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My favorite show is "Cake Boss".

nuff said.

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  1. jmjtina

    which thread, cause that's true of all of them.

  2. jmjtina

    Hi! Hehe, I just now saw the comment you left me. Thank you for the kind words! :)

  3. jmjtina

    no, there's been a dry spell.

  4. jmjtina

    :) you're amesome-er

  5. jmjtina

    thanks for the comment! i've been busy w/ a class i was taking.

  6. jmjtina

    Loves Grassroots Films "The Human Experience"

  7. jmjtina

    Happy Birthday!

  8. jmjtina

    Peace and love be to you.

  9. jmjtina

    right back atcha sister!

  10. jmjtina

    That's good news.

  11. jmjtina

    I would think it would go away after a few days, but clothes and stuff seem to really soak up the smell. Don't know much about it beyond airing it out. Yeah it's possible. I'd throw out the pot.

  12. jmjtina

    "Father, what time is Midnight Mass?" lol.

    Mary Christmas!

  13. jmjtina

    great news--- midnight Mass is at 10:30 this year!

  14. jmjtina

    lol... my comment was too long... here is the rest of it: for four days from the 26th so that’s probably when we’ll have our family gathering. I love Christmas… I mean it’s so amazing that we are going to be celebrating the birth of God in the flesh! Let’s pray for one another that the Christ Child would reign in our hearts and set them ablaze.

  15. jmjtina

    I also love midnight Mass… the birth proclamation gives me goosebumps. The whole extended family here would have a little party afterwards. Unfortunately we will not be able to make it for Christmas Mass at midnight. On Christmas day after Mass we usually have a family gathering, Christmas music playing in the background. My sister will be here, from the sisters of life convent in the Bronx

  16. jmjtina

    doing well here...looking forward to my sister's visit coming up...getting ready for Christmas. how are you doing


  17. jmjtina

    Happy Feastday!!!

  18. jmjtina

    We are doing well, thanks. :) Things are getting better, I'm not as sick as I was a few weeks ago, slowly getting more energy... and I felt the baby kick for the first time this week. Matt felt it for the first time yesterday. That's a "milestone" I was glad to have gotten to. I was so happy I actually cried. lol

  19. jmjtina

    Taped ambulance or chiefs car doors shut, ice water dumping in bay/shower, attack with hose stream, freezing of uniform shirts, inversion of brass or badge, fake calls, left them on scene, shortsheeting, ice cream confiscation

  20. jmjtina

    Seriously, I think the only good vampire is an un undead vampire.

  21. jmjtina

    What do you mean? lol

  22. jmjtina

    Have you ever met Stan Cordero?

    I did at a youth ministry training. He's one amesome guy.

  23. jmjtina

    i really, really like your personal statement :)

  24. jmjtina

    happy one to ya, m'lady :)