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    my parents are very Catholic and in the movement too.
    why do you ask, ora et labora?
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    [quote name='Ora et Labora' date='Jan 19 2006, 02:58 PM']Cecy from Atlanta was my spiritual director!!!  : She was good. I know so many people at the school.

    There are a bunch of Cecys. lol I know like 4...

    Regnum Cristi is good. Im not a fanatic, but, its good.

    Cecy is my spiritual director!! in fact, i just had spiritual direction with her today!!
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    all i know is that because of Regnum Christi I have found Christ. I may not be the most educated of all people (actually, I know perfectly well that i am not) but anything that brings me closer to Christ I honor and cherish. It is because of Regnum Christi that i have Christ.

    I am not going to analyze each of its parts (by the way, for official answers to accusations posted by the website you mentioned, see and I am not going to tell you every one of its ways of bringing people closer to Christ, but I am going to tell you that it gave me the greatest joy of my life, the greatest peace that I could love Christ as my best friend. I did not get this from any other group or any parish group, this knowledge that Christ loves me so much he will always listen, he will always be there, that he is my closest friend and my greatest comfort. That he will carry me through life and let me rest in his loving arms. No one else has yet helped me to live out my faith besides Regnum Christi. It is only THROUGH Regnum Christi that I can go to Sunday Mass at my parish and really live it to its fullest.

    I deeply regret that many people think that I'm just an ignorant little girl who doesnt understand that this great big evil paralell chuch is trying to recruit her, and that they feel "sorry" for me. i feel sorry for them. they just dont get it. they just dont understand.
    I understand COMPLETLEY what i've "gotten into" by joining ECYD. I've "gotten into" the greatest relationship with Christ I've ever had, and NO ONE can take that away from me.

    please stop posting here if you are going to spread rumors about the movement that gave me Christ and hope in the Church.
    I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to post negatively about it. period. End of discussion. no comprimise.

    Peace to all. Im sure one day you'll understand.
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    We meet again! I find it pretty ironic after your post on the Legionaries of Christ that you say you are just "reporting the facts" and that you are not biased against the movement. You say you are not accusing when, here we are, having another conversation, and I dont think even you could doubt that your remarks were accusatory. However, let's not dwell on it.

    It seems to me that you are one of the only people on this thread who have a problem with the legionaries. It seems to me that many more people have been helped extremely in their faith under Legionary direction, including myself.

    Why dont you try going to a Regnum Christi event again and see if maybe it was those "teen hormones" that caused you to make the rash decision to devote your phatmass time to bashing the Legionaries, eh?
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    I completely agree with you about the "dating" Christ thing for highschool in that, if it were any other normal, "hormonal", morally imperfect guy, my parents wouldn't even listen to my case.
    But this guy's got no faults, will never hurt me, will never let me down, and has loved me since before I existed. He gives me the flowers every morning and the moon every night. He spells my name in the stars and artistically sculps the clouds so that I can find shapes out of them at my leisure. He never leaves my side, he has a GREAT relationship with my parents, and has asked if I can please go to his school. After all that (did I mention he died for me after I sin against him again and again?), how could I refuse his gentle calling "Follow me." ?
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    I forgive you for your harsh words as well. Your insults are now behind me, and I will forget them. Let us (forgive me for this quote) do as Nuestro Padre says and "Begin again"
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    [quote name='peacenluvbaby' date='Jan 16 2006, 08:38 AM']Hello again, Vivacristorey,

    Peace to you again! I totally forgive you!  I can even see that your reaction was kind of normal since you are part of ecyd, and also a teenager.  As a teen I might react more angrily than now - but that lack of clearheadedness actually helps my point that teenagers shouldn't make life choices in high school.  Especially in an environment that itself is extraordinarily conducive (if not pressuring) for the decision to be "yes I join."

    One thing about your article - It is a well known fact that Zenit is operated by the Legionaries, so it is somewhat questionable to claim it as a source of unbiased information about them. 

    Secondly, you state the the RC/Legion is the most under attack of all Movements.  Actually, the other day, Pope Benedict severely sanctioned another of your "fellow" movements, the NeoCatechumenates because of Liturgical irregularities in their practice.

