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  1. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Story Of A Soul   

    I was told by 3 different Carmelite Prioresses that the Fr. Ronald Knox's edition - not translation really - of "A Story of A Soul" was the bests because it is word for word what St. Therese originally wrote.

    The other editions, (unless there is one besides Fr. Knox's) who just printed exactly from her copybooks, they are the versions that Mother Agnes (St. Therese's blood sister) edited/rewrote a lot of it and not what St. Therese herself wrote.

    I have this version, the Clarke's and another and there is a difference. I prefer Knox's book.

    There is a Knox Story of a Soul here at Amazon, [url=""][/url] - for 1 penny!

    My book has a different cover than this one on Amazon.
  2. SrBenigna added a post in a topic I Really Want To Buy This!   

    I had seen this too but notice this line in the description: [size="4"]"The bottom part of the head dress - In real life is longer then able to be shown as extends down over breast area". [size="2"]

    It seems[/size][/size] as if the one you will actually GET will NOT be the long one that goes down the chest and is below the scapular. The picture shows a short one that will not work with a scapular - like there will be a gap between the scapular and this white part that should go farther down the chest.

    If you are really interested, you should email the seller and verify it because between his description and the picture of this part of the headdress, it does NOT look like the picture of the woman/nun wearing it.
  3. SrBenigna added a topic in Vocation Station   

    "the Angels Of The Arctic Circle" On Ewtn 1/10
    "This unique documentary focuses on a new light in the highly secularized country of Norway: a monastery built just inside the Arctic Circle where an order of Carmelite nuns has become an oasis of healing and wisdom for believers and nonbelievers alike."

    EWTN January 10th -

    Eastern Time: 3:00 am and 6:30 pm

    Central Time: 1:00 am and 5:30 pm

    Pacific Time: 12:00 am and 3:30 pm
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  4. SrBenigna added a topic in Vocation Station   

    St. Maravillas Of Jesus, Carmelite
    [size="3"]This Sat, December 11th, is the feast day of St. Maravillas of Jesus,[b] [/b]OCD. What fascinates me and what I love about her is that she led her nuns through the Second Vatican Council to a more profound living of the Carmelite charism [b]without[/b] discarding traditions, the full traditional Carmelite habit and she sought only the original inspiration, rule, constitutions of the foundress, the Holy Mother Saint Teresa, and that was recommended by the council fathers.

    [i][indent]It redounds to the good of the Church that institutes have their own particular characteristics and work. Therefore let their founders' spirit and special aims they set before them as well as their sound traditions-all of which make up the patrimony of each institute-be faithfully held in honor. (Perfecta..)

    [/indent][/i][/size][size="3"]One of many websites: [url=""]http://www.lasvegasm...adre.htm#PHOTOS[/url]

    Novena Prayer to St. Maravillas of Jesus[/b][/size]

    [i]"Whenever God wants, how He wants and when He wants"[/i]

    [size="3"]O Jesus Christ, thou who didst command us to learn from Thy Heart
    humility and meekness, I give thee thanks for having glorified in the
    Church Thy humble servant, Saint Maravaillas of Jesus.

    In this way, Thou hast shown, O Lord, that she has been rewarded in
    Heaven for her faithfulness in serving Thee here on earth. May the
    example of her virtues instill in many souls the desire to follow the
    certain way, the truth and the life, which is Thine alone. Through the
    intercession of Saint Maravillas, I ask that Thou wilt grant what I now

    (Make request than say: :1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be)

    Videos on St. Maravillas: [size="2"]Saint Maria Maravillas of Jesus Parts 1 & 2 (by carmelite15 I believe?): Part 1


    Part 2 [media] feature=related[/media]

    A great book on her I have - expensive here but have seen it cheaper in other online rare/out-of-print book stores:
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  5. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Strictest Carmelite Convents In The U.s.?   

    [quote name='Rising_Suns' timestamp='1290899548' post='2189575']

    For a glimpse of traditional [i]French[/i] Carmelite spirit, I would recommend watching this movie;
    [url=""][/url] (the English subtitles are not yet up online, but the subtitles are not necessary to observe the "French style")

    For a glimpse of traditional [i]Spanish [/i]Carmelite spirit, I would recommend watching Saint Teresa of the Andes, and also reading her diary/letters. This young saint I believe is the embodiment of the organic development of the Carmelite spirit.

    Everyone discerning a vocation to Carmel should read her letters!


    I haven't watched this whole movie yet so unless they change their clothing, it's strange how the habits look like Benedictine habits more than Carmelite habits!
  6. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Strictest Carmelite Convents In The U.s.?   

    [quote name='holly.o' timestamp='1290823991' post='2189458']
    Random question that's somewhat off-topic (sorry, brandee!)... I heard someone once say there are Spanish- & French-descended Carmels and that they have different styles. Does anyone know which are which in the US?

