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    Kayte Postle

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    It's been a few since I've posted an update. Things in life are going well, and I will actually be moving to a new state and city by the end of the summer. I am so excited for this move and transition in life! I've needed a change for awhile, and things just lined up very nicely to make the move now. Still thinking about religious life, I wasn't able to visit the community I mentioned above. I think that it was divine providence that it happened that way. I am feeling called to a community that can't accept me with medication. I am really praying about being able to come off medication within the next year (which is what my doctor has been hoping for as well), and will revisit the idea of a vocation then. Until then I'm going to focus on praying, growing, settling into a new city, and paying off my student debt.
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    Introducing... Yet Another Crazy Discerning Person

    Thought I'd chime in here.... I've been stalking the phorum for a couple of weeks and finally caved in and joined the fun. I'm an 18 year old, on my way into the RC Church from conservative Lutheranism. (LCMS) My Dad has always loved retreating at Gethsemane and New Melleray Abbeys (Trappist) and I've admired the religious life from a distance for a long time. I was actually in communication with the SOL about a year and a half ago, trying to convince them to let a Lutheran into their ranks. They sweetly told me that I needed to find my way into the Catholic church first. And then I basically got mad and stormed off..... This year, in the wake of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, I un-reformed. Through reading Scott Hahn, the Suprised by Truth Series and about another couple hundred books, I read my way home and into the arms of the Catholic church. LOrd willing, I will be Catholic this upcoming Easter Vigil. Until then, I'm attending daily mass, and reading, and.... ok, I'm a bookworm. Mostly reading all the catholic books at the library. And then one day Dad sweetly said "You know, if you're becoming Catholic, you can be a nun." Hey wait! He's right! So now I have joined the ranks of the crazy faithful. I'm signed up for the retreat at DSMME and I'm not patiently waiting for Nashville to respond to my email. And I'm going to be hanging out here a lot. So, here's to a introdution that somehow ended up longer than I planned.
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    Healing prayer for my husband's lung cancer

    I pray to you O my Lord and ask for assistance. I pray that my husband's (Joseph Eduarte) another biopsy results are negative and I pray that he do not have cancer. I pray for your miraculous blessings and I pray for strength to help us get through the stress of waiting for the results. Thank you so much for everything! Thank you for always helping me, Lord, I thank you for the strength you give me everyday, I thank you for my beautiful family, my wonderful amazing husband. I thank you for the food we eat everyday, the house we live in, our good health, my solid marriage and the love I share with my family and friends. I know all this is possible because of you . Thank you!
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    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    I tend to agree with you, but not for the same reasons. To me, any order using the term "slaves" or "victims" in its name makes me uneasy; it seems unhealthy, somehow, masochistic. However, one man's floor is another man's ceiling....
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    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    The PCPAs of Hanceville AL have a new postulant, Sr. Julianna: http://www.olamnuns.com/blog/169-welcome-sr-julianna
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    Personal situation

    Please say a prayer to The Holy Spirit for me to inspire me on how to handle a difficult personal situation. It has me quite concerned. How I handle the situation could affect others. Thank you, fellow Phammers ....... and my prayer for you and your own intentions along with all on Phatmass, including any who are reading only.
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    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    I live close to these sisters and have visited for Mass etc. They seem like lovely people, but their order and their brother order (and surrounding community) are not very diverse and, as a person of color, their name is off-putting as is their general lack of insight as to why it may be off-putting.
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    Update and prayer request

    I spent Pentecost with the community with which I'm a candidate, and during this visit the provincial and I decided which house I will go to for my postulancy. I will be living with sisters I already know. Please pray for me. Please also pray for the sister who accompanies me. She is a woman of deep prayer and I trust her insight, but a couple of things she said during this visit made me worry that she doesn't completely grasp how my disability affects me, even though we've talked about it at length. As the sisters do low-paid work that takes them among the poorest of local people, she suggested that during the first few months I could get a part-time job as a cleaner and bed-maker in a nearby hostel, where another sister also works. I don't have the physical capabilities for that and I was a bit concerned that I had to explain this to her, especially as I had to reject a similar proposal on my last visit. Then she was suggesting I could get a job waitressing in a café, which would be even worse - the last thing someone with bad balance and poor control of their limbs should be doing is carrying around hot drinks and fragile things in a bustling environment! The sister also asked me for the second time if I would be learning to drive, and I have already told her that medically I'm not allowed. I know that God equips the called rather than calling the equipped, but at the same time he does not design turtles to fly and I am not sure this sister realises quite how much of a turtle I am.
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    Anastasia (L&T)

