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    dog had serious health problems and eventually died of cancer - however, she lived about six months longer than she would have had I not changed her diet. also, have you read the ingredients list for dog food? 
    Yes, the dog totally ate better than I did... 
    No, I am not ashamed. 
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    Fatal Fire
    My mother's friend's friend and one of his daughter were able to escape a fire, but his wife and 8 of his other children were killed. :( 
    Please pray for them. 
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    Everyone is home safe. I'm just waiting on all the paperwork to be officially a grad student, and I'm planning a kick off party for my Usborne and More gig. (If you an invite to the eshow, feel free to let me know!)
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    Couple Of Prayer Requests
    1) my friend and her husband (who has two types of cancer and diabetes) left here yesterday for an appointment at UAB. THey have been stranded on the interstate for 24 hours. They were just contacted by someone and given granola bars, but they could probably use more help than that. 
    2) My dad is stuck at Wendy's in downtown Bham and has been there for just about 24 hours. They are rationing food and serving a limited menu, so there is access to food, but conditions must be REALLY terrible if my father is saying "yeah, not gonna attempt it" 
    3) I have an interview for admission with a grad school today. 
    4) I just started an Usborne Books and More Consulting gig, which I am really excited, but nervous about. 
    5) a few of my Atlanta friends are also stuck. 
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  6. missionseeker added a post in a topic Life After College 4: Musings & Revelations   

  7. missionseeker added a post in a topic Pray For Me! Conducting Solemn High Mass Today!   

    Thanks for your prayers! It went pretty well :) 
  8. missionseeker added a topic in Open Mic   

    Pray For Me! Conducting Solemn High Mass Today!
    Kind of nervous! We're singing Palestrina's missa brevis. Really excited. But nervous. Lol.
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  9. missionseeker added a post in a topic My Dog Is Dying   

    I'm going to take her today. :cry: 
  10. missionseeker added a post in a topic May I Get A Critique?   

    Just to point out one poster( I am on a phone) said " Jesus did not experience Hell" yes, actually He did. It's even in the Apostles Creed "He descended into Hell"
  11. missionseeker added a post in a topic Murphy Baby #4   

    Congrats! And prayers for an easy(ier) pregnancy for St. Collette. I remember her having a tough time with some of the others. 
  12. missionseeker added a post in a topic My Dog Is Dying   

    Thanks for asking, we are ok. I am doing better, even though she is not. 
    She was doing alright for a while but I think she is starting to decline. Her original tumor is getting bigger (actually, it's almost baseball size. I can't even fit my hand around it), and I have found several others, most recently on her other knee and a lymph node. Now that it's hit her lymph nodes, I'm not sure how much longer she's got. She is starting to be less mobile (not in that she can't move, she moves pretty well, considering, but she chooses not to move). She no longer follows me around the house constantly. She also doesn't come stay with me in the kitchen for long periods of time. It's pretty sad, and I didn't realize how much I'd miss that. Her infections have gone away, though so that is good. 
    looking back, she's probably had cancer the whole time that I've had her. The first time I took her in she was showing some warning signs (that almost always get misdiagnosed as arthritis), but I switched her food and put her on some fish oil for her joints. Turns out, an arthritis diet is the same as the canine cancer diet, so I think she was able to fight it a little bit at first. (But that's still at least 6 months of fight, pretty impressive for a cancer with average survival of 2-3 months, I think). 
    So it's a little rough right now, but we're pulling through 
  13. missionseeker added a post in a topic Aclu Sues American Catholic Bishops   

    ... Can you explain the medical difference between inducing a labor through a process that could cause infertility and a woman going into labor early and it possibly resulting in infertility? I mean, is there really that much medical difference? If they had said "you should have an abortion" she  still would have the same issues with the infection, right? 
    Also, it's pretty common knowledge that if you go to a Catholic hospital, chances are they aren't going to recommended termination. I know people who know nothing about the Catholic church except that if you go to a Catholic hospital, you can't get your tubes tied or have an abortion (I actually heard this conversation, where people were talking about how sick it is to have a big family.) So, wouldn't it be reasonable to say that she was most likely aware of the hospital's policy? 
  14. missionseeker added a topic in Open Mic   

    My Dog Is Dying
    Cancer.  She had an infection at the area a couple of weeks ago. She was on antibiotics, but they were making her bloated and it's back. She's starting to have trouble getting in and out of the house. And she's starting to have trouble breathing, it looks like. 
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