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    The Bus Station

    Entering Monastery (!)

    Hi Pham, God-willing, I will begin postulancy with the Benedictines in a few weeks. Was supposed to start in September but God opened some doors to allow me to enter much sooner, all thanks and praise to Him! Thank you to everyone who has ever said a prayer on my behalf! I try (and usually succeed!) to remember every day to pray for those who pray for me, even those whose names/faces I don't know -- so you are (usually) in my prayers as well, ha! Please say a prayer or two or three hundred thousand for me. And let's all pray for more priestly and religious vocations, for those discerning and avoiding discerning (been there) and yet to hear the call. Thank you again and may God bless you!
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    Indwelling Trinity

    Third orders and religious life

    Sorry for the typo. I meant to write "perfect" love of God. As for vocation and t the differences... For me they have mostly Melted away. I had many vocations all of them valid. Newspaper delivery, student, hamburger flipper at Burger King, cook, college freshman, Missionary of Charity,Physician Associate, floor washer, Carmelite nun, Carmelite Hermit, Carmelite semi recluse with Multiple Sclerosis, mostly bedridden. Who knows what God has in mind next! He may cure me or lay me down trusting in his merciful love that he will be there to greet me despite my many failings. It is not an easy thought the more God shows me the more I need his mercy. Yes at times I am assailed by fears. Living for God is my vocation. I spent so many years seeking God thinking I was truly seeking God alone. When I in reality I was seeking myself. My brothers and sisters Never dwell on the good you have done. Give it immediately to God. If you have nurtured a soul for him by his grace give that flower to him that he may first rejoice in the sweet perfume of a soul come back to him. I am going of topic now and I apologize. All I wished to say is that from the moment we are born we begin living our vocations let us not lose sight of that yes we each have special gifts but just because we have them does n not mean things will happen the way we want. And secondly beware of Satan. I say this with all seriousness, he is the father of lies and even in the holiest of topics he will try to find a way to bring discord. Please pray that I to may not be overcome. Jesus Mercy. IT
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    My health

    I've been having some worrisome health issues the past couple days, and I would really appreciate your prayers for healing and peace. Thank you.
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    Indwelling Trinity


    I am wary about the tone of debasing I think I may hear in this topic. As a Missionary of Charity,St. Teresa of Calcutta were introduced as postulants to using the discipline daily except on Sundays. They were placed on the altar and blessed with Holy water. Mother then gave us an explanation of its use, the reasons for doing so but also she clearly stated that if it became a source of temptation to anyone to stop using using it and then ask your superior for some other form of penance. The same goes for the arm and waist chains. But every thing was done in moderation as to how many strikes according to what stage in religious life a sister may be in. The waist and arm chain were limited to one hour daily except Sunday's. I know if one instance that we made one for Our then Holy Father, St. John Paul II. If it was good for the Saints not in the middle ages but of the recent past who were no lightweights then I think we should respect its use. It is not an end in itself but only one small piece of a decidedly penitentiary life style. For some of you this may be a stumbling block. Personally I did not findtaking t the discipline particularly helpful for myself but I still did it most of the time given the realization that religious life is not all about me and perhaps it is aiding the souls in purgatory, or perhaps here on earth. The arm chain I did find very helpful it reminded me to pray especially for those with mental illnesses, and those addicted to the great sinfulness of those who corrupt others as well as themselves especially through sins of the flesh. But again everything in moderation and done within the constraints of obedience out of love for others. Normally we do not speak o of these things as they involve the soul alone with God. Only my first Carmel Practiced these, as for the others communal penance now is praying the miserere with arms outstretched. My penance now is to live with my multiple sclerosis, gastric paralysis among other things. I would much prefer a discipline than this. It is a slow crucifixion 24/7 so painful on every level of my being that I am often tempted to suicide. I now understand what Therese felt as she was dying. There are so many things I wish to share with you that pop up from my prayer and solitude. Do everything you can to prepare yourselves practice bringing souls home to Jesus and the blessed Trinity, look t to our mother Mary and Saint Joseph. Get tough pray, pray, pray, so that you may be one and ask God for the gift of contemplation and understanding so that you may become one with God and if the spirit moves you bring what you have learned to others. Be generous with God and hold nothing back. The road to God is narrow... Perdition is wide and easy. Choose wisely, fear nothing Give lovingly and rejoice at being called by your spouse to share his life. Even without knowing many of you I can still embrace you all in love. And feel so excited for you as you put on your sandals, gird your waists and carry the banner of Mercy preaching God's Love Mercy to all whether in word or in deed. Big hug It
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    Applying for School

