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    Water Heater Leak

    Prayers if you all don't mind? The water heater in the apartment above mine decided to spring a leak. Apartment complex maintenance has just left (at 3:22am), and looks like the next couple of days will involve attempts to restore some water damage and them replacing an entire light fixture. Pretty disgusted, but feeling thankful that I needed a drink of water and went, "Wait...1st floor ceilings don't drip on you." before worse damage was done.
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    Sometimes I feel bad . . .

    . . . for feeling good. So I've struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my early life, but I'm in my late 20's and my life is pretty bomb. I'm in a wonderful relationship with a nice feller and we're planning a future together. I've saved up some money and I'm taking a break from full-time work to figure out my life and do some fun things too. Life has it's problems yes and not everything is peachy but I'm happy. Sometimes tho I get a little racked with guilt. There are stories of suffering saints and carrying your cross and how if God loves you you'll suffer more with him. Sometimes I get worried. that when I do things for myself, or do things to make myself happy, that I'm being selfish at best, faithless at worst. Is this a form of scrupulosity? I'm not sure. I've already said that I'm happy so it's not enough to ruin my happiness. It just needles at me sometimes. And even when people tell me how my thought process is faulty, I go into devil's advocate mode, mainly by insisting that us modern folk are too soft, feel-good, and easy on ourselves. Does anyone have any advice for lil old me?
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    What is your favorite thing?

    My Monday night volunteer gig with the army cadets. Love being around the kids.
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    What is your favorite thing?

    Sunday Vespers with my novitiate Sisters, now all professed! I'm blessed God sent them to my neck of the woods...
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    What is your favorite thing?

    For me, it's a tie between raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, and possibly schnitzel with noodles.
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    Ash Wednesday

    What is your favorite thing?

    My instant pot pressure cooker. It cooks fast but the meats are tender like they've been slow cooked all day. Super versatile too. No need to saute in a separate pan. If that isn't the most boring housewifey thing I don't know what is. But I love it.
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    What is your favorite thing?

    food i know i should say Jesus or something. i guess i'm no saint.
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    News from Benedictines of Mary

    you can watch the whole video of the blessing of the new abbess, and the professions and clothings, here:
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    What is your favorite thing?

    Right now, at this very moment? For me it is Tough Actin, Tinactin. Bless the Lord for this.
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    Sometimes I feel bad . . .

    It can be a form of survivor’s guilt.
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    WATCH: Pope Francis Gets Caught in Gigantic Lie Regarding a Sexual Abuse Case in Argentina

    Thank you very much for posting the video below, L2A. Appreciated.
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    Trump's Supreme Court pick: Brett Kavanaugh. Practicing Catholic.

    Normally people who are making up stories don't ask the FBI to investigate them, but either way, the Confirmation vote would happen by the Midterms, it's not like an FBI investigation into this would take forever. The one into Anita Hill's testimony took only 3 days. https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/19/politics/anita-hill-clarence-thomas-allegations-timeline/index.html As for Comey-Barrett, not entirely sure about her being the super-amesome Catholic portrayed in this thread, given she's a member of an ecumenical group called People of Praise, that she had to swear a lifelong loyalty oath to, and she must report to a "handmaiden" as part of her membership. It's definitely not disqualifying in any way, no religious test can be required for office, but not sure if she's as Catholic as it may seem at first. https://slate.com/human-interest/2018/07/amy-coney-barretts-alleged-religious-group-people-of-praise-what-is-it.html
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    as a perhaps future psychologist, I take a wee bit offense to this. It's important to understand though that it is a soft science (as all social sciences are) because your frame of reference is pretty dependent on social norms, values, etc at the time whereas the hard sciences are based much more on physical and chemical laws which are less prone to cultural bias. But hey I'm not that offended so it's your right to have that opinion.
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    The Royal Wedding

    I was looking forward to seeing the Philip and Sarah try to sit next to each other.
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    10 Rules for Life to Become More Human

    Vanier's 10 rules 'to become more human' The Canadian philosopher and theologian last week revealed his “ten rules for life to become more human” in a YouTube video. His rules speak of success, vulnerability, listening, fear and love. Mr Vanier set up his first L’Arche community in 1964 by welcoming two mentally disabled men into his home in the town of Trosly-Breuil in France..............read MORE http://cathnews.com/cathnews/33120-vanier-s-ten-rules-to-become-more-human All about L'Arche Australia (Google for your own location) https://www.larche.org.au/
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    News from Benedictines of Mary

    The names of the new novices are: Sr Martina, Sr Mary Petra, Sr Veronica, and Sr Mary Stella. And yes, it does seem the Gower community will make a foundation in Madison.
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    Overcoming doubt

    We all have this at times. I’ve gotten truly steaming mad at God on more than one occasion. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. Sounds like you aren’t doubting he’s God, you’re doubting he cares. When our parents let us explore as kids, and we inevitably get hurt, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about us. They care about us enough to know we have to develop resilience. We have to work our muscles and our nerve to strengthen both. My Dad used to say trials are God’s way of strengthening our spiritual muscles for the trials ahead. He must need you to be very strong for the coming spiritual wars. Keep your eyes on the cross. He knows your pain. He’s felt it too. He felt abandoned in the garden. He felt abandoned on the cross, but he wasn’t. You aren’t either. You will be in my prayers.
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    Churchill - hero or monster?!

    You shall know them by their fruits. He is a great man, and he kept their resolve high! God bless him!
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    Sister Leticia

    Teenager with a religious vocation? Help?