    Thirdly, you keep saying that I have "accused"  which I have not done!  I simply stated my experience and some facts - namely that an investigation is ongoing, and that I don't think it is appropriate for minors to live the life of a consecrated person - strict norms and policies of obedience to these norms - when they, as minors, are not sufficiently mature nor legally endowed with the right to make life decisions such as marriage.

    [color=red]Question - would your parents allow you to seriously date, with the intention of marriage, in High School? [/color]

    Probably not.

    YET, THIS IS WHAT the precandidacy says is its purpose for existence.  A period of discernment - serious dating if you will - to see if you are to be consecrated - married - at the end of senior year.  I just see this as premature for young girls to be making life decisions with hormones raging.  Even the name "precandidate" suggests discernment, and a serious commitment which I think is very much premature for  girls in high school.

      As far as "Fr. Maciel" - I have not accused him, I only pointed out that this pope, Benedict,  has re-opened the case against him.  If he is innocent, then I think he and everyone would agree that the investigation will prove it! (Think of Cardinal Bernadin, who was accused and shown to be innocent)  But I dont think we should hide from information that is uncomfortable.

    I hope my position is clear.  I am not trying to be a Hater!!!!  I'm just giving some TRUE, VALID INFO about my experience and current events surrounding the Legion, and specifically the RI "Precandidacy"

    Love you all!   

    I'm sorry, but I cannot accept from you any "accusations" which is really exactly what they are. God calls at different points in a person's life. He does not have a systematic calling. He does not say, "Every person is called after they are eighteen years of age !" No! He called St. Therese of Liseuix when she was VERY young, and you cannot possibly say that her calling was not genuine.

    Maybe YOU didnt' have a good experience at the precandidacy, and maybe YOU weren't mature enough (and there's nothing wrong with that) but every precandidate I've ever seen is amazingly radiantly happy, a happiness no one can say is false. Christ radiates off their faces, and they think they're the most blessed people in the world for being able to go to that school : I will ask for the final time that you do not spread lies and rumors anymore. Just because you may have not been called to this vocation does not mean no one is and that it is evil. Just because YOU didnt have a great experience doesnt mean NO ONE will. Your words are hurtful, whether or not you intend them to be, to those of us who love the movement with all our hearts. Your words are insulting when you say that the precandidacy is not a good thing for those of us who have relatives and friends who have been there or are planning to go there ourselves.

    Sometimes Christ calls in the strangest of times, such as the years we have, to use your phrase, "raging hormones" and are a little unstable. One of the newly consecrated said herself she did not go to the precandidacy for the right reasons, but nevertheless it was God's call and she's more happy and joyous than she's ever been in her life. and incidentally, I completelyl believe her. You can't give a smile like that and not be truly happy.

    I will simply ask you to stop posting on this thread if you do not want to say anything kind about something the Vatican has approved. I am young, yes, and I have "raging hormones" but that does not in any case mean that my opinions dont matter, or that I dont know as much about my beloved Movement in Mother Church as you do. Did Christ himself not say, "Let the children come to me... Unless you become like these you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven." ? Yes, teenagers make mistakes but God loves us and reveals to us some things he doesnt reveal to adults.

    I believe the greatest reason I love the movement so much is because of its influence on my faith. Also for the same reason I'm Catholic. I have faith. : I cant see everything, but I believe it because I have faith. I have faith that there are no lies in Nuestro Padre's eyes, and that what they've taught me is true. Christ gave me this movement as a gift. Please dont tell me the gift my best friend has given me is evil, because I will simply disregard what you say.

    Im sorry, once again, for any harsh words I have posted here, but remember that Christ was not always gentle. Sometimes he was blunt and others took his remarks as insults. Please take them as what I know for a fact is true through countless hours of adoration on this exact topic we discuss, and remember that I love you all very much and I only want you to know the truth.

    Someday, I know, you'll know this is truth.

