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  1. Byzantine added a post in a topic: Church Militant Pledge Thread   

  2. Byzantine added a post in a topic: Tablets   

    I'm thinking of getting a tablet for school (easier to bring with me on my commute than a laptop). I like iOS and was considering an iPad mini. Any recommendations?
    Also, what happened to the phorum in my absence???
  3. Byzantine added a post in a topic: The Person Below Me ... Take 2   

    What drama?
    TPBM also just returned to PM and has no idea what drama Max is talking about.
  4. Byzantine added a post in a topic: The Person Below Me ... Take 2   

    I think so, since I'll be at the Pirates game!
    TPBM feels a twinge of fear followed by paralysis when asked what their favorite anything is.
  5. Byzantine added a post in a topic: The Person Below Me ... Take 2   

    Next week!
    TPBM likes Orthodox Grumpy Cat.
  6. Byzantine added a post in a topic: The Person Below Me ... Take 2   

    Not sure what ya mean, Moosey.
    TPBM speaks an African language.
  7. Byzantine added a post in a topic: Big Retreat   

    I'm helping out at a big Byzantine Catholic retreat camp this weekend, starting today. I'm giving two or three talks and have other responsibilities. So, if you could pray for all of us. Thanks!
  8. Byzantine added a post in a topic: Must Eastern Catholics Accept Ic?   

    My answer would be no, because the Catholic faith is one, and there is nothing Melkites "don't have to accept." Though, terminology-wise, could be a completely different question. So, as I understand it, Maronites will refer to Purgatory, Immaculate Conception, etc (real Maronites correct me if I'm wrong), while Melkites won't. That doesn't have to be a rejection of the truths they pertain to, though.
  9. Byzantine added a post in a topic: The Person Below Me ... Take 2   

    Nope. Maybe a slightly greenish thumb, but that's it.
    TPBM loves the smell of incense in the morning... and the afternoon... and 1 in the morning... and basically any time you can smell it.
  10. Byzantine added a post in a topic: Bacon!   

    "Is there any bacon, Gandalf, for Frodo and Sam?"
    "There never was much bacon. Just a fool's bacon." –Lord of Breakfast, The Return of the Bacon
  11. Byzantine added a post in a topic: Bacon!   

    How to Train Your Bacon
  12. Byzantine added a post in a topic: The Person Below Me ... Take 2   

    If you count my student ID for the school library, yes.
    TPBM enjoys watching baseball on TV.
  13. Byzantine added a post in a topic: Must Eastern Catholics Accept Ic?   

    There  are other Byzantine-rite Catholic Churches besides the Melkites, ya know.
    Here are the directories for the three Ruthenian eparchies (dioceses) and the archeparchy in the US. Keep in mind that the eparchy with jurisdiction over an area isn't always the logical one (Pittsburgh has jurisdiction over Texas, for example) and that some eparchies share states between them (Passaic and Pittsburgh share PA, for instance):
    Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, PA:
    Eparchy of Parma, OH:
    Eparchy of Phoenix, AZ:
    Eparchy of Passaic, NJ:
    Also, if you live anywhere near Cleveland, go to the Byzantine Catholic Cultural Center.
  14. Byzantine added a post in a topic: How Do I Address A Bishop If I Meet One?   

    It is among Byzantine Catholics. Our Archbishop (that is, His Excellency WILLIAM (Skurla), Archbishop of Pittsburgh and Metropolitan of the United States) is Excellency and the other bishops are Graces.
    Well, could be worse for them: they could be Eastern. We just have to hit the hand, which is easier than the ring.
    I do (the hand, that is, not the ring #ImaByzCat), but only when a blessing is given or something. One priest I know kind of finds it awkward, I think. Another is probably used to it by now, whatever his personal thoughts on it. Especially given that his mom does it. To him.
  15. Byzantine added a post in a topic: Must Eastern Catholics Accept Ic?   

    No. Maronites play Mario while Melkites sit around watching Mel Gibson movies.
    What did happen to Apo, anyway?

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Hi. If you've encountered The Byzantine Bandit anywhere online, I would say there's a good chance that's me.

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  1. Byzantine

    Starting a new semester today. If you don't hear from me until May, that's why. Prayers, please!

    1. TheLordsSouljah

      done deal.

    2. Byzantine


  2. Byzantine

    Why are all the avatars grayscale?

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    2. AnneLine

      not here... try turning off and on your computer... maybe your computer did updates or something? Or check the 'Theme' at the bottom of the page? Are you in 'safe' mode?

    3. Byzantine

      I'm in Metro... How would I know if I was in safe mode?

    4. LittleWaySoul

      They're grayscale for me too, at least on the homepage they are. On personal profiles and in threads they're not.

