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  1. DivineIntervention added a post in a topic: 2010 Entrances   

    Entering the SSVM Novitiate in May 2010 (God-Willing that is)!

  2. DivineIntervention added a post in a topic: Flea Markets   

    i love flea markets, they always have a bunch of random stuff there
  3. DivineIntervention added a post in a topic: Youtube Videos You've Seen Recently   

    cartwheel shotput! it was crazy
  4. DivineIntervention added a post in a topic: What City, State Do You Live In?   

    Berlin, New Hampshire:)

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  1. DivineIntervention

    Hey, I just saw on VS that you're entering the SSVM (God willing) May 2010 -- THIS month! Just wanted to send a big "Congratulations!" and many prayers headed your way! :)

  2. DivineIntervention

    Oooh, that's weird about the e-mail thing... oh well! Here's my e-mail: laetitia_crucis(at)yahoo(dot)com :)

  3. DivineIntervention

    Hmmmm.... I've never played field hockey in Gorham (though I've been there), and I've never been to the girls' camp either. :) Oh well! :lol: Anyhoo -- what kind of questions do you have? If you'd like, you can e-mail me from my profile page and I generally tend to give rather detailed answers to those inquiring. :)

  4. DivineIntervention

    The 10 post pre-Vocation Station is to prevent spammers from coming there; however, I've seen a few times when someone has been able to post there with under 10 posts. (It was strange.) Anyhoooo, I hope this helps! :)

  5. DivineIntervention

    Hey! :) What you say is true, and I have been up to NH in August with them as well. :) (Do I know you? lol) If you have any questions regarding them, feel free to send me a private message! Also, to be able to post in the Vocation Station, you have to have 10 active posts (this means posting anywhere outside of the Lame Board to count), and then you can post to Vocation Station.

  6. DivineIntervention

    Hi, DivineIntervention! Welcome to Phatmass! I saw that you had stopped by my profile, so I thought I should come by and say hello. :) How can I help you to use Phatmass better?

  7. DivineIntervention

    umm if anyone could help me figure out how to use this that'd be great thanks;)

  8. DivineIntervention

    Not quite sure how to use this yet? lol