    Hello Swimminghome - and welcome! I do agree with what Beatitude has suggested, especially if you are still 15. You're too young to enter religious life, and probably too young for Come & See events - though some communities might host retreats for your age group. (I'm a sister in the UK, where we wouldn't normally have someone under 18 at a Come & See - but I know things are a bit different with some communities in the US) So maybe you can focus on getting to know some local communities, if possible, and find ways to pray/work alongside them. And take things slowly and gently with your parents, and - when you do tell them - emphasise that you're just considering religious life "as an option", not a done deal. You can make sure they know that you will have to discern, with help and accompaniment, and this will take time. And that the fundamental attitude we need to take into any discernment is openness to whatever God might be asking of us, so there is no certainty as yet, only enquiry. And of course, if you are invited to a retreat at a convent you would need your parents' permission, and, if travel is involved, you'll need their financial support, lifts etc. You know them better than we do, of course, but generally, parents often need time to digest this sort of thing, and ask questions - so slowly and gently is the best way. Also, I see that you've referred to getting a degree in theology. Were you thinking of doing that before entering religious life? If so, there's definitely no rush, and you can make sure your parents know you're not thinking of entering for some time, which might help. If you do manage to link up with a local convent I hope there's a sister there you can talk with, and ask her to accompany you. People often suggest asking a priest to be an SD, but actually, sisters are usually very experienced at this (and often well-trained in SD). Meanwhile, try to live in the present. Continue to pray and love the Lord, but also make sure you find a balance in your life. Be a loving daughter/sister/friend, finding ways to live and love with generosity and helpfulness, but also focus on your education and any other commitments. And blessings on these final few weeks of preparation for your Confirmation!
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    Prayers for LC

    This is wonderful news..............many prayers for Sr Catherine.
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    Prayers for LC

    This post was on the Sisters' Facebook page today: Hello from the fabulous Southampton eye hospital! Believe it or not, I (Sr Catherine aka Sadora Bloom) am actually typing this message! (Thanks be to for Apple's accessibility settings - REALLY BIG FONT! ) Here’s a little update on my sight: As some may know, I have rather complicated eyes, and this last weekend my eye pressure suddenly sky-rocketed while in Liverpool. While in hospital in Liverpool and then Southampton, I have been receiving treatment to lower and stabilise my eye pressure. So far, so good! Because of the pressure and eye inflammation, I have been unable to see anything clearly - everything was extremely blurred and shadowed. - and have also bad great eye pain. Within the last two days, there has been incredible improvement! Sight is still a bit cloudy, but I can see people’s faces again! (So exciting!) I still have to have a very difficult surgery, so please keep up your prayers! I am so grateful for all the prayers, love and support - it’s beyond overwhelming and humbling. God bless you all!
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    Teenager with a religious vocation? Help?

    Based on the dates you mention, you're fifteen now. Is that right? This will affect the advice we can give. First of all, finding your vocation is a very practical down-to-earth business. It's not about sleeping on the floor, having a mental image of yourself in a flowing veil, wishing for martyrdom, or reacting with horror if a boy shows interest in you. Those things are simply signs of a teenager who is interested in her faith and in the religious life, and who is still figuring out how to live as a Catholic girl. It's normal as a teenager to get very caught up in the idea of receiving special mystical signs and visions, but these are not what a vocation is based on. It's also completely normal as a teenager to feel anxious when someone of the opposite sex shows interest in you. Don't set store by these things. So what to do next? You mention that you are drawn to Adoration, and that you want to bring others to Christ. Based on these two things, the logical suggestion would be to a.) spend time in Adoration, and b.) get involved in some kind of mission activity, such as Children's Liturgy, or a Bible study. You could also contact a few communities (preferably ones local to you) that have Adoration and missionary work as central aspects of their life. It would be good for you to get to know sisters through writing and, if possible, to see up close how they live. Some communities do offer retreats for younger girls. We don't discern a vocation alone. It's not just about our own feelings; a religious community has to recognise that we are called there. This is why it's impossible to really discern without talking to a community. You need company, and you need time. So there's no need to tell your parents that you are called to religious life, only that you are interested in it - because you can't know that you're called until the day you make final vows! Right now all you know is that you want to try your vocation as a sister. That's a wonderful thing. It doesn't mean you are announcing at fifteen everything you plan to do for the next eight decades, it just means that you feel an attraction and you want to explore it. Represent it that way to your parents. If you're still experiencing distress of the kind that you describe, and you aren't currently getting any medical help for it, you should look into that. It sounds as though you've had a really rough time. Religious life isn't a cure for emotional pain, and if you suffer from depression outside the convent, you're very likely to suffer from it within a convent as well. Taking care of yourself is very important. Jesus loves us and meets our needs, yes, but he often ministers to us through other humans, and it's perfectly fine to seek out care and support from other people.
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    Happy nuns?

    I think this is not a particularly helpful question, and I think virtually all the sisters I know would agree with me. It is rather superficial, as I tried to indicate in my initial response. Giddiness is not necessarily a positive quality.
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    Urgent - for a friend in physical danger

    A close friend of mine has a very abusive and violent father. He regularly hits her when she does things he doesn't agree with, and he has caused injuries on a few occasions. He is also very cruel and controlling in other ways (confiscating her phone, forbidding her to leave the house). She's 27, but she is frightened of leaving her mother alone with him. Today she did something he will definitely disapprove of and she's dreading the consequences. Please pray for her and their own family, and also for him, that he may be touched by Christ's power and inspired to set out on a kinder path. My friend has a strong devotion to Our Lady. Mary, Mother of Sorrows, pray for her and for all in danger.
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    Philippines & China - Typhoon Mangkut

    Key points: The typhoon will bring heavy to intense rains that could set off landslides and flash floods Warnings have been raised in 25 provinces in the Philippines China's Guangdong has set up 3,777 shelters, evacuating more than 100,000 residents Prayer for the Philippines and China