  3. Byzantine

    Less than two weeks until school starts!

    1. cartermia

      less than a week... cries!!!!!!!

  4. Byzantine

    Oh boy, tagging my blog posts. What fun!

  5. Byzantine

    Wow. Such great comfort from reading Scripture and the Catechism. Gloria Tibi, Domine!

  6. Byzantine » Drowe123

    Why hello sir.

    1. Drowe123

      Im getting use to it

  7. Byzantine

    I actually do honestly enjoy listening to bagpipes.

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    2. FutureCarmeliteClaire

      Same here

    3. Spem in alium

      Me too. There's actually someone living on my street who plays the bagpipes - we hear them occasionally. Lovely sound :)

    4. Byzantine

      Apparently Carnegie Mellon University is the only university in the USA that offers a bagpiping major. One of the guys in my world lit class actually got one to come in. It was cool!

  8. Byzantine

    The air conditioner is now making a chirping noise. We think something might be in the vent. ...

    1. PhuturePriest

      You could use bug spray, but I don't believe spreading bug spray through the air in the house would be a good idea.

    2. DiscerningCatholic

      I laughed way harder at that than I should have...

  9. Byzantine

    Well it's all but official: no PDP for Byz this year.

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    2. LittleWaySoul

      Aww :( Is there any specific reason?

    3. Byzantine

      Yeah, but it might be solved... We shall see.

    4. LittleWaySoul

      I'll keep my fingers crossed ;)

  10. Byzantine

    Done with finals! Happy, yet sad. Thanks for the prayers!

    1. LittleWaySoul

      Lucky duckling.

    2. dominicansoul


  11. Byzantine

    So if you're quoting something, do you include footnote markers from the quoted text?

    1. cmaD2006

      if the footnote markers indicate that you are quoting something that is already referencing something else you should go to the reference and quote that directly. I wrote something recently that didn't need that formality so I just went with quoting the 2ndry source, but for a paper you need to go to the primary source.

    2. Byzantine

      What if the marker just indicates that a word is in the glossary?

  12. Byzantine

    Why is Slugterra so fascinating???

  13. Byzantine

    Why was I not informed of the conclave on here until I met Brother Adam today?

    1. arfink

      Because it's not a conclave, it's a coup.

    2. Tufsoles

      I have know about for couple days. You must of missed the slow boat to rome.

    3. Nihil Obstat

      Dust made everyone promise not to tell you, Byz.

  14. Byzantine

    How do you explain what a soul is to a sixth grader?

  15. Byzantine

    St. Hasa Perm?

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    2. Gabriela

      anagram of "phatmass". see VS phorum.

    3. ardillacid

      I concur.

    4. Light and Truth

      Oh, cool.

  16. Byzantine

    Would appreciate prayers for safe travel. Two more trips to the airport, FUS, and back home to go, and I'm fading. Ought to get to stay home around 11:30.

    1. Selah


    2. CountrySteve21


  17. Byzantine


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    2. Byzantine

      Arthur-like I will establish my dominion from my capital in Pittburgh!

    3. Not The Philosopher

      Tell my uncle I said hi.

    4. Selah


  18. Byzantine

    Is the flu vaccine morally acceptable?

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    2. xTrishaxLynnx

      Some do have it and some don't... I'm not sure how to find out if the current batch does.

    3. 4LoveofJMJ

      I wouldn't. It would not matter if you did. After some research we discovered that the flu vaccine does not even cover the recent virus that is spreading around

    4. Byzantine

      Well, my mom wanted me to get the vaccine. And it seems the pharmacist didn't know which one was clear.

  19. Byzantine

    I could use to improve my telephone skills.

    1. Theoketos

      I could use that too.

  20. Byzantine

    Happy New Year! Selah and Apotheoun (and Light & Truth?) I posted something for you guys here:

  21. Byzantine

    Is it just me, or is there something wrong with the "edit my profile" thing?

    1. theculturewarrior

      I decline to comment.

    2. Selah

      I are having the same problem

  22. Byzantine

    Attempting the first ever Byzantine Catholic novel. As far as I know, untrodden terrain.

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    2. Byzantine

      It is. It even mentions them in passing sort of.

    3. LittleWaySoul


    4. Byzantine

      It's up now.

  23. Byzantine

    Wow. I am easily annoyed right now. What is going on?

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    2. AnneLine

      Hugs & prayers.

    3. Selah

      God loves you *hug*

    4. vee

      male pms

  24. Byzantine

    Praise God! All A's for my first semester (I think; one grade isn't in yet)!

    1. Chrysophylax

      WOW! Good job!

    2. rhetor4christ

      high five!!