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  1. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: The end of the world   

    hello from amreeka. I really should be going to bed soon
  2. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: If marijuana is legal is it moral?   

    ipa is disgusting*
    *I fully expect to get banned from phatmass but as  a lover of truth, I could not remain silent
  3. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: Careless Words Reflection   

    I meant to type homily instead of harmony. my typos are getting crazyyy
    ​Jack chick is at least entertaining. I think the "satanic" christian rock band was one of my faves.
  4. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: Careless Words Reflection   

    That was a really excellent harmony. Too bad I clicked on a video after that was titled "The Pope is killing Christians" in which I discovered that the Popes actually wrote the Quran to have an army of Christian-killers because they hate Christians so much.
    I've exceeded my daily dose of crazy
  5. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: I'm sick   

    Been feeling pretty smell of elderberries.y for the past 3 days. Will spare you the gory details. If you could drop me a quick prayer I'd appreciate it.
  6. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: God Is LOVE   

    you may have meant that credo, but the whole "Jesus drove sinners out of the temple with a whip" argument . . . I can usually see that from a mile away before it's even said. That's how overused it is. And the worst is that people use that as justification of being a jerkwad. Even if that's not what you're using it for, that's how it might be perceived by others.
  7. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: Dude....   

    I would buy a meh shirt. Are there meh shirts?!
  8. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: 8 Major Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic   

    If there's no gay genes, are there gay jeans?
  9. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: Why Is Transgender(ism ?) Homosexuality Not A Mental Disorder   

    you're all a bunch of dirty nerds
  10. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: God Is LOVE   

    the reason I didn't say anything to anyone else is I didn't think anyone else here could appreciate the whole "admonishing the sinner bit" more than you ;). I know you get tired ragging on you about being the resident fetus but youth does need to be tempered sometimes. I used to run on ad nauseum about all sorts of croutons because I felt that I was RIGHT and, by God, I will make them understand my rightness. Some might still say I'm long-winded, I digress.
    Why did I only address you though, in all seriousness? I don't know maybe I'm an ageist jerk. Maybe I sympathized more with the other side of the debate. Who knows, it's the internet.
  11. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: Only Catholics In Heaven !   

    ​You drive me crazy, and I'll tell you why. You frequently go on and on about how awful and judgmental religion and religious people are, and how it's a crying shame we are not more tolerant and accepting.
    And then you go ahead and say things like this. Do you not see the blatant contradiction? Or is it OK to call people pejoratives if they don't pass some sort of litmus test of tolerance? Practice what you preach.
  12. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: Do you believe in freedom of worship?   

    ok john lennon
  13. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: God Is LOVE   

    ​But it's clear that you are offending and possibly hurting someone with your posts, but you seem keen on proving yourself to be "right" before you consider the feelings of others. You're trying to be holy right? But kindness is the hardest part, and you're not being kind and you're not accomplishing anything righteous by being unkind.
  14. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: 8 Major Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic   

    Nothing proves anything. I'm skeptical of any study that claims it proves something about something so complex as human sexuality. That's silly. It's probably heavily genetic for some individuals, more "nurture" for others. There's also an interplay between someone's genes and environment (epigenetics for example, or even how one's cultural understanding of sexuality affects a person's self-concept). It's super complex. I thought we've moved beyond nature vs. nurture. The "born that way" is falling out of vogue anyhow so attacking it as a central principle is just hacking at the branches.
  15. Ice_nine added a post in a topic: 8 Major Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic   

    ​you were obviously part of a set of triplets and she ate the other one to gain strength and assert dominance in the womb.

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  1. Ice_nine

    It's hard knowing that you used to be a better person. Anyone feel me?

    1. Era Might

      Traveler, there is no road, the road is made by walking.

    2. nunsense

      It's hard to judge yourself. Focus on loving God and let Him worry about the details.

  2. Ice_nine

    Got laid off from my temp job. Not a big deal because the job sucked, but Prayers to St. Joseph for employment!

    1. BarbaraTherese

      Prayers to St Joseph The Worker for you,Ice_nine. Hope happy employment will come very soon!

    2. Ice_nine

      thanks woman!

  3. Ice_nine

    thanks to those who prayed for me. I'm starting a full-time job tomorrow. It's only a seasonal position, but it's something!

    1. Xanti

      Woo! amesome! Congrats!

  4. Ice_nine

    I've been off facebook since February. Since then I've lost most contact with my internet folks. Kinda want to go back even though I know it's a giant drain on time/privacy invasion.

    1. brandelynmarie

      I'm wavering about fb a wee bit...thinking about having one just to connect with pholk who play the same games I do...I may change my mind, but I don't trust fb any further than I can throw it... :|

    2. Credo in Deum

      I disconnected facebook for a while and then came back. You're correct on the drain and invasion of privacy. I hardly put any of my personal information on Facebook, including my name.

    3. Ice_nine

      not even your name? haha that's smart. I have an account that I use to follow some bands and companies and linked to other random things but I don't really use it for "social media."

