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    Francis Must Resign if The Testimony of +Vigano is true!

    I’m actually encouraged that a top ranking official is coming clean. This gives me great hope that evil is beginning to be rooted out. It’s a great time in the renewal of our church. A monumental time in history—and we’re living through it. We are the church militant, and our strength is needed now more than ever. Come Holy Spirit!
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    On wearing the habit

    I was the laundress. Once I turned a dominican habit to a carmelite brown in the wash. We had hard iron in our water all our whites turned brown if we didn’t use a special chemical wash. So.. there I was trouncing upstairs to let mother know I made a terrible mistake. She calmed me down and asked who’s habit was it? I didn’t even think to look so I ran back downstairs and looked at the tag and ran back upstairs to her office. I was out of breath, she waited patiently for me to say whose habit it was. I looked at her and blurted out... “it’s mine!” “Divine Justice” Mother said, as she gave me permission to rewash it in special chemicals to turn it white again...
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    Francis Clare

    News from Benedictines of Mary

    From their latest newsletter. "It is with great joy and thanks to God that we share our news with you ! A distinguished Monsignor from the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei announced last month that we would no longer have a Mother Prioress…"because you will have a Mother Abbess!!!” We are all overjoyed! That means this will be the last time you receive a newsletter from the Priory of Our Lady of Ephesus, because next time you will hear from Mother Abbess Cecilia of the Abbey of Our Lady of Ephesus!Mother’s abbatial blessing will take place the day after the dedication of the monastic church. We ask your prayers in a special way for Mother Cecilia, who spiritually prepares for her ceremony amidst much material preparation. She has courageously seen through the monumental task of construction of our church, made possible thanks to the generosity of all of you, our dear benefactors and friends! Now we hope to prepare also our souls for this tremendous grace awaiting all of us in this double blessing. "
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    Sister Leticia

    Come & See in UK and Ireland

    I know there's already a thread listing discernment weekends and other events (thank you Luigi), but as there are dozens and dozens of them, mostly in the US, I fear the events in this country might get lost or drowned out, so to speak. Hence this new thread. These are the events being advertised on UK religious life website - http://www.ukreligiouslife.org/events/ And here's the Irish counterpart, though I think its events listing needs updating http://www.vocationsireland.com/category/news/
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    Ash Wednesday

    Francis Must Resign if The Testimony of +Vigano is true!

    John Paul II made mistakes in his papacy but he was also a brilliant theologian and inspired millions. Could his sainthood have waited? Sure. But it's far easier to judge people through the lens of hindsight, isn't it? He went to confession daily (honestly having to oversee a tent of 1 billion souls, it's small wonder why he did) and he's no longer around to answer for himself. From what went on in my own diocese, being people that my family and I actually knew, a lot of it I think may have happened because of naiveté and cowardice. I personally don't think my bishop intentionally and deliberately did anything wrong by sending our priest off to "treatment" where he was eventually moved to another diocese. I just think he and others in his position were very naive by thinking that this man's perversions could just be "treated" like alcoholism. I can't speak for now but this was the attitude at the time. I also suspect some of the secrecy is a very old, deep rooted cultural problem, where people, particularly clergy were fearful that revealing a priest's past would be committing a mortal sin of detraction. Obviously the culture and understanding of what the greatest sin in this situation is has to change and the greater sin would be to ignore or downplay it rather than take direct action to put a stop to it. In hindsight it would have been better if our bishop had just moved to defrock our priest sooner rather than just thinking he could be "treated" and moved away. Like the fall in the Garden, evil is very cunning this way into tricking people into thinking that they are doing or believing the right thing, when in fact, they are not. Sadly, some of the worst sins I have committed in my life where when I wasn't even really aware of the gravity of them until much later.
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    Daring to dream again

