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  1. jmjtina added a post in a topic: Prayerful Venting Over Matisyahu   

    I get what he did and why he did it. I probably would have done the same thing.
    His music is still awesome. His faith before and now is geniune. He still has that. I don't see it as a sell out. I see him searching for Truth. I find that pretty courageous in my book. 
    I'd probably read more on it. Hopefully that will help. :bible:
  2. jmjtina added a post in a topic: "child Free" People (maybe A Bit Of A Rant)   

    Agreed. Within certain limits.
    Delaying children by use of birth control, etc. to further personal & professional goal = morally unacceptable
    CCC 2399 The regulation of births represents one of the aspects of responsible fatherhood and motherhood. Legitimate intentions on the part of the spouses do not justify recourse to morally unacceptable means (for example, direct sterilization or contraception).
    Delaying children by delaying marriage to further personal & professional goal = morally acceptable (I know many people who waited until after college to get married, & lived chastely)
    just had to clarify. :bible:
  3. jmjtina added a post in a topic: "child Free" People (maybe A Bit Of A Rant)   

    people freak when I tell them I come from a family of 8. And my youngest brother is in high school.
    It's totally wierd. You should have more kids so they can have heart attacks and just bypass the whole conversation. But it seems as if one kid will do the trick.
    Children are a blessing. People think I'm crazy for being a teacher and wanting to be around little kids all day.  :pinch: 
    Don't forget to offer it up photo. That's some good redemptive suffering for you & your family right there. :pope2:
  4. jmjtina added a post in a topic: Acquaintance Missing In London   

    Thank God.
  5. jmjtina added a post in a topic: American Multinational Oil Company Says 'no' To Homosexual Age   

    Because of my statements, you assume I haven't spoken to ppl who struggle with ssa or have people who I love dearly who identify themselves with ssa and therefore sound ridiculous? You've stated that before in another thread, only it was aimed at your parish priest.
    Wow. For someone who is quick to point out what they did not say to someone, you do the same thing?
    What about staying on topic?
    What about what Apotheoun stated?
    When stating the "homosexual agenda" I think it is crucial for a PM militant to make it crystal clear exactly where they stand, which means, clarifying and defending the Truth of what Mother Church teaches, which is exactly what Apotheoun did. Which is the beauty of phatmass. You don't just get the "media" spoonful of twisted reporting, you get some Phatmass Punch to go with it. (thus, stating the magesterium) And then we can actually talk about how that applies to us in real life. Hence, Socrates buying more Exxon gas, & probably an email of support.
    However, If we are going in circles about political correctness on your end, then by all means, state that. Other than that, your statements only further confuse lurkers as to what Catholics are supposed to believe when faced with buisnesses either being bullied (do we put our blinders on? or think, "What is my role?") and how to use it in thier daily lives. As Catholics, it's important to use the Church's teachings to address these issues, not political correctness.
    Is there an agenda? Anyone who knows Masha Gessen and Peter Thatchell, know there isn't a doubt. 
    Now, anyone familiar with Thomas Peters, knows this young man works with the National Organization of Marriage and his dad is Ed Peters, a well known Canon Lawyer. One of the best debates I've seen on and I think he did a great job. We need to learn how to defend our faith, bottom line, and be militant about it. Tbh, that's the last of this thread I'm gonna say. The magisterium is there to read, and I can say no more. The rest is up to the reader.

  6. jmjtina added a post in a topic: Feast Of Corpus Christi   

    I think even EWTN, Bob and Penny Lord have a segment on the miracles of the Eucharist. So cool! Thanks for sharing.
  7. jmjtina added a post in a topic: Kickstarter Project For Fr. Pontifex's New Album Is Almost Funded&   

    I prayed for this! So excited to see it all come to fruitation!!!
  8. jmjtina added a post in a topic: American Multinational Oil Company Says 'no' To Homosexual Age   

    If it was a non-issue, there wouldn't be any point to amend it's policy.
    It's not a conspiracy. They are actually pretty open about it, the LGBT president is VERY vocal about it. It's one thing to be discrimated against for your sexual orientation, another to bully people into silence or out of business for their beliefs. Quite frankly, Canda is a prime example.
    And if you are "blind" to the agressive behavior of the LGBT community & it's bullying tactics, then ignorance must be bliss. That attitude is the very reason why they get away with such bullying, including the media.
    Your welcome Socrates. I knew you'd be holding the fort down. :cheers:
  9. jmjtina added a post in a topic: Late Term Abortionist Tiller Should Have Been Shot   

  10. jmjtina added a post in a topic: American Multinational Oil Company Says 'no' To Homosexual Age   

    American multinational oil company says 'No' to homosexual agenda  
  11. jmjtina added a post in a topic: Late Term Abortionist Tiller Should Have Been Shot   

    Murder is always wrong. Whether you want to murder a baby or an adult.
    Just because you think the Earth is at the center of our solar system, and you have all these arguments for your case, it doesn't mean it's true. 
  12. jmjtina added a post in a topic: Pope To Lead Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration   

    Don't forget. :bounce:
  13. jmjtina added a post in a topic: Marriage Rules - Catholic Contradiction? How To Tell What Is What?   

    double the ew Theotokos.
  14. jmjtina added a post in a topic: For The Sake Of Argument   

    you know by your own logic, we can't choose heaven either.
    By saying "No" you are rejecting God. Hell is a rejection of God, by free will. People who choose Hell, don't want Heaven. People are damned by their own free will, not by lack of knowledge. 
    You miss the entire point of free will. It's love. Sin hurts our beloved. Hell is ultimately a rejection of the the love God has for us. For those who do not believe, through no fault of their own, I believe in a merciful God. But in my personal experience, the ones who do not know God are freely embracing God. Those who know God are rejecting Him and denying His existence. 
  15. jmjtina added a post in a topic: Goodness   

    "To ask about the good, in fact, ultimately means to turn towards God, the fullness of goodness." Blessed Pope John Paul II

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