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  1. Raphael added a post in a topic: Win A Free T-Shirt   

    This totally isn't meant to compete with dUSt's inventory because it's free, so I hope this post won't get flagged.
    Vocation Boom (where I work) is offering a free t-shirt giveaway. All you have to do is like the page and share this post.
    Here's the t-shirt:

  2. Raphael added a post in a topic: This Place Looks Perfect....   

    Smells funny, too.
  3. Raphael added a post in a topic: Aspergers/autism   

    This may well be true. It's an interesting comment. I'm pretty certain I'm on it. My list of symptoms that fit the DSM-V is around 75+ now. Yet most people in regular interaction with me won't notice anything is odd, unless we hit on one of my special topics or if I open up around them and don't shut up or if I find a tangent or make a bad joke. I think a large part of that is that my parents taught me good manners, so I say please and thank you, respond to small talk (even if I don't see the point of it), smile at people (which is uncomfortable), etc. I wonder how many others would fit perfectly on the spectrum but go unnoticed because they don't remind anyone of Rain Man.
  4. Raphael added a post in a topic: Aspergers/autism   

    I can relate to that.
  5. Raphael added a post in a topic: Aspergers/autism   

  6. Raphael added a post in a topic: Aspergers/autism   

    I've had that happen. I taught a couple Asperger's kids. They were great and I related to them better than most of my peers, but they still had different interests from mine, and sometimes they were very unappealing.
  7. Raphael added a post in a topic: Aspergers/autism   

    I find meditation difficult for 2 reasons: 1) It's hard to appreciate what a person may have felt. 2) It's very hard to get my one-track mind off whatever obsession I have at the time.

    I've recently discovered that asking myself questions about the situation I'm meditating on, and then answering those questions, is helpful. It gets me to focus on the details of the mystery I'm meditating on, and details can help pull us away from own interests. So, third sorrowful mystery might be approached this way: "How heavy might the crown of thorns have been? Probably light, but the soldiers would have pushed it down on His scalp. That would have hurt if it had a lot of thorns. How many thorns might it have had? 144 would be a good symbolic number, but we'll never know. Maybe a few dozen? Okay. What would that have done to Him? It would have made Him bleed in multiple spots. His blood itself becomes a crown. He is crowned by His sacrifice."

    Also, while I can't appreciate what another - as another - is going through, but I can imagine from life experience how I would feel in that situation. That's limiting, of course. I have no experience being the Messiah. I can't do it too well for Mary because I have no experience being a mother, but I know that mother's love their kids, I know from experience what a father's love is like, and I can extrapolate somewhat.

    We can't rely on social intuition. We don't have any. We can, however, rely on our intellect. We have that in spades.
  8. Raphael added a post in a topic: Aspergers/autism   

    Phatmass, apparently.
  9. Raphael added a post in a topic: Your Favorite Classical Pieces   

    Not really classical music, but a scene from classical literature that's well worth watching, with really cool psalmody.
  10. Raphael added a post in a topic: My Latin Prayers!   

    If you haven't already, go back through Fr. Z's old blog posts on translating the Latin prayers of the Mass literally. Some of the hidden meanings he pulls out are fascinating and deeply edifying.
  11. Raphael added a post in a topic: My Latin Prayers!   

    Preces Latinae? I took Latin with the owner's daughter at Steubenville. Nice girl. WAY beyond anyone else in Latin class, and we were the 8 or so stalwarts who were proficient.
  12. Raphael added a post in a topic: My Latin Prayers!   

    I'm going to assume you meant Italian-speakers rather than French-speakers.
    In which case, true enough. I remember this one shop lady in Assisi who couldn't speak any English. She spoke Italian and I spoke Latin. We managed to understand one another.
  13. Raphael added a post in a topic: I Am Soon Departing From This State   

    Why do TSA agents get bashed so much? I recently had a flight out of Palm Springs and had a very cheery TSA agent. He checked my ID, looked at his monitor, smiled, and said, "Well, it doesn't tell me to tackle you, so I guess you can go!"
    Of course, it was the beginning of his shift ... in paradise ...
  14. Raphael added a post in a topic: My Latin Prayers!   

    Church Latin pronunciation is basically Italian pronunciation, so if you learn one, you know the other. :-)
  15. Raphael added a post in a topic: My Latin Prayers!   

    Is it the rhyming or the meter that makes it sound awesome in Latin? I've never been able to decide.

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    I would like to respond to the person who asked because I've

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    It has been nice to read your posts! I started a thread on contemporary catechetics, would nice if you could expand and share your knowledge and thoughts on the subject there! :) http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/index.php?showtopic=111034

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