    Hi all, I just found his forum. I thought I had been here before but must have gotten this mixed up with another forum. So I am very happy to have found this one! I truly need the support of my global Church family right now. I am set to enter Postulancy with the Poor Clares next May. I could not be more joyful about that. I have known since I was a young child that I was supposed to be in Religious Life. Still, God had me on quite the journey since then. I thought I could never become a Sister because of the amount of student loans I have so I didn't let myself fully embrace this possibility. But this year, more than ever, I realize I am part of a really big family of children of God. I can no longer think of this as something I have to do on my own. In essence, my vocation belongs to all of us. Not asking for help, shoving this dream away out of fear of loans and fear of family has been wrong thinking. So I am finally answering - despite my fears - I am answering. I found your site because I am struggling with how to proceed and found some others on here who also discussed Laboure Society and Mater Ecclesiae and private fundraising. I wanted to know how those stories turned out and if any of you had some words of wisdom for me. I have a personal fundraising site now but there aren't many places you are allowed to share it online. I am busy preparing to move to the monastery for 3 months for my final Candidacy live in. October through December. I am having to give up so very much but I am so ready to go home to my family... finally. I have known my community for ten years. I am no longer supposed to be looking in from the outside but rather looking out from the inside onto His beautiful people who need prayers. No loss I am facing will compare to the joys of knowing I am finally right where God wants, and has called, me to be. Right after Candidacy I will have to jump right into finding a new job (I had to give up my current one for candidacy), find a place to live, in a state where I have never lived before, and then continue fundraising. It's not going to be an easy road. It hasn't been easy to dare to dream again that this actually could be possible. It's a huge risk. I owe a lot of money but still I know money is not the same thing to God as it is to us. I just need wisdom on how to proceed rightly. I would be most grateful for your prayers and counsel. In our precious Lord Jesus, Meritt
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    Job interview

    I'm just about to go into a job interview, and I have another one on Monday. My stomach is full of butterflies. Please pray for me. Edited to add: I was offered the position. I will be teaching in a special school for teenagers with trauma-related mental health problems, who are currently too traumatised to cope in a mainstream environment. This is the kind of work I feel strongly drawn to on a religious level, as well as professional. Deo gratias.
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    Feeling unworthy

    congrats on finding a community you feel drawn to. Feeling unworthy is normal. We are all unworthy, as several others have stated on this thread. Pursue it anyway. There are many venal nincompoops in religious life. Trust me. but God calls them too. And if they persevere, they may have indeed had a genuine religious vocation. It is not about being worthy it is about being called.
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    A true religious vocation?

    If you are struggling with OCD, that can easily carry over into the spiritual life. It's pretty common. The OCD could be part of your fixation on the Carmelites, not a true vocation. You need a therapist to help you with the OCD and a spiritual director who can help you with your spiritual life and bring some of those anxieties under control as well. He will also help you make a spiritual plan for your life that will help lead you to where God wants you. Many prayers...
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    For myself

    I have increasing internal problems - could be nothing really and minor, could be something and more serious. I can't get to see my doctor for another 2 weeks. A prayer would be much appreciated and my prayer for your own intentions. Thanks Pham. Fiat voluntas Dei
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    Coming Home

    You left the light on for me, yeah?
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    Brooklyn Carmel Website

    Exactly. There seems to be a presumption on this and other vocation sites that the "feeling" of the potential candidate is all that really matters. Discernment is fundamentally two-sided and mutual, and it is not a one-time thing but an ongoing process. A sister I know who just celebrated her Diamond (60-year) Jubilee said last summer that she prayed every day for fidelity to her vocation.
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    Feeling unworthy

    Trust entirely in the merciful goodness of Jesus. “I will not now call you servants . . . but I have called you friends.” Prayers for you, please pray for me too in my vocational journey.
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    Feeling unworthy

