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  1. jet100 added a post in a topic: Beautiful New Novice!   

    My friend Sadie is in this convent. She is a postulant there and should be a novice soon
  2. jet100 added a post in a topic: The St. Monica Club   

    Can I join this club?? I feel like I could be Margeret Teresa twin sister. I hide catholic material in my book, I am devoted catholic girl who is stuck in the closet and lives in a ANTI catholic home...
    I will post my long story for you all to read soon
  3. jet100 added a post in a topic: What Do You Want Your Religious Name To Be?   

    Sister Cameron Suzannah of Divine Mercy or Sister Suzannah Bernadette of the Sacred Heart
  4. jet100 added a post in a topic: Entering Visitation Monastery Countdown   

    Good luck entering

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  1. jet100

    depressed over Pope benedict resigning. He will always still be my role model for converting to the church.

  2. jet100

    Jesus is on my mind

  3. jet100

    Jesus is on my mind

  4. jet100 » carmelite15

    prayers and thinking about.

  5. jet100

    sometimes life makes you feel alone :( and I hate that feeling

    1. MargaretTeresa


    2. BG45

      Sorry! You're not alone though! :)

  6. jet100

    confused and tired :( but so in love with Jesus,Mary and the Church

    1. MargaretTeresa

      praying for you, my friend.

  7. jet100

    Welcome to phatmass phamily :)