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  1. Hasan added a post in a topic: Do you believe in freedom of worship?   

    Power used for you can always be used against you. Society is becoming less religious. Let's all use our critical thinking skills to fill in the gaps here.
  2. Hasan added a post in a topic: @Winchester   

    This is a personal conversation between me and Winchester. Please respect that privacy. Thanks.
  3. Hasan added a post in a topic: @Winchester   

  4. Hasan added a post in a topic: If marijuana is legal is it moral?   

  5. Hasan added a post in a topic: Welcome to the upgraded phorum   

  6. Hasan added a post in a topic: Using the @ symbol is cool!   

    ​ @dUSt
  7. Hasan added a post in a topic: Maggie's Thread   

    This is Maggie's thread. Here she can store her stuff and cake without Lilllabettt stealing it.
  8. Hasan added a post in a topic: Lilllabettt's Thread   

    This is Lilllabettt's thread. All who post things that are off topic or in any way distort Lilllabettt's glory will be brutally murdered.
  9. Hasan added a post in a topic: Maggie & Lilllabettt   

    no each other irl???
  10. Hasan added a post in a topic: Politics   

  11. Hasan added a post in a topic: Mars One Top 100 Candidates Released   

    The Oscars didn't nominate Interstellar for Best Picture. Just let that sink in. #deathtotheoscars
  12. Hasan added a post in a topic: Who Is The Best Former Moderator   

    Hey everybody, appreciate the input but let's keep the discussion to the poll options. Thanks
  13. Hasan added a post in a topic: Global Warming is a hoax.   

  14. Hasan added a post in a topic: Global Warming is a hoax.   

    Right. Well, if the guy with a journalism degree who started a television channel says it then it must be true. 
  15. Hasan added a post in a topic: Global Warming is a hoax.   

    Basically. I would like a carbon tax on carbon-heavy industries in the developing world if such a design were realistic.

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  1. John Ryan » Hasan

    I am beginning to like you.

  2. Hasan

    Sometimes I get sad so I sing a happy song to myself and then I feel better lol

    1. Light and Truth

      Sometimes I get so sad that I listen to a song about having a bad day and I feel better.

    2. Not The Philosopher

      Sometimes I get sad so I start talking to myself and then all the customers avoid me and I feel better lol

    3. Winchester

      shut up, idiot

    4. Amppax

      When I'm sad, I listen to Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. Makes me feel dreadful. It's wonderful.

    5. Chestertonian

      Another Elliot Smith fan!

  3. Hasan

    Had whiskey, sausage, hummus, and pita chips for dinner.

    1. Era Might

      that sounds pretty good except for the hummus...and i'd nix the pita chips for tortilla chips

    2. ardillacid

      That's cute ^_^

    3. Selah

      Hummus is amesome. Era Might is just a hater.

    4. Light and Truth

      Yum. :)

  4. Hasan


    1. Light and Truth


  5. Hasan

    All we need is just a little patience

  6. Hasan

    What is this devilry?

    1. ardillacid

      I find this a bit qwerty

  7. LittleWaySoul » Hasan

    Question-- why do you always have women celebrities as your picture? Just wondering :)

  8. Hasan

    Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter-accusations

  9. Hasan

    Sometimes I go out and lick random frogs just to feel alive... :(

    1. dominicansoul

      poor frogs

    2. arfink

      po' baby

    3. LittleWaySoul

      I like frogs <3

  10. Little Flower » Hasan

    is hasan's profile pic a girl or a boy?

  11. missionseeker » Hasan

    so I was just watching the news. It says the seals were sent to help the rangers. Which I guess would make more sense.

  12. Hasan

    Your face has lost touch with reality.

    1. Annie12

      I just had to mention that you have 666 on you page. lol!!!

  13. Hasan

    Come on darlin', let me steal this moment from you now

  14. Hasan


  15. Hasan

    Your faggotry ends here

  16. Hasan

    Quiet, you!

  17. Hasan

    i am here to officially let you know that you lost. HAHHAHAHAH


  18. Hasan

    I don't want no scrubs.

  19. Hasan

    you rock. hollaz!

  20. Hasan

    I think it's funny when you repeat yourself.

  21. Hasan

    you're welcome

  22. Hasan

    i member one time i saw this fine thing standin in the doorway and im like hey girl let me holla at u sexy you fine boi let me buy you a piece of pizza then take you back to my place and show you da stars and he was like hollaz!

    consider yourself trolled.

  23. Hasan

    I think it's funny when you think I have scruples.

  24. Hasan

    mitchy say hi