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What If Your Not The Smartest Person

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12 hours ago, Marsabielle said:

Ave, what is the time limit for the venerable, aged threads? I myself brought one back to life the other day!

There's not a hard, fast rule for that, really, so idk what to tell you there.  From what I've observed though, the religious names thread seems to be an exception -- no one seems to mind when that thread resurfaces, even though it's quite old... so no worries! ;) 

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19 hours ago, Saintclare2009 said:

 and very often god chooses "not the brightest". It took me a while to figure that out, but it's true, look at saint Faustina, she had only a couple of years education and she asked a priest one day why didn't she have the mind of the wise men, but only the heart. Saint Bernadette had a learning disability, a woman that was teaching her catechism got frustrated and threw a book or something like that because Bernadette was a slow learner, she had a poor head for study, just a few examples... god chose them to have wisdom, but not of this world. These are saints I'm talking about, that loved jesus with all of their heart. So no one should be too upset if they are " slower than others. I feel god gives us these things in order to " crush our pride" and depend on him for everything!

Little of the time, God does chose the brightest person.  St. Thomas More, is one bright person.  But know where you are coming from.

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On 9/1/2017 at 4:51 PM, vee said:

Now I wonder what happened to the guy that started this thread thirteen years ago!

Perhaps this will give him a little nudge to give us an update!  

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