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  1. Starets added a post in a topic Talk about a Late Vocation!   

    A few years ago, Christ in the Desert had an 88 year old novice. Now mind you he had been involved with the community for a few decades before he joined. He and his wife used to stay on the property for extended visits while they both helped out as best they could. But soon after his wife died he decided to join. He eventually became a Claustral Oblate and died a few months after his 92nd birthday. He is buried beside his wife in the monastery cemetary. 
    His father played the role of "Christus" in the Oberammergau(SP?) Passion Play in 1900 and 1910 and he was in it in 1930 and 2010
  2. Starets added a post in a topic Carla Discerning Vocation   

    I also am glad that she is doing well. I chatted with her once on the chat system here. I am glad that she is settling in nicely. It does take a while to adjust to the lifestyle
  3. Starets added a post in a topic Shattered Vows movie   

    could you give us a plot synopsis?
  4. Starets added a post in a topic Question about Benedictines   

    Conversatio Morum Suorum certainly includes chastity and poverty but goes beyond that as well. It is a difficult phrase to translate into English. Generally it means to live the monastic life with fidelity and that is how somne communities interpret it. It includes the idea of conversion as a lifelong process. Conversatio is often used to translate the Greek word "Askesis" into Latin, thus meaning "Asceticism" or the monastic life in general. It can also mean "conversation" as in a conversation with God involving both listening and speaking. I hope that hasn't thoroughly confused you now
  5. Starets added a post in a topic Were you raised Catholic or a convert?   

    I was baptised eastern-rite catholic but no raised anything. converted to fundamentalist protestantism at 15. converted to catholicism in late 90s.
  6. Starets added a post in a topic Catholic movies   

    I would like to argue against Brother Sun Sister Moon actually. It turns St Francis of Assissi into a 13th century hippee and Pope Innocent III the most politically powerful pope in teh history of the papacy into a silly old fool. There was one that was distributed by Ignatius Press a few years ago that was far more historically accurate. Brother SunSister Moon does have good cinematography though.
  7. Starets added a post in a topic OSBs, OSBs everywhere   

    Our Novice made his Simple Profession a couple weeks ago. In three years he will be eligilbe to make his Solemn Profession. We have three Juniors, myself included, and a Postulant.
  8. Starets added a post in a topic The new apostolate: rescuing and training sex workers   

    what a beautiful idea for an apostolate and I am glad that there are others as well.
  9. Starets added a post in a topic Catholic movies   

    The Mission, 1986, starring Jeremy Irons. won an Oscar for cinematography and 14 other awards.
  10. Starets added a post in a topic Memrise   

    I need to learn Italian at least at a rudimentary level before my trip to Monte Oliveto Maggiore and of course I should learn Spanish as well. thank you for mentioning the site, Mlle.
  11. Starets added a post in a topic What's Next in the Courts' Sexual Revolution?   

    ... with pedophilia coming in a close second:
    Now look who wants equal rights?
  12. Starets added a post in a topic Ireland Reff/ Marriage   

    ​That would certainly go a long way towards explaining Richard Bennett. I was astounded by his story of being an ordained priest in Ireland and yet knowing so little of Catholic doctrine. Now I understand how he could have been led astray so easily
  13. Starets added a post in a topic Carla Discerning Vocation   

    I wish you well with your entrance, Carla. You are on my prayer list
  14. Starets added a topic in Vocation Station   

    7 ordinations
    This morning saw a packed house at the Cathedral Basilica as 7 men including one of our oblates were ordained to the priesthood. This was the largest "batch" of ordinations since the mid 60s. There are 7 more men heading off to seminary for the archdiocese and there are 35 men in various stages of formation in seminary already. 5 men are slated to be ordained next year. How is everyone else's diocese/archdiocese doing for ordinations to the priesthood?
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  15. Starets added a post in a topic Ireland Reff/ Marriage   

    I think this Daily Beast article nails it pretty succinctly: