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    Life Update

    Hello, phriends! It's been a really long time since I've last posted on here. I'm not really sure if any of the old guard are still on here, but just in case, I wanted to have a life update and see how everyone else is doing. So much has happened that I'm not sure what to put. I am still in seminary. I'm almost halfway done with junior year, which is going by way faster than it seems the past years have. I'm currently assisting and teaching RCIA at a parish in Dallas for my pastoral assignment this year, which is going well. Also, my beard has progressed to a satisfactory level. ...Somehow I can't really think of anything else to add. Ask me questions and I'll fill in the gaps. How is life going for you?
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    Why is the Phorum Mostly Dead?

    I first discovered Phatmass about 12 years ago when I first started seriously discerning a religious/priestly vocation. My faith and knowledge of vocations was really deepened by being on PM and it connected me with those of similar interests. I stuck mainly with Vocation Station for that reason. At the time there were many young women entering convents on here and a number of young men entering seminaries. As the years went on, I visited PM less and less, for various reasons, including my own entrance into seminary, but especially because I noticed that the Vocation Station was almost exclusively female in its members, and it became difficult to find any men on here to discuss seminary and the priestly vocation, so I stopped contributing. Nevertheless, PM will always have a special place in my heart, as it helped start me on the path to the priesthood. By the grace of God, I've been a priest now for a little over six months.
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    Perpetual Profession at St Joseph Monastery

    Sr Cecilia Maria of the Body of Christ is professing her perpetual vows at St Joseph Monastery Whitesville today. Pleas pray for her.
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    Avoiding Bitterness About Scandals

    The whole article is worth reading, but I've quoted what I think to be the most important parts, which are the last two paragraphs. https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2018/10/16/saint-benedicts-wise-words-on-avoiding-the-zeal-of-bitterness/ If reading the news constantly fills you with anxiety and dread, perhaps it is best to turn off the television or the computer, and seek ways not to stress out about the matters you cannot control, but to be a holy influence in the matters to which you can offer your indispensable, necessary presence. Although the Church is in the middle of several emergencies, the point of crisis is one in our individual hearts: whom shall we serve? If we are possessed of that good and holy zeal, our response will not be loud clamor and inordinate anger but our ancient weapons: fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. Finally, we must never despair. God is with us, and he will come to our assistance. As St. Benedict reminds us, it is the last “instrument of good works”, that is to say, a principle which guides holy living, that we should “never despair of the mercy of God” (IV, LXXII). The mercy of God, that of renewing us and raising us from the stain of our sins, only remains as far as we hold it, and remains as close as we cherish it. May God so grant that we may receive it for ourselves, and for the Church that we love.
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    Abbess Retires

    From Mt. Saint Mary's Abbey: https://msmabbey.org/news/mother-maureen-retires-as-abbess
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    Kayte Postle

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    Hey pham, My visit with community B went very well, and a bit not like what I expected. I'm not going to go into huge details, but I have concluded that community B is not where I am called. It's really hard because I felt a tremendous about of peace the first day I was there, but after talking with the VD I know for sure that it's just not the right place for me. One of the things I was, and still am, processing from the retreat is the ability to let go of my family. I'm very close with them, and this retreat for some reason really brought that particular fear to the surface and I felt it's effects very much over the weekend. On the bright side, praises be to God that I was healthy the whole weekend, no migraines at all! I'm still in contact with community C, and have pushed back my visit with them to a tentative date in April. I've got a lot to process before I finalize those plans though. I'm honestly at a point where I'm ready to make a hard decision one way or the other; to enter or give up on religious life for good. I'm going to start aging out of communities soon, and it's just time to stop being a "sister of perpetual discernment". I need to stop trying to have my cake and eat it too, (a huge explanation behind this I'll keep to myself for now). I ask for your prayers, that I may have clarity of God's will, and that I may accept His loving will whatever it may be. Know that I'm praying for you all!
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    Pray to end abortion

    The time is always right to do what is right. -Dr. Martin Luther King
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    Bad RTL student, not

    seriously, watch it. Warning language is rough in some spots.
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    Why is the Phorum Mostly Dead?

    I just resurrected a couple of my old threads for fun. I do miss the intellectual stimulation provided by some of the 2010 characters. I hope everyone is well. So much has changed.
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    Nihil Obstat

    How Would A Brain Transplant Work?

    I am touched. Since I stopped posting I have completed my philosophy degree, started to get pretty deeply into photography, and have been listening very intently to Fr. Ripperger's sermons and conferences.
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    Trump And The Republican Party Are So Pro-Life

    Trump has done some good work for the prolife movement: https://www.sba-list.org/trump-pro-life-wins defunding planned parenthood needs all republicans voting YES, and I think McCain was the vote that stopped that from happening... which is why he was worshipped by Democrats and liberals when he died...
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    Being mean on the internet

    “When you’re about to make a comment, ask yourself a very simple question: “Am I doing this out of love, out of a sincere wish for the good of the person or persons I’m addressing?” If not, shut up. If it becomes clear that your comment is simply spleen-venting, scapegoating, or virtue-signalling, shut up. The internet can be a marvelous tool, and it can be a weapon used for Satanic purposes. Applying the test of love can very effectively undermine the scapegoating mechanism and drive the devil out.”
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    Bad RTL student, not

    I don’t approve of the kid who painted his face black. I never said Trayvon had it coming. You don’t know me, know what color I am, my family, loved ones, or friends are. You are a nasty little git who looks to hate on others so you can pat yourself on the back for being better. You are the hate that just keeps hating. FYI, I know I’m a nicer person as an atheist than you are as a Catholic. You are just one of the many hypocrite Catholic embarrassments that gives the religion a bad name and ugly face. Your ignorance and stupidity lets you believe your self righteous hatred is really indignation. You’re really an unfortunate and ill mannered joke.
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    Bad RTL student, not

    Josh, I know you are sensitive to these issues, but how about watching the full video before jumping on the slander bandwagon. Black Hebrew Israelite harass a bunch of kids, then the Indian activists get up in the face of the same kids that were already getting taunted. That Indian guy is lucky it was just a kid who wasn't sure how to react in an awkward situation in which a grown man gets all up in his personal space and beats a drum incessantly. And if you call me racist you are a racist against eyeglass wearing Puerto Ricans, I can play the racial one-up game too. And posting a old pic as a response is cowardly and intellectually dishonest.
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    IHM Sister professes final vows

    Sister Barbara O'Neill made final profession as a Monroe, Michigan, Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary last Sunday. Congratulations, Barbara! https://ihmsisters.org/2019/01/congratulations-sister-barbara/
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    Trump Votes-Gullible Rubes?

    Did Winchester get fat(ter)?
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    Ash Wednesday

    Trump Votes-Gullible Rubes?

    I prefer not to generalize about voters. People vote for different reasons. I think some people voted for Trump simply because they were angry and wanted to throw a hand grenade protest vote. Same with Brexit. A lot of people I know also weren't really fans of him and weren't really voting FOR Trump as much as they were holding their nose and voting against establishment politics. I have concerns that the general public are all turning into gullible rubes, where we aren't actually electing capable politicians anymore on either side -- we are going for the "rock stars" with the strong cult of personality regardless of what their credentials are. The only people I consider to be gullible rubes are the ones that follow everything Trump does or says and never criticizes or questions anything he does or says at all. I have this same problem here in the UK with people that want a hard Brexit but don't seem to acknowledge or understand what that actually entails. I suppose this goes for how people treat any politician or party. People need to form a correct conscience and use critical thinking when it comes to secular politics instead of toeing a certain political line at all costs.
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    Trump Votes-Gullible Rubes?

    my guess is Hassan forgot his log in and y'all took the bait. But I could be wrong, it happens.
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    Andrea Maio

    Age Barrier

    I wish there was a way that women who are of retirement age could join a religious order.
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    Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister

    I would like to take this opportunity to ask for feedback on our blog, https://ourfranciscanfiat.wordpress.com. If you could take a minute or two to share your thoughts and/or suggestions, I would appreciate it. You can comment her or use the form: https://form.jotform.com/51826230614146.
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    This is HOT

    On Thursday it will be 113.9F here in Adelaide Sth Aust, and could go higher. Now that is HOT !!! Thank The Lord my new air conditioner has been installed - I am going to need it. Deo Gratius.......and to my two brothers.
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    Bad RTL student, not

    I was defending my choice of the word abuse.
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    I Love Gay People

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    Bad RTL student, not

    I know you approve of Catholic students in blackface. No surprise there. You also went on and on here how Trayvon had it coming. I know where you stand. I've known for a long time. And your an atheist. Ugly combination. Never respond or address me on here again. Have a nice life.
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    Pope Francis: Former popes ignored mercy in using ‘inhuman’ death penalty

    If one is in favour of/advocates for the death penalty, then one is not pro-life in that instance. To me it is a contradiction to call oneself pro-life but only under certain circumstances. (I may have worded things clumsily. I did not mean to state that The Church teaches that it is ok to not be pro-life)