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    [mod]Permaban. -dUSt[/mod]
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    Oh I see. 
    You might right about the Carmelites.  Although the Carmelites in Christoval are O.Carm and would not necessarily be following St. Teresa of Avila's advise on matters, however, maybe they did take that into consideration.  Or maybe that rule was already in place when St. Teresa entered Carmel. Either way I think it is a good "rule" to have.  I do not use my parish priest for my confessor.  I go to another priest. 
  3. ACS67 added a post in a topic Eucharist Question   

    What you are describing is Jansenism Delivery Boy.  It's a heresy. 
  4. ACS67 added a post in a topic Legionaries Of Christ   

    I was told while visiting the Carmelite Nuns in Christoval that the monastery chaplain cannot be the confessor or spiritual director.  The prioress said she thought it was canon law but was not certain of that.  I had never heard that before.  I just assumed that the chaplain who said Mass for the Sisters everyday also heard their confessions and was their spiritual director.  Nope.  Another priest came in to hear confessions for them every 2 weeks even though their chaplain lived less than a half a mile away.  :)
  5. ACS67 added a post in a topic Bride Of Christ   

    I'm glad you weighed in on this Benedictus!  I appreciated your answer and I agree with it.  Thank you!
  6. ACS67 added a post in a topic Women's Orders!   

    Yes.  I agree.  Ask questions.  Ask a ton of questions.  This was one of the first questions I asked the Carmelites in Christoval, "How do you support yourself?"  Carmelites are mendicant therefore they rely mostly on donations from the faithful.  The Sisters do not have an "industry" like their brother hermits do in the same town.  However, the Order of Carmelites (O. Carm) have been around for a long time and they are well established financially and can provide for formation and other expenses.  I also asked, if I were accepted into the community, what I would need to bring.  Would I need health insurance? (no) Would I need to provide for my own personal items for the first 6 months to a year? (No) Would I keep my bank account and any personal property?  (If I wanted to I could, until solemn vows, it would be my choice).  I have found that if you don't ask these questions and others, many of the communities will not volunteer the information.  Not out of ill-will.  I think perhaps they just assume either you already know the answers or such and such an issue is not important to you. 
    I understand these newer orders are not well established and therefore they may be asking a lot more of their postulants/novices than an older, more established community but I must say some of the requirements and the list of things that a postulant has to bring with her is just astounding to me, not to mention all the tests, physical and mental, sometimes 2-3 different priests references (I barely know my parish priest and he barely knows me because our parish is so large and he has so many other duties outside of the parish), 3-4, sometimes 5 character references from others, then all the personal items, many of which you have to go out and buy!  It can be overwhelming.  This element factored heavily in which community I would and could choose.  
  7. ACS67 added a post in a topic Mysterious Priest Performs Miracle At Site Of Mercedes Crash   

    I love this story and have shared it (and the USA today article) with others.  Thank you Reinnier for posting it.
  8. ACS67 added a post in a topic Mysterious Priest Performs Miracle At Site Of Mercedes Crash   

    Wow!  That's great! 
  9. ACS67 added a post in a topic Community Of Saint John   

    Just a slight correction.  The Carmelites have been around for 806 years (they celebrated 800 years in 1207).  The DISCALCED Carmelites have been around for 400 +. 
  10. ACS67 added a post in a topic How Would You Feel If The Phorum Changed To This?   

    I've heard the Wordpress forums are practically "hassle-free".  I know a forum that switched to it and the owner loves it.  He didn't care for it much at first but once he realized how much less he had to hassle with his forum regarding technical issues and how cost effective it was he was happy that he switched. 
    I'm a real "frugal fran"  with time and money so my opinion is if it is less work for you Dust and you save money in the process, I say go for it.   
  11. ACS67 added a post in a topic Carmelite Nuns, Christoval, Texas   

    The Sisters said they see them every now and then.  The hermits live about 25-30 minutes away from the Sisters.  The hermits are much closer to town (what little town there is! :) Christoval only has roughly 500+ people in it! LOL).   I heard they (the hermits) make great jams. 
  12. ACS67 added a post in a topic Bride Of Christ   

    Who would have thought there would be "bridezillas" in the consecrated life.  I mean really....Goodness gracious! Great balls of fire! 
  13. ACS67 added a post in a topic Bride Of Christ   

    What more needs to be said?  You and others have talked this vocation to death.  If people want more information than what has been covered in these 25+ pages then perhaps they can do some old fashion "Googlin".... There is plenty of information out there.
    Just let this thread die.  That would be the best thing.   Please. 
  14. ACS67 added a post in a topic Bride Of Christ   

    Wow! That's interesting stuff and I have only read the first 20 pages.  I have already voiced my opinion on this whole matter so I won't comment further.  But thank you for the link to that dissertation. 
  15. ACS67 added a post in a topic Carmelite Nuns, Christoval, Texas   

    The Liturgy of the Hours is chanted in English, Gregorian chant.  Just some of their hymns are in Latin.  The Te Deum, for instance.  That was beautiful.  I had never heard that chanted in Latin before.  It was great! 
    Yes! I had heard of Joliet while living in Chicago.  Snow!  Oh boy yes, and 30 below zero wind chill.  My lungs felt like glass!  I have never felt anything like that in my life nor since then have I.   I lived in an apartment that was "all bills paid" which means the landlord controlled the heat!  I wore so many layers of clothing to keep warm I looked like the Michelin Man!  :)