    Certainly you are not alone. But the Lord is more generous and we are His creatures, meaning, He created us to love Him (some discover later than sooner.. but still He is God of Saints who once were sinners on earth). He died on the cross for all of us to cleanse us from our sins (if there's only one person on earth, He would do the same. No love by any man can surpass how much He love us the way He did. We should see the light in this realization, that God perhaps is nudging you for a more meaningful life with Him (you might discover through discernment). The Scripture said "My grace is sufficient for you for power is make perfect in weakness." Cor. 12:9 Jesus Christ came down from heaven to give Himself for us because no one is worthy. Jesus Christ is the reason for calling. He is not calling because of our worthiness. He calls you for a reason that you might discover later. We should humble ourselves before the Lord and accept His Mercy and Love. We are purified by accepting our weakness and asking God for the grace for Him in us to handle them by learning and living in God's Will. A confessor quoted this from the Holy Bible talking about unworthiness, "No one sets a hand to the plow and looks to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom of God" Luke 9:62 God's promise is in the future and not in the past. At present, you are discerning. God be praised. Spiritual life is an act of continuous conversion. Be strengthened by the Sacraments to help you strong in your journey. If God is with you, who can be against you. Prayers for your discernment.. Pray for me too...
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    Ash Wednesday

    Francis Must Resign if The Testimony of +Vigano is true!

    I don't recall the priest's name in a TV interview, but I believe it was EWTN, and he more or less said that he would never despair in the face of darkness, because goodness is truly sustainable and life giving, and evil is self-destructive. I have largely felt betrayed by a lot of people in the Church for some time now for various reasons, but it has never changed my faith and I will die a Catholic. I've seen people on other forums already attacking the Archbishop for making this statement or accusing him of doing this out of some kind of political grudge match within the Vatican, and people wonder why there is ever secrecy. Like I said before about detraction -- it is a mortal sin to reveal something about someone's past and to damage their reputation without grave reason. It is also a mortal sin to lie about someone's reputation. However, revealing the truth is justified if a person finds in their conscience that there is sufficient grave reason for doing so. I am in the process of reading Vigano's statement and then I will go on my rosary walk. This is a different fish of corruption than what went on in my own diocese as far as the number of people involved. But all the same, all rotten fish stink and have to be thrown out!!!
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    On wearing the habit

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    Francis Must Resign if The Testimony of +Vigano is true!

    This dossier has actually had the exact opposite effect on me that the Grand Jury report has. If the allegations are true, what Viganò has disclosed is awful beyond words. That being said, he named so many names including Pope Francis and exposed the infiltration of Christ’s Church by so many evil men. This is what full transparency looks like and is the first, painful step that is crucial to purging the Church of such grave sinfulness. I can’t help but think of what Alice von Hildebrand said about the church being infiltrated and how the Blessed Mother in Akita warned that cardinals would oppose cardinals and bishops would oppose bishops and too many Catholics would accept compromises in spiritual matters. I’m not usually someone who embraces doomsday prophecies or conspiracy theories but the times we are experiencing right now feel so much darker than anything I’ve lived through. Christ said that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church and as Fr. Bill Casey says, it’s because He knew the gates of hell would try. If we truly believe that our Lord is almighty and that the Blessed Mother will crush the head of the serpent, we have no reason to fear. We need to pray, fast, and make sacrifices. I’m sure that this is only the beginning of our trials and sufferings but when the dust settles, by the grace of God, we will have the rebirth of Christ’s Church no matter how small, no matter how poor, no matter how persecuted. It’s almost like purgatory here on Earth. Like gold tested in fire, let us not lose faith in the midst of these dark and turbulent times.
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    Saddened - Prayer Forum/Guest Guest

    @dUStWe have a new member, Guest Guest, in the Prayer Forum asking prayers for "901 days without my children". It is very sad to me that if a new member posts requesting prayer that we are unable to indicate that we will pray. He or she must feel overwhelmingly lonely and I think we have added to it when an opportunity could exist to relieve it a little. I know there are forum rules somewhere or other although I can't find them. I think that the rules do state that a member must be a member for so long before props and PM's. I did try to PM Guest Guest to advise of the forum rules but was unable to do so.
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    Francis Must Resign if The Testimony of +Vigano is true!

    lighten up everybody, take a deep breath and thank the good lord for your blessings
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    Francis Must Resign if The Testimony of +Vigano is true!