    Please dont categorize teenagers like the mass media does: hormonal, overdramatic, shallow, and insecure. We are more than the world tells us. We are children of God.
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    [quote name='ruso' date='Jan 15 2006, 08:32 AM']It is I articulate but detailed that I know on the case, and until now that it is certain, if it had found some lie not it post.
    you have asked the details of the investigation, although you do not like the source this is not rumors.
    The single investigation finished when it says the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    I strongly reccomend, official legionary answers to negative reports.

    I still fail to understand why other Catholics continually attack us. When has our movement ever stood outside of Charity? When have we offended the Holy Catholic Church? When have we ever done anything to offend the Vatican's laws?

    Christ gives us a mission in life, and just because not everyone's mission is to Regnum Christi does not mean that others should bash it. Just because someone is a member of other movements does not lead me to bash them! I thank God for them! Why cant others do the same if this movement is bringing me closer to Christ? Why do other Catholics not want me to find my faith in Christ, my best friend and my loving Father? Its almost as if they don't want me to find my faith. If they could only grasp what this movement has done for me!

    Christ told us this would happen, however. (John 15:20) We should have seen it coming I guess. The devil never rests.

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    [quote name='Cam42' date='Jan 15 2006, 04:09 PM']Let's not misuse charity.  I was not being uncharitable.  Charity also includes proper teaching and proper catechesis.  Don't confuse charity with straightforwardness.

    Thanks.....what do you have to offer to the topic?

    your "straightforwardness" may have caused you to forget that other's opinions, no matter what thteir level of education, matter. that is all.

    charity is loving and respecting God and loving and respecting neighbor. You seemed to me to have forgotten the latter.
  11. Vivacristorey added a post in a topic Are Pro-"Choice" "catholics" Heretics?   

    I'm sure you DO know what you're talking about, but it's not necessary to forget charity.

  12. Vivacristorey added a post in a topic Are Pro-"Choice" "catholics" Heretics?   

    wow.... i think that wisdom comes from the youth (aka the twelve year old) as well as adults (the one with the degree) and we shouldnt put people down because of their age ("i think i know what i'm talking about") but we also shouldnt burn people at the stake ("thou shalt not kill") because being prolife and burning someone at the stake is pretty hypocritical... and life is sacred which is why we're prolife... and true prolifers are against the death penalty...

    so no burning at the stake and no putting down, ok?

  13. Vivacristorey added a post in a topic Are Pro-"Choice" "catholics" Heretics?   

    Excommunication is a BIG THING and anyone to be excommunicated needs to be researched by the Vatican.

    HOWEVER... I think that you cannot be prochoice and Catholic. You can SAY you're Catholic, but anyone can say their Catholic. Those who only go to Mass on Christmas can SAY they're Catholic. If he wanted to, Saddaam Hussein can SAY he's Catholic. But he's not and his words don't change that.

    People who supported Hitler, who support Sadaam Hussein, and Roe vs. Wade are all the same. They support the mass killings of the innocent.

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    but just for the record, I greatly respect that you are all fighting for the Church and anything you think could possibly harm it. Although I am certain that Regnum Christi is helping not hurting the Church, I accept that many good Catholics will want to "check it out for themselves" before they formally accept it. I would do the same with another new movement. I have, overall, a great respect for those who want to defend the Church so much that they want to take down anything that might "stunt the growth" of the body of Christ. :

    However, I ask that you stop the accusing and simply look around. Regnum Christi isnt for everyone, but its such a beautiful family!

    I love you all, brothers and sisters, continue fighting for Christ and looking for ways to better his Church militant! Let us fight together to save souls instead of throwing around accusations and suspicions. Are we not all in one family!? Then let us accept each's personal vocation, mine to the movement and yours to wherever you are in life, and fight for Christ, our beloved savior who wants to bring us so badly to his most Sacred Heart.

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    "Would Jesus start insulting people he disagrees with? "

    Of course not, but remember that many times people took Christ's gentle reminders as insults.

    I apologize once again for anything I might have said offensively. I seek to simply defend the movement, the Church, and Christ.
    In the spirit of Christianity, I ask your forgiveness for anything I might have said that was not too "gentle" but remember that Christ too was not always gentle. Sometimes he was blunt. (Mk 11:15)