    I only know that Buffalo is definitely a foundation from Mexico, and I'm wondering if the other above Carmels noted for their strictness are either French or Spanish in origin. Not that that proves or disproves anything (France has some pretty strict non-Carmels!), but I'm just curious...

    Another random question... but since we're speaking Carmels, shouldn't vee8 be back by now? Hmmmmm....

    The Carmel of Cristo Rey in San Francisco was founded from a Carmel in Mexico that was founded from a Carmel in Spain that was a foundation of St. Teresa of Avila's.
  7. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Dominican Sisters On Oprah Again.   

    Don't forget that Oprah and probably most of her fans/audience are into that new age nonsense, etc so they would of course be ant-Jesus and anti-catholic. So much of her shows, guests, books she pushes is so bad.
  8. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Good Books On Carmel?   

    I got the following books from, who has some low prices:

    [b][size="2"]Practice of Mental Prayer and of Perfectio, Volume One - [url=""][/url][/size] [/b]

    Practice of Mental Prayer and of Perfection, Volume Two - [url=""][/url][/size]

    [b]Autobiography of Bl. Anne of St. Bartholomew - [url=""][/url][/b] - Bl. Anne of St. Bartholomew was the inseparable companion of St. Teresa of Avila. To quote the preface, "To know St. Teresa thoroughly well, one must have this Life of Sr. Anne."

    [b]Life and Works of St. Mary Magdalen De-Pazzi - [url=""][/url]
  9. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Good Books On Carmel?   

    Besides, "My Beloved" and others mentioned in this thread, these are some of the books I have - besides St. Teresa of Avila's, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa Benedicta's and Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity's books.

    I recently bought this book: "A Gem from the Diamond Mine - The Live of Venerable Margaret of the Blessed Sacrament" from [url=""]http://www.sistersof...-carmelites.php[/url] - also other great books here on Carmelite saints, prayer, etc. (I know these sisters aren't in line with Rome but they are a good source of books at great prices)

    Also Mother Isabel, a nun in Lisieux Carmel: [url=""][/url]

    "He is My Heaven: The Life of Elizabeth of the Trinity" - [url=""][/url]

    "God is All Joy: The Life of St. Teresa of the Andes" - [url=""][/url]

    Holy Hill Publishers, great books on St. Teresa of the Andes and others: [url=""]http://giftstore.hol...rine/page2.html[/url]

    "Sister Camilla The Carmelite: Or the Life and Times of Madame De Soyecourt AD 1757 to 1849" - [url=""][/url]

    "Mariam the Little Arab, Sr. Mary of Jesus Crucified (1846-1878)" - [url=""][/url] - unavailable here at Amazon but I've seen it other places online like at Abe books,,, etc. I bought a great book on her at the Carmelites of Philadelphia's little one room gift shop they have in the front of their monastery (near the turn) - it think it is written by a nun in her Carmel or her confessor.
  10. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Therese   

    I thought this "Therese" movie was alright - not great and not like I thought it would be.

    My favorite movie on St. Therese is the old black and white 50's movie, "Miracle of St. Therese" - available at [url=""][/url] - with some pics from the movie.

    The French actress playing Therese looks somewhat like her. I think this movie was more accurate. Given any movie making, they almost never get the movie to be the exact same as the book or the person. But at least the good ones try.

    Like some of the St. Clare and St. Francis movies, while they are good and I have them on DVD, it's nuts how some of these movies have St. Clare the same age as St. Francis when he was 12 yrs older than her! But at least people are making movies on saints so I don't mind too much!
  11. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Daughters Of Mary Mother Of Israel's Hope Website   

    Sr. Rosalind has left Tyringham Visitation where she spent a year in novitiate formation and has been back in St. Louis since June/July this year. She is recovering from a fall that resulted in several fractures but she said she is recovering quickly.

    She is still on Catholic Answers Live radio show on Thursdays once a month - she was on last Thursday - check their archives on this and past radio shows.

    I also believe she said on an early radio show of CAL that she was staying with a community of nearby sisters as her convent wasn't ready or something like that. The best way to get updates is to either write or email her or listen to the CAL radio show as she gives her status on air.
  12. SrBenigna added a topic in Vocation Station   

    The Traditional Carmelite Monks Of Wyoming
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  13. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Pictures From Elysburg, Pa Carmel   

    The Carmel in Kirk Edge, Sheffield, UK has a small altar with the monstrance for the sister's adoration:

    Scroll down a bit. (Sorry I have no clue how to insert pictures!)
  14. SrBenigna added a post in a topic Desert Experience Retreat   


    Did you ever get to visit the Visitation nuns in Mobile?
  15. SrBenigna added a post in a topic "young Nuns Getting Into The Habit" - Mtv News Video   

    I guess I should have said where I found this video! I definitely do not watch MTV! Strangely, I found it on the Vocations section of a diocese's website. They should also put in a link for Phatmass and the Vocation Station video site or blog?