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  1. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: Sisters Whose Apostolate Is Working In Parish Churches   

    Sisters of Christian Charity

    Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma

  2. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: Patron Saints 2015   

    May I please have a saint? Thank you.
  3. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: Who In Here, The Vocation Station, Wants Some Responsibility?   

    HI guys!
    Just popping in to saying I'm praying for all you cilantro haters.
    And the new mod
  4. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: Hi!   

    Hey pham!
    I haven't been around for a long time but wanted to pop in and say hello.  I always celebrate my anniversary of entering the Church and phatmass played a major role in my conversion.  So, thanks. And keep evangelizing.
  5. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: For All Those Alone And Suffering   

    As we celebrate the ultimate victory over all pain, strife, injustice, lonliness, and despair.   May we all be filled with hope and experience a tangible witness of the hope of Resurection within our lives.
  6. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: For Everyone Who Is Alone And Hurting   

    This holiday season, we pray to the Lord.
  7. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: Patron Saints 2014   

    Thank you Red!! Last year I recieved one of my personal patrons, St. Cajetan.  Right now I'm struggling with extreme spiritual dryness and experiencing a minor crisis of faith.   Trying to hold on to hope.  Thank you again.
  8. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: Finding A Catholic Virginian   

    If you contact the Diocese of Richmond, I'm sure they can set you up with a subscription to The Catholic Virginian.
  9. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: The Wedding Dress Orders (For Us Romantics)   





    Every time I see these photos, I think that girl is Jen Pringle from Anne of Avonlea.
  10. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: Difficult Situation   

    Hey guys
    I don't really come here much anymore but I'm in a tough situation and I could use some prayers. Please.
  11. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: Job Difficulties   

    Does it explicitly state anywhere that the employee handbook is or is not a binding contract? Usually, provisions within a handbook are severable  as contracts meaning that some parts will be a binding contractual promise and others won't.   I don't see how the probationary period could be considered a contract, unless you accepted compensation in advance, in which case you can still breach the contract, but would require you to reimburse the employer.  What state are you in?
  12. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: I'm Now Catholic!   

    Welcome home!!!!!!!
  13. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: I'm Reporting A Crime   

    Listen to your heart.   It may take a long time for you to learn how to trust others, but the only place to start is to learn how to trust yourself.  I know I haven't been on Phatmass lately, but I think you are a great kid and I love you and I'm praying for you. 
  14. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: The Moderator Conclave - Round 1   

    Roamin, but with the caveat that I won't vote for Lilllabettt because she has to moderate a classroom all day.  Not fair.  But she would be awesome.
  15. she_who_is_not added a post in a topic: Traditionalism Within Orders   

    The NDs do not have the Extraordinary Form. In fact, I don't believe there is a weekly Latin mass in Nashville, though Annunciation may have it monthly.

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  1. she_who_is_not

    Thanks be to God!

  2. she_who_is_not

    Almost time for Truth in the Heart. Thanks for getting me hooked DS

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    2. she_who_is_not

      Woot! Hymn day!

    3. dominicansoul


    4. dominicansoul

      :dance: I love their theme song...

  3. she_who_is_not

    Had a poopy night. Eating chocolate and praising God for getting me through.

  4. she_who_is_not

    Liquor makes you smarter.

    1. PhuturePriest

      Liquor, liquor, liquor makes the world go round! (Yes, that is a parody of the song from The Powerpuff Girls. I'm man enough to say I watched it!)

    2. BG45

      A good show!

    3. Lil'Monster

      Actually it doesn't make anyone smarter it just makes them think they are smarter.

  5. she_who_is_not

    I believe in miracles!

    1. Winchester

      oh oh

    2. jcorsetti

      i love hockey

  6. she_who_is_not

    Dear Lord, Forgive me for having fun at the expense of my brethren who believe in the rapture.

    1. Strictlyinkblot

      Teehee. Although, if it is true we're going to feel awful silly.

