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Tab'le De'Bah-Rye

-|-he Holy Cross

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Tab'le De'Bah-Rye

May the peace of our Lord and saviour Christ Jesus pursue you like a courting lover...


Sooo, that's like the weirdest greeting i have given you all right, lol. There was a topic posted in the question answer forum, and in it was included that the cross(not crucifix) is in some manner only a protestant symbol. That particular part wasn't answered so i thought i would have a go. St paul says "lest the cross loose it's power " thats about all i have, lol, but as far as i can tell from my own point of view, is that the empty cross without Jesus' body on it represents the risen Christ, to catholic Christians also. I know it is definitely also a catholic christian symbol too because i had a Latin priest bless my cross that i wear, from a book full of various blessings, which i assume to be a very old book and orthodox. Anyhow somone else perhaps has better information than me on this subject. Please reply if you do.




Onward christian souls.


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