    I can barely contain my excitement! After a very serious talk with my mom about my future career goals, I realized that I was not achieving my lifelong dream of working in veterinary medicine. I have had a serious desire to work with animals since I was in elementary school. I researched various opportunities and originally thought about majoring in animal behavior and/or psychology but it would require me to move away to attend school on-campus, which isn't a big deal, but I would be spending more money on a degree that really can't get me anywhere because psychology is a liberal arts major and requires graduate education to get anywhere financially. I realized that animal behavior was not going to fulfill my desire of working hands-on with animals because you mostly observe them - not handle them. Anyway, after thinking long and hard about what I should do, I researched my options and found out that there is an AVMA-approved school that offers an Associate in Science and Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology where the courses are 100% online and there are periods of practicum experience that I can complete in my hometown! The great thing is that I can complete the degree while working at the same time. The program is very comprehensive and the courses are incredibly interesting. I think this is the most excited I've felt in a long time which says a lot about my decision and I'm proud of myself for committing to achieving this goal. I cannot wait to get started. I applied to the school and am in the process of completing the admission requirement checklist. Part of it requires a minimum of 40 hours observing a veterinarian and vet tech performing various procedures and also ask questions regarding regular working hours, wages, and opportunities. I have a veterinary clinic in mind - the one we have used for our last two dogs. The veterinarian is incredibly compassionate and very smart and I think I would learn so much from her. Please say some prayers that I am able to do the observation period with the veterinarian and I am admitted to the program. Thank you!
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    Vocation in another country

    I joined a community in a different country with a different language. I joke quite often that God has been very creative, I had studied a lot of different languages, but not the one I needed to know! But I am in Europe and here the countries are "closer" - but still it takes a 8 hour train ride to my family. But I guess some people in the USA or in South America have the same distances within their own countries.... I would say that it also makes a difference if the community you are joining already has other members of different cultures and "is used" that it takes time to adapt to the language. And that there is an discernment to make between how to "adapt" to religious life and how to "adapt" to the new country and language. And it is really a big blessing to live in an inter-cultural community. Especially in todays world, where migration is so fast. I recently read an article about religious being experts in "living together" in our multicultural world, to be open to receive and to give. My culture is not the "best" or the only one. For me not knowing well the language (I did after having been here as a volunteer and aspirant take some classes back at home) was also a very good experience which helped me to enter more into poverty - not knowing how to say things, not being able to be as "eloquent" and to define myself by my intellect ... It helped me to "let go" of my "performing / perfect self" and simply by myself. And to make the experience that I am accepted like this and not because of what I am able to do.
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    John Paul

    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    Mississippi Abbey has a new novice !
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    From lust to admiration

    If you can look at a person of the opposite sex and not lust after her, you're in good shape. If you notice that your admiration is shifting into lust, interrupt your thought process, perhaps turn your gaze away, and pray, "Father, that's my sister in Christ. I don't know her, and I don't know what kind of trouble she has, but I know she has trouble in her life. Bless her with whatever she needs." In other words, try to view her as a complete, full-fledged person - a human being full of complexities and contradictions and weaknesses and needs and thoughts and accomplishments - rather than as just an attractive body. And then go about your business.
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    Barhamsville Poor Clares

    The Barhamsville, Va Poor Clares have posted a new blog entry and the community looks like it is thriving. http://pcheartponderings.blogspot.com/
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    Sister Leticia

    Was/is family contact part of your discernment?

    Hello and welcome! As Nunsuch has already said, no community should forbid any contact - if you meet one which does, regard it as a massive red flag. But monastic communities will restrict contact, and home visits are less likely. Some might relax this, for example when parents become too frail and elderly to travel to the monastery, but this would depend on the community. But if you're feeling called to apostolic religious life, then there are generally fewer restrictions, except during the canonical year - and even here, there can be flexibility, for example if a parent is ill. I do know a couple of sisters for whom family contact was part of their discernment. For example, a sister once told me she felt strongly pulled towards being a missionary. This was back in the 1950s, when missionaries were sent to another continent and rarely came back on home leave. She was an only daughter and a convert, and knew her parents would find her entry to religious life extremely difficult - it would have broken their hearts if she was sent to Tanzania or Uganda, and they never saw her again. So she entered a community where she was likely to remain in the UK for the rest of her life - and ended up working in a very multi-cultural parish, surrounded by people from Africa and Asia. She felt this was God bringing "the missions" to her, as a lovely recompense. Apart from the issue of family contact, do you have any pull towards any particular spirituality or charism? If so, make that your starting point, research and contact communities whose spirit attracts you, and then ask your questions about this and other things when you talk with the VD. Blessings on your ongoing discernment!
  11. 3 points


    Your opinion is that hairy legs and armpits are not gross. You are entitled to your opinion. I find hairy legs and armpits on women disgusting. I am entitled to my opinion. I am not in control of how other people feel. I can't control the fact that someone may feel shamed by my expressing my opinion. Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, " No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". I believe no one can make you feel shamed without your consent. When someone has made a negative comment about my appearance/habits, with which I disagreed, I simply disregarded them. As for leaving people who don't want to shave alone, I do. I have never gone up to someone and told them they must shave, I've never forced anyone to shave, I have never forcibly shaved anyone! Why in the world would you think I wouldn't leave someone alone? People have the right not to shave. I simply expressed my opinion in this forum regarding hairy legs and armpits. I knew a couple of women who when the hairy route for awhile. They said that they had a problem with underarm odor while hairy, even though they used deodorant. Finally, calling any human being an "arse portal" (or the more commonly used term) is something of which you should be ashamed.