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    Carla Discerning Vocation

    Dear friends in Christ, After more then 2 years i have returned.I'm having now different name and it seams it is not possible to change my profile name. So i'm not sure by rules should i open new profile?I have so many to write tell and share with all of you.This two years has been most amazing time in my life in many ways. I will not be here very often but i will be from time to time.Soon i will write and share my last two years.Till then i will pray for all of you and you will be in my heart and in my mind. Now s. Marija Mihaela (Carla)
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    So Yesterday I Turned 21

    I joined this website when I was 14. Let that sink in and feel old. I got to celebrate my birthday by serving for His Eminence, Cardinal Burke. It was my second time meeting him, and he is such a kind and gentle man. Knowing it was my 21st birthday, he allowed an exception in his busy schedule so I could have a picture with him. Then this morning after serving Mass for him again, I spoke with him afterwards and asked him to sign a copy of Hope For the World. His response was "For you? How could I say no?" I could have melted. Anyway, for the more alcoholic-interested people, I went to a great Irish pub in Dallas and had an ale for my first drink, which was fantastic. I knew I hated beer and didn't know what the difference was, but I knew I love ye olde England, and chose a drink based off that. Smithwick's ale is fantastic and I will be ordering another one when possible. Someone bought me a whiskey despite my protests, and, as expected, I despised it. I then tried a frozen margarita which, as expected, I hated. And the low quality picture, for those of you who are still mildly interested in that. It's unfortunate it isn't great, but he was in a hurry, plus there are a ton of other pictures that will be coming out soon.
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    2017 Entrances, Vows, and Ordinations

    The Trappist monastery of Our Lady of the Mississippi has received a postulant, Sr. Mary Gabriel. Check out the photo - either the novice director is very short, or Sr. Mary Gabriel is very tall. (Depending on when you read this, you may have to look in the Blog Archive under 2017 February.) http://mississippiabbey.blogspot.com/
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    Continued Health Problems

    I saw my doctor this morning for my post-op appointment and she was unable to find anything. Her words were "everything was pristine." I'm stumped. I have been having continuing pain, especially last night and this morning, and I don't know what is causing it. My urinalysis was normal so my doctor said to follow-up with a gastroenterologist. I already had an appointment for Friday but I was able to change the appointment for tomorrow morning. I'm having really bad lower left abdominal cramping and some changes in my bowels. Diverticulitis and colitis run in my family and my doctor said it's a definite possibility. If my GI agrees, I may need a colonoscopy and/or endoscopy to check the inside of my colon and/or stomach. Please say some prayers that my GI helps me out so I can get a handle on what is ailing me. I'm scheduled to return to work 1 week from today and I don't want to worry about further pain.
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    do you wish those who reject papal infallibility would leave the church?

    I would rather they repent and be saved rather than leave the Church
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    Phatmass beard balm, oil, cologne.

    The phatmass beard balm has been perfected. Formula #12's scent will be called "100 Year Old Cathedral". Packaging coming soon, along with beard oil, body butter and cologne. Why have your friends say "you smell good" when they could be saying "you smell holy"!?