    4. Tab'le De'Bah-Rye

      for me facebook is evil not because of being able to share but because of the industries facebook supports and advertises, just stick with non sign up and advetising free blogs and chat sites. I stopped using fb 2 years ago and delted my account 6 months ago.

  5. Ice_nine

    Wow, a lot of drama happened in my, idk, 10 hour? absence from phat meh

    1. CountrySteve21

      It says its Sham Apts not Phatmeh no more lol

    2. Ice_nine

      I know, but I like phat med better.

      In my heart this place will always be phat meh

  6. Ice_nine » Tony

    you're a rangers fan right?

  7. Ice_nine

    my little cousin recieved his first communion yesterday. Later aunt asks him if he wanted to come inside and eat and he was praying and he tells he "no my stomach is full of God" :)

    1. brandelynmarie

      Awwwww....that's so amesome :)

    2. Spem in alium

      Aww! Cute!!! :D

    3. BarbaraTherese

      Aren't children wonderful and their perspectives a delight!

    4. beatitude


    5. SilentJoy


  8. Ice_nine

    I need to be a better person

    1. Ancilla Domini

      That makes 7.046 billion of us. :)

  9. Ice_nine

    today has kinda suuuuuuuuuuuuuucked

    1. BarbaraTherese

      Hope things will improve!

    2. AnneLine


  10. Ice_nine

    I'm a wee bit depressed

    1. brandelynmarie


    2. AnneLine

      praying for you...

  11. Ice_nine

    I feel like there's a vise on my chest :x

    1. Era Might

      You better catch it before it runs away!

    2. Ice_nine

      era's got jokes today eh?

    3. Luigi

      Call somebody - maybe the emergency room. I've heard heart attacks described similarly.

    4. Seven77

      Better get it checked out as soon as possible if it persists. Did you eat a lot of beans By any chance?

    5. AnneLine

      seriously... get checked ... not something to play around with...

    6. brandelynmarie

      Please take care of you, could be anything...

    7. Ice_nine

      oh oops, I was just feeling really anxious and being sorta metaphorical! Trust me if I had a medical problem I wouldn't post it on phatmass lol. But it's nice to know you were all concerned about my heart :)

  12. Ice_nine

    Going to a Spanish mass, because sometimes it's good to not understand what the hell anyone around you is saying.

    1. Light and Truth

      But the homily???

      En Espanol?

    2. Seven77

      sometimes its best not to understand the homily either...

  13. Ice_nine

    I am completely faking my way through life. 100%. Who's with me?

    1. CatholicsAreKewl

      Are you considering becoming an actress? You're too smart for that.

    2. FutureCarmeliteClaire

      Aye aye

    3. Ice_nine

      well you think I'm smart so I'd say I'm pretty beaver dam good at this acting gig

    4. CatholicsAreKewl

      good actors are stupid

    5. brandelynmarie

      Most days I don't know what I'm doing, does that count?

    6. Ice_nine

      sure does

    7. sixpence

      you sound like a grad student!

    1. Tab'le De'Bah-Rye

      Me too. But i must loose some weight or my mum is going to stay cranky at me.

  14. Ice_nine

    don't care about things really

    1. CatholicsAreKewl

      psychopaths unite!

    2. Tab'le De'Bah-Rye

      For i think we as chrstians are kind of called to be psychopaths, to have thick skin and not let any but God into the deepest depths of our hearts.f we let to much in the heart becomes a junkyard with no room for Jesus to live in. :)

  15. Ice_nine

    been having some waves of bad anxiety lately. Like little nettles

    1. arfink

      sorry I gave you the jibblies

    2. Ice_nine

      it is really your fault. The blame lies squarely at your feet sir

    3. arfink

      so sorry :( can I bring you anything? hot sake? cocoa? the head of John the Baptist?

    4. Ice_nine

      yes to the whole thing

    5. jeffboom

      turn up the valium

  16. Ice_nine

    lolololol snoop lion feat miley cyrus?

    1. Ice_nine

      my life is complete

  17. Ice_nine

    I don't want your sympathy, I just want you to feel bad for me :)

    1. Light and Truth

      Boo who?

  18. Ice_nine

    *sigh* wish I could just say "I need someone to talk to," but I'm more in the market for a mind-reader.

    1. Light and Truth

      My psychic powers are a bit low right now, but I am sensing that someone needs a hug. *hug*

    2. AnneLine


  19. Ice_nine

    We are not crabs in a bucket. We should stop acting like it tho.

    1. AnneLine

      I "LOVE" that comment! I am going to hang onto that one!

  20. Apotheoun » Ice_nine

    You might want to peruse the CDF document condemning same sex unions, which simultaneously speaks of the duty of the state "to promote and defend marriage as an institution essential to the common good."

    1. Apotheoun

      Click the link to read the CDF document in full:

  21. Ice_nine » sixpence

    I noticed your avatar

    1. Ice_nine

      I just finished the third book a week ago. Freaking aw.esome book :)

    2. sixpence

      I just finished it monday!!!! AHH! I hope the movie is decent!!

  22. Ice_nine » sixpence

    I noticed your avatar

  23. Basilisa Marie » Ice_nine

    Haha thanks! You're the first to notice! :D That's probably my favorite song. :)