    2. dominicansoul

      i do believe i'll be flying in the air with Jesus...that will be fuuuun

    3. BG45

      I know that prayer well...

  7. she_who_is_not

    Jesus is just too darn good to me!

  8. she_who_is_not

    Prayers, please.

  9. she_who_is_not

    Thank you to everyone who prayed for me this week. Things are much calmer today. I need to learn to have more faith.

    1. Lisa

      don't we all!! glad things are going better!

  10. she_who_is_not

    Y'all the devil is totes after me today. Storm heaven for me. I don't have the strength.

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    2. Lisa

      prayers headed your way.

    3. Lil Red

      prayers!! God bless you!

    4. FutureCarmeliteClaire


  11. she_who_is_not

    I am officially phamily. It's Saturday night, I'm drinking, and I'm here. .

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    2. she_who_is_not

      I also just ate 4 tacos.

    3. Lil Red


    4. vee

      AND YOU DIDNT SHARE?!?!?!?

  12. she_who_is_not

    All my cats just pooped at the same time!!!!

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    2. she_who_is_not

      I also think one of my cats is possessed. He keeps attacking St. Louis deMontfort's True Devotion. He also attacked my coupon box.

    3. Tony

      synchronized pooping

    4. sidemunch88


  13. she_who_is_not

    Taking a protestant and an atheist to Easter Vigil. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me in my words and actions.

    1. mysisterisalittlesister


  14. she_who_is_not

    Have PM blocked on home computer. Trying to lurk at work and acccidentally typed phatass. I might have some explaining to do.

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    2. arfink

      Those good old company firewalls. But why would you have PM blocked at home?

    3. she_who_is_not

      for lent

    4. she_who_is_not

      I'm taking a "lent break" today

  15. she_who_is_not

    Turning off phatmass for Lent. Please pray for me during this holy season. I'll see y'all at the empty tomb.

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    2. MissScripture


    3. FutureSister2009

      I couldn't give up Phatmass for Lent

    4. BG45

      Prayers SWIN!

  16. she_who_is_not

    I moved to the suburbs and started couponing. The local librarian invited me to a knitting club and offered to make me a list of daytime bible studies in my neighborhood. I'm afraid to tell people I have neither husband nor children. What is one to do with a single housewife?

  17. she_who_is_not

    So this is suburbia. I kinda sorta like it.

  18. she_who_is_not

    I'm feeling my age today.

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    2. brandelynmarie

      please tell me you feel like you are 16 going on 17 :)

    3. she_who_is_not

      Innocent as a rose, bachelor dandies, drinkers of brandy, what do I know of these? :wink:

    4. InPersonaChriste

      Totally unprepared are you to face a world of men. no scratch that... *other women*

  19. she_who_is_not

    Epic move begins today. No internet Fri-Sun. St. Joseph really came through on this one.

  20. she_who_is_not

    I go away for three days and it goes crazy around here. Congrats MissScripture and Roamin!!!!

    1. dominicansoul

      isn't he a beaut?

  21. she_who_is_not

    My new place has a dishwasher. I've haven't had a dishwasher since I moved out of my parent's house!!! 13 years.

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    2. she_who_is_not

      I just realized that was a lie. I had a dishwasher for 6 months in college and 1 year when I was 22.

    3. Luigi

      I have a dishwasher in my house, too - ME!

    4. she_who_is_not

      We are the lucky ones.

  22. she_who_is_not

    Newt Gingrich kinda reminds me of the Pillsbury dough boy.

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    2. rachael

      he has the brain of one

    3. arfink

      he has the pasty white/fat/stupid/probably goes WOOHOO when you poke him kinda thing goin, yup

    4. Luigi

      But in all fairness... with a little of that white glaze drizzled on him, he might not be so bad...

  23. she_who_is_not

    St. Expeditus, Pray for us

  24. she_who_is_not

    My cat is sleeping under my desk lamp like a 4th grade classroom iguana..

    1. brandelynmarie

      :D lol