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Spanish Cloistered Nuns See Surge In Vocations

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[quote name='Orans' date='06 November 2009 - 02:29 AM' timestamp='1257485355' post='1996975']
There is a story told about the brother [color="#ff8c00"][[/color][color="#ffa500"][color="#ff8c00"]s[/color]ibling][/color] of B[b]rother Rafael [color="#ff8c00"][Saint Brother Raphael OCSO[/color][/b] [color="#ff8c00"]canonized[/color] [color="#ff8c00"]Oct'2009][/color][b] ,[/b]who was a Carthusian monk living for some time in the Trappist monastery of Dueñas due to his work in promoting the process of beatification of his brother. As novice [master] when a candidate would show up he would ask: [i]"Do you have a girlfriend?".[/i] If the answer was no, he would ask again [i]"do you have a job?"[/i] And if the answer was [i]"no"[/i] he said, [i]"then go to the world, and when you have something to leave behind then come again."[/i]

Once more, with feeling! The saint is Trappist/OCSO Rafael Arnaiz Baron. A Spanish bishop who helped with his canonization was interviewed, and answered the interviewer's question: "What role did his family play in his sainthood?" The bishop answered (this was all in Spanish):
He had very religious parents, very pious people, daily Mass, daily communicants. Rafael had a brother who became a Carthusian monk, and with this latter, I myself had a number of conversations. Once I asked Rafael's brother: "Why did you enter the Carthusian order?" He replied, "I became a Carthusian in order to become a saint. My brother Rafael went to 'La Trappe' because he was already a saint."
When Rafael's brother spoke to me about their birth-family, he said:
"What a saint was my brother --
but, oh, how much greater a saint was our mother." Edited by sistersintigo

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For the men here,

Apparently this community has a male branch as well. I do not know anything about them other than what the sisters told me in a letter. But if they are anything like the sisters, they will be passionately in love with Our Lord (the way it should be!).


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