    Job hunting

    Looking for something better, better paying, and healthier for me.
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    Job for my niece

    Please pray for my disabled niece who has applied for a few jobs and has interviews next week, that she may find a position. She has had arthritis for almost 27 years (since she was 3) and can only work part time because of her disabilities. Thank you - I will remember you all in my prayers too.
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    Sister Leticia

    Update and prayer request

    Dear Beatitude - congratulations on this confirmation of your next step on your journey. This is usually a time for joy and relief - but also a host of other feelings and anxieties, and all sorts of things to think/worry about and prepare for. I know that during your discernment and application you discussed your disability with the sisters. Did you also have any discussions with the Provincial or another sister about jobs you could do, which fit in with their charism and your capabilities? For example a return to care work, which I recall you used to do, and which is generally low paid. Or retail work eg on the checkout? Maybe she suggested the hostel and cafe because they know the owners or there are often vacancies, and they want you to be able to slot in quickly, instead of the uncertainty of job-hunting elsewhere? Blessings on this time - and my prayer of course, for you and the sister
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    A Facebook Post I Made About School And Guns

    While I agree with tighter restrictions and more accountability for gun ownership, I do not think guns are the reason people shoot up schools. Blaming guns for school shootings is doing harm by taking attention away from the underlying reason why these people are shooting up schools. Mental instability, immorality and the systematic devaluation of human life.
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    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    Everyone's been super helpful! I'm a very private person by nature, so y'all won't be hearing from .me much regardless of whether or not I go forward with the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Really just wanted to know others experiences and they seem "normal" Thanks for all the replies & good discussion points!
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    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    I fear we have skated the thread and although it has led to great conversation regarding a) discernment encouragement; b) the ongoing responsibility of discerning during postulancy despite having taken a progressive step; c) the differences between accompaniment and encouragement, and d) the names "Slaves" and it's place, I wonder if poor FindingTheWay has indeed found the way?! Any updates, any further yearnings?! Anyone else on the forum discerning with the Slaves of the IHM who could tell us more about their accompaniment or indeed, the origin of the name of their order! Of course I'm not trying to shut down other conversations, I'm just aware that perhaps we haven't managed to answer the question at hand! And if we don't soon, we may forget what the question was in the first place! Or are there any other orders people have contacted who have a similar apostolate and the Latin mass?!
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    New Papal Document on Contemplative life

