not naming names but these were major players. Once things stop getting responded to every day, people stop checking every day. Vicious cycle. Another reason is that there was I think an attempt to move phatmass into Facebook. I know there was a big reorganization of the site to make it mobile friendly. It didnt go smoothly and frankly I think the rumors of message board declines were greatly exaggerated. Lots of message boards are going stronger than ever . The move to mobile was absolutely necessary tho. I think it took time to work kinks out and in the meantime some members gave up their phix. Lastly I left. I am the sustaining life force of many organizations so... no me no we. Lol. Just kidding. But I had a stink with a moderator so I left for ... years I think. Also cam you write a tutorial about posting images on the phorum. Because its effin hard to figure
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    I'ma get married

    long engagements . . . I don't know. We still both live at home with our original nuclear families. So just figuring out how to support ourselves, where we're gonna live, what the careers will be, some last things that we want to do before we get married that will be hard/irresponsible to do with a family. I mostly want him to get his debts paid off or at least significantly dented. My credit score is too fly for that. Yeah maybe it's not a "good Catholic" thing to And yeah I haven't been posting around here too often because it's not as poppin' in here and I had a full-time, draining job. Now I'm per diem so no benefits but I can more or less make my own hours. Anyway, I met him on Catholicmatch. He's a city boy from Boston, I live in MA but am not from the city and like to keep city life at a distance. He is really into tech stuff (computers, video games) and he currently works as an assistive technology specialist for people with all types of disabilities. He's autistic. He told me that on the first date and I was kind of taken aback. I had some prejudicial thoughts that I'm not too proud of but decided to give him a shot. And I'm really glad I did because he's super sweet, caring, affectionate, and a total dork. We have wonderful conversations and he's always down to try new things. He is devoted to the holy family, St Joseph in particular and I admire how he practices his faith. He's black, Haitian to be exact. (I'm 100% white btw. 23andme confirmed this). It's funny because most people I was matching with on Catholic Match were not white. I wasn't looking for it, but hey. Our cultures are a little different, but nothing insurmountable. My family loves him. I guess the last girl's family he dated had a problem with her bringing home a black guy so he was a little nervous to meet my folks, but they welcomed him. He really loved my nana (she lived with my family for the past 8 years, and recently passed away last month). He did get to ask her for her blessing while she was dying, and she had enough strength to understand and respond to him so that was nice. He makes me very happy
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    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to focus on becoming healthier, spiritually, mentally and physically. From your posts it sounds like you have had a rough time recently with your health which also will affect your mental and spiritual state. Trying to discern right now can be hard. Things can get confusing and you may miss subtle hints or that still small voice which is trying to guide you. What you may think is a "no" right now may mean "not right now" or "not here". Let yourself quiet down a bit and then really listen. In my own discernment I wanted (and still do to a certain extent) to know where I am called and then just go there. However the Lord is very kind and extremely merciful in that he told me "not yet". I'm a bit stubborn so He had to have someone literally out loud directly tell me that. Seriously the exact words were "Not right now". Which may sound like a no but I am now coming to realize that I'm not ready yet. There are some wounds that still need time to heal and things I need to work on. The Lord does not want you to enter and then leave because of some wound. He wants to heal you and that takes time. It is hard to hear that "not right now" or "not yet". I sobbed when I was told that. Yet in the past few months I stepped back from discernment a bit and focused on my spiritual life and allowing Him in to heal my wounds. And now that my heart is a bit quieter I am starting to hear that "still small voice" that is guiding me on my discernment. I am much more at peace and even though I don't know where all this is heading I know I am with the Lord and He is guiding me. I pray that you will also be able to hear His Voice and follow Him.
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    In Thanksgiving

    I pray in thanksgiving for prayers answered after many stressful months. It's not a completely done deal, but may God remove any obstacles that may lie in the way.
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    Francis Clare

    Monks Of Adoration Suppressed

    Caution here, people! Why did this just pop up out of nowhere from a 1st time poster in response to a thread 11 years old. Just sayin....it's happened before. My antennas are on "high alert"!
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    Ash Wednesday

    Life Update

    LOL, I left America and moved to England. I was born American. My home state had better natural beauty, but England has great churches.
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    My mother in hospital

    My lovely wonderful mother is in hospital. She had a heart attack this morning. The doctors say the surgery was successful and they think she will be OK, but she needs further tests and possibly another surgery. Please pray for her and for all our family.
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    Life Update

    Hello! Good to see you again! So, if you go in without a bachelor's degree, then you have 4 years of philosophy at one seminary, then move to another for 4 years of theology, getting ordained a deacon at the beginning of your last year and then ordained a priest once you've graduated. All in all, 8 years. Unless your diocese hates you, of course, in which case you take a pastoral year at a parish six or seven years in or so, making it 9 years. That's not even to mention those poor buffoons blessed souls () chosen to study at Rome who get advanced degrees and take even longer than that. But luckily my diocese sends no one to Rome, so I don't have to worry about that. Luckily, my diocese does not hate me, so it's only 8 years in total for me, with 2 1/2 down. Currently I'm at Holy Trinity in Irving, Texas, which has its classes through the University of Dallas, which normally I am grateful for and proud of but am currently rather meh about because of this 12 page philosophy paper I have to write for 2 books we neither read nor went over in class... Presuming I pass that class, in a year and a half my diocese my diocese will ship me off either to Kenrick Glennon in Saint Louis or Mundelein in Chicago. I'm kind of strongly hoping for Mundelein and will make that known when asked in a year, but I recognize my value and will be grateful that my bishop sends me anywhere at all.
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    It's Saturday!