    My thoughts. We are only as sick as our secrets. It’s good it is coming out. Better late than never. These guys are not prepared by their seminary training to confront the complexity of these kinds of employee issues. I’ve sat in classes with seminarians. We learned no psychology or Human Resources or criminal law in dogmatic theology. Most of them did the best they could with the state of knowledge they were dealing with from experts 50, 40, 20+ years ago. I thank God I’m not routinely held to a present day standard on something I did 30 years ago. People who are leaving because of this stuff—your faith isn’t supposed to be with humans, but with Jesus. When Jesus turns to me and asks if I’m leaving too, I’m going to answer, “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.”
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    Yup, even you can be reconciled, when you are ready.
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    Ash Wednesday

    More Than 300 Predator Priests In Pennsylvania Protected By Catholic Church

    This is quoted from the article that Josh posted about the writer leaving the Church -- this quote suggests to me that the writer of the article joined the Church through impulse and emotion, but really did not believe all of the teachings of the Church. This happens a LOT. His joining the Church sounds similar to my best friend who joined the Church in the late 90s -- I was her sponsor. I never forced her into it. She asked me about it, I explained it to her and eventually she wanted to be Catholic. When you become good friends, you tend to influence each other that way. She was trying to get on board with the teachings at the time and she really was in love with Catholic things, Catholic saints, Catholic devotions, and the idea of being Catholic. Because of her reservations and struggles with core teachings of the Church, I came to our parish priest about it, raised my concerns, and he arranged to have a private meeting with her. Everything went forward and she joined the Church, but after some time of trying to embrace the teachings and be a "good Catholic" but still simmering with questions and lingering resentment about things in the Church she found distasteful, she eventually fell away. I could go on about the fact that our parish's RCIA programs are kind of a conveyer belt where people who don't really accept the faith still join the Church, even the RCIA teachers don't really accept it ("I hate this part, the birth control part, but I have to go over this" -- literally what our RCIA instructor said.) But being Catholic isn't just about nice stained glass windows, pretty rosaries, admiring the way things are written in the Catechism, uplifting spiritual experiences, fellowship, and tucking in to a nice Knights of Columbus Lenten fish fry. Being Catholic is also the cross and crucifixion. We don't get the luxury of being obscure and invisible like smaller churches and institutions during times like this. Those of us who choose to stay and want to clean up this mess will be called enablers, backwoods, unsophisticated, repressed, ignorant, dimwitted archaic fools. As the Body of Christ, we feel humiliation, anger, brokenness, abandonment, and intense suffering. The first time I tried to consecrate myself to the Immaculate Heart, my mom died suddenly and I'm not sure I will ever fully get over it. The second time I tried and finally finished the prayer, among other trials, I went through a period of suffering from a health condition that was literally the worst pain and suffering I have ever endured in my entire life. I remember at one point praying for death. Maybe I was expecting a much more pleasant spiritual experience when I made the consecration, but what I got was the cross. Both times. And that's what I learned. What I hope the Church collectively will learn from this, even if it has to be a smaller Church -- is conviction and authenticity. Conviction -- truly believing and embracing it all in full even when it's hard, and authenticity -- truly living it.
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    Feeling unworthy

    Hi everyone I've been reading this forum for a good while, but I've only just registered. So hello. I'm in the process of discerning my vocation and I feel a growing desire for religious life. The problem is that I can't seem to get over the feeling of being too sinful and not being worthy of entering a religious order. I know that my vocation is not about me and that this way of thinking may be pretty self-absorbed. I just can't stop thinking about it. I want to be open to God's will, but this is making it so difficult. Has anyone else felt like this too? Do you have any advice for me?
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    2018 - Entrances, Vows, Ordinations

    One of two Professions taking place this month in St Mary's Abbey in Ireland. http://www.glencairnabbey.org/news/story/solemn-monastic-profession-of-sr-angela-finegan-ocso/
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    A true religious vocation?

    From what you say, you don't seem stable enough to think clearly about your religious vocation. Try to focus in living in chastity and establishing healthy relationships with the people around you, having a regular prayer life (Sunday Mass, some kind of scripture reading/silent prayer every day and maybe journaling to keep tracks of your thoughts ?), get involved in your local parish or a religious movement (like a charity or something like this) if you're not and feel like it, and focus in your CBT/therapy (can you find a support group ?). There's no need to rush right now, you're not in a place to think clearly about this very complex question. My thoughts are with you.