    I've only given the document a cursory reading so far, but speaking as a canon lawyer, it's truly not outrageous. Granted, some of the points are debatable (like, do you really need nine years of formation? etc.), but there's nothing in it that screams: "Pope Francis is out to get cloistered nuns!" Even if it's not perfect, this document does genuinely seem to be motivated by real concern for the well-being of the women who have a vocation to cloistered life. It is possible for monasteries to dwindle and become isolated, with the individual nuns suffering and eventually becoming helpless because they have nobody to "check in" on them. The document is obviously seeking to prevent this kind of terrible scenario, which unfortunately is becoming increasingly more common.
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    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    Honestly, I don't think there is anything wrong with a community saying, "Well, you feel called, and we can't possibly KNOW so if you're healthy and inclined, give it a shot." St. Benedict's Rule says if someone asks to join, let them. Postulancy is very much meant to be a time of discernment. He even said let them try at least twice. Fifty years ago discernment wasn't as arduous and painstaking as it seems to be, now. Young women would feel an attraction to a community (usually one she had contact with through school or parish) and would just join up. That's how a lot of small "local" and diocesan sorts of communities flourished. It was as much about propinquity as anything else. If they were healthy and able, they would simply be permitted to enter. Either they persevered or they did not, but I've always thought if one feels called to try a vocation, it shouldn't be hard to do that. Of course, back then, it was "scandalous" if one realized that one wasn't called, and so I think perhaps some women remained who really were not happy. I remember when I was a little girl (back in the pre-Vatican II old-fashioned habits) a young woman from our parish entered the Sisters of Mercy and when she returned home before even starting her novitiate there was a lot of uncharitable whispering, which was just terrible and unfair. Thankfully that is not so true, anymore, although I have been told that here and there young women still encounter that. That's interesting. I do know they once had a Latina novice, and they seem to have a sizeable Asian presence in their community. To give their "lack of insight" the best possible assumption, perhaps they simply are so convinced that a life given to Jesus and Mary means total surrender, but I can see where it would make people uncomfortable.
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    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    I absolutely agree that is great if communities invite you to enter because you show an inclination towards their apostolate and a joy for religious life. But still, it is better to find the community that you're most orientated towards in God's call before entering! Especially if it's early on in the discernment journey. So I agree, and it's great to be encouraged, but it's also great to have, as Sr Laetitia said, personal vocation discernment when someone can say "hey look, you could be a great Dominican but I actually think I see a Carmelite in front of me" for example that's sort of where I was headed with my extremely long-winded exegesis!! Also I'm always very grateful to you for reminding everyone here that postulancy is a step on the road of discernment and not final vows! To ask, to see, to sit and hear where the Lord calls.
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    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    I also think it's worth noting that there are different but equally valuable approaches to discernment out there. Some communities might well say, "OK, you're attracted to religious life, you are healthy enough for our particular way of living, our apostolate might suit you - why not give it a shot?" They aren't signing you up for final vows as soon as you walk through the door, they're inviting you to be a postulant. I think we sometimes forget that postulancy is itself a time for discernment, and we get too focused on finding exactly the right community before we even dip our little toe in. Providing good formation and accompaniment is offered to postulants, and they aren't neglected in any way, there's no reason why you shouldn't do things this way if that's what works for you. It's better than dithering around for a decade and eventually never entering anywhere.
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    New Film about Edith Stein

    The trailer looked very interesting but why, oh why, can film makers never get habits right. There are ample photos of Edith Stein as a Carmelite and her veil and coif look nothing like a traditional Carmelite. Just irksome.
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    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    I had to talk to one of the younger sisters on the phone not too long ago and yes, very lively. They seem to always be busy. I don't know if they follow a Benedictine rule but they do seem to keep up with the "use every spare minute" philosophy. One reason I could never be a nun. I need the option to say "well, today I plan to stay on the couch with a book and a beverage."
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    New Papal Document on Contemplative life

    I'm very interested in reading everyone's opinions. I should say that our community was never invited to contribute/consulted by CICLSAL but, like many small communities, we do have some grave concerns. It's not just the loss of autonomy for some (which is a Benedictine characteristic and will be very hard and difficult) but how we deal with potential vocations. We ourselves have already had to put on hold some overseas candidates because of the uncertainty regarding visas here in the UK (complex and expensive to obtain) and our exiting the E.U. (a further complication, with implications for healthcare). Asking an older candidate to wait nine years before she knows she is definitively accepted strikes me as putting a lot of unnecessary strain on her. It's bad enough waiting five and a half! There's a lot more one could say, but I think the important thing at this point is to pray. Please pray for small communities that find the prospect of having an Administrator appointed to run things and being assigned to a Federation a bit daunting.
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    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    Good to hear, blessings on your road! Good stuff.
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    Interesting Obituary of an OSB Claustral Oblate

    Br Grégoire from the Cistercian Abbey of Sainte Marie du Désert (France). Spent more than 20 years in jail for fighting, stealing, evading jail, etc. He was converted by reading apologetic in prison and entered the cistercian abbey ; he was a true mystic who loved St John of the Cross. He worked to welcome the host at the abbey.
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    Sister Leticia

    Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    I'm also wondering what you mean by this. Have you/people you know had extensive experience of several "big teaching orders accepting pretty much anyone"? - and by that do you mean accepting people who are too immature, have health issues, clearly don't have a religious vocation... or what? Usually, the complaint on this forum is that orders are too prescriptive, and too rigorous in their discernment processes, and won't accept just "anyone"! I would add that, here in the UK, the only congregation I've seen appearing to accept candidates without real, focused discernment is a small one - not big at all. But note - I used the words "appearing to" rather than saying this is what they do, because I don't know exactly what happens between them and their candidates. They might feel they have done a thorough discernment - I'm only going by the fact that most of the women who have joined them left within a short time.