    It's Saturday!! And Feast of Christ the King.
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    Curious to see what others think

    Uruguay; the age of consent is 15. He was caught with a rent boy. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/vaticancityandholysee/10191600/Popes-eyes-and-ears-in-Vatican-bank-had-string-of-homosexual-affairs.html When these things were exposed, the Pope stood by his appointee. Although the mans behavior was notorious. I personally feel very few qualms about judging the behavior of priests who break their vow of celibacy with adolescent boys.
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    How can I know what my vocation is?

    The overwhelming majority of people have quite enough to do, just loving God and neighbour. I'm not being flippant. Remain faithful to your religious practise, but don't worry about a vocation. That tends to develop on its own - without dwelling on this. For example, my parents were utterly devoted to one another, very much in love, very responsible with their family. My mother was devout, but she hadn't done anything special to discern a vocation - it just happened that they fell in love and married (and that was a vocation.) I cannot even explain my own consecrated life - it just turned out being what I was born to do (and I had graduate degrees before a vowed life even entered my mind.) Dwelling on looking for a divine word about vocation now will only cause you anxiety. Most vocations just grow out of day to day living.
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    Life Update

    a foolish person chunnp chum p
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    In my opinion, without a doubt, it is the printing press. Printing books quickly and cheaply allowed the documentation and dissemination of human knowledge. That allowed the exponential growth in the body of human knowledge as we weren’t limited to mostly verbal knowledge for the majority of people.
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    Update Sister-in-law wants to become a Catholic

    Thank you for all your prayers - our sister in law Fran will be received into the church and receive her first Communion this Sunday 25 November. Please pray for us all - it is a beautiful outcome but bittersweet that her husband our late brother, and her late sister (also a convert) who died 3 months ago will not be with us. My husband and I are her sponsors - in their place. We will truly experience the Comminion of Saints. i will pray for you too at our Mass.
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    Sister Mary Catharine's Silver Jubilee

    Photos of Sister Mary Catharine's Silver Jubilee celebration: https://www.summitdominicans.org/blog/ Sister offered a wealth of information here on VS when she was vocation director of the Dominicans in Summit, NJ.
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    A fire enkindled once again

    The arrival of five Carmelite sisters from the Philippines will enable the re-founding of Hawaii’s monastery By Patrick Downes Hawaii Catholic Herald Hawaii’s new Carmelites Here are brief profiles of the five Carmelite Sisters coming from the Philippines to join the Carmel of the Holy Trinity at St. Stephen Diocesan Center. The first three are arriving Nov. 26. The last two plan to be in Hawaii early next year. Information and profiles are by Carmelite Sister Mary Bernard of Carmel of St. Therese of the Child Jesus in Quezon City, Metro Manila, who helped recruit them. Sister Mary Angelica of God the Father, OCD Birth name: Angelica Belen Guevarra Age: 46 Monastery: Carmelite Monastery, Lipa City (two hours by car from Manila) Profile: “A graduate of the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, and was pursuing a master’s degree in psychology when she joined Carmel. She is the sweet and sober type.” Sister Assumpta John Theresa of the Risen Christ, OCD Birth name: Marinit Macapanas Age: 37 Monastery: Carmel of St. Therese, Quezon City, Metro-Manila Profile: “A teacher in the secondary level; she is the street-smart type, who can deal with any situation.” Sister Mary Francis of Jesus Crucified, OCD Birth name: Beatriz Apordo Age: 42 Monastery: Cagayan de Oro Carmel, Cagayan de Oro City (two hours by plane from Manila) Profile: “The quiet type, but when she talks it will hit you between the eyes.” Sister Mary Elizabeth of the Trinity, OCD Birth name: Verna Liza Sedo Age: 44 Monastery: Carmel of Mati, Mati City, Davao Oriental (three hours by car to Davao City airport, plus two hours by plane to Manila) Profile: “A professional catechist, so easy to get along with.” Sister Ann Therese of the Immaculate Heart, OCD Birth name: Rowena Mae Carmona Ocampo Age: 45 Monastery: Carmel of Davao, Davao City, Davao Occidental (two hours by plane to Manila) Profile: “A graduate of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, with a degree of fine arts in interior design. She is a pleasant personality who takes her Carmelite life seriously.”