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    Pax_et bonum

    Missionary Sisters of St. Francis of Assis

    A quick google search came up with this link. Although it is good to make sure a community is faithful to the Magisterium, especially with newer communities, the best way to learn about them is by contacting them. I know that is scary! But one email asking for a little information doesn't mean you're committing to anything You'll learn more from them. Discernment is a two way street. It's generally not helpful to just search and search for more and new communities. Maybe there is one community that you feel more drawn to than others, and that would be a good place to start. Contact that community, visit--truly discern, together. I wish I would have had a better grasp on this concept a few years ago! And what they say is true: just as there is no one perfect person you have to marry to be happy, there is no one perfect community you have to enter to be happy.
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    New Abbess Elected

    Understatement lol.
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    Anyone there?

    Yesterday was a bit better ... my boss came to work happy and said "I'm over it". I said, what? And she said "the bad weather, feeling down." So maybe she was having a bad few days and took it out on me. It was clear she wanted me to be "over it" as well ... but I'm not. Nothing has changed but her mood, for the moment. I'm sitting on my train with that awful dread. At least I'm not a kid going to a school I hate ... I'm a grown up! I can get up and leave if i want!