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Arfink: Thread Of Randomness (mk.iii)

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Well, even though my last thread was not locked, I have decided to voluntarily start a new one, since it is kinda huge and this way I get to change my thread's subject line a little bit.


Well, today I took Katie (ploomf on the PM, for those who don't know) back to the airport. Miss her already. :love:


Here is some music, because it's good:



More trip pics in the next few posts. ;)

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We went to the MN State Fair in a big group on Thursday. All but 2 of my sisters, my brother Ben, my friend and former seminary classmate Jared and his fiancée Beth, and of course Katie and I all went. We stopped at the Agriculture building to get freshly made apple cider freezies and saw a rather interesting Lorax-themed display.




In the arts and crafts building there was plenty of stuff to see, including prizewinning miniatures (my favorite part!) and also the prizes for all the various food-making competitions. There was also the super-ugly elephant thing that's always there. I think it's part of the building, and it's up high enough I think most people don't even see it anymore or they just don't care to bring it down. :P








^ See the ugly elephant thing?




Ben was highly suspicious of the ugly elephant thing. Anne was fascinated by Ben's eyebrow tricks. :like:




Jared is usually pretty normal, but cameras make him silly. Beth of course is just amesome all the time.




Laura likes cookies.




The Fair is huge, comprising a roughly square area a mile on each side, so they have built in transportation systems, including these cable-lift things.




We also watched some guys make a glass clownfish. That furnace was incredibly hot, we could feel it from all the way across the grandstands.

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And here are some highlights of our trip to the Como Conservatory. We didn't stay as long as we might have, because it was incredibly hot that day, and the Conservatory is of course a giant greenhouse, so it was very hot inside of there too. We stayed until we had walked through the place, and we were both hot and tired, so we drove to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts where we knew there was air conditioning. ;) But despite the heat, the gardens were very beautiful.




Typical me, looking at random things and not at the camera when I'm supposed to. :P




Katie of course is far more photogenic.




Fountain in the Sunken Gardens.












And these bonsai and this rock garden and pond and such were part of the new Ordway Japanese Gardens, which were definitely my favorite part of the Conservatory.




This last photo was taken inside of the Palm Dome, this fountain is brand new as well. It was not there last time I visited.

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What a wonderful week, arfink. :blush:

I'm stuck making blushie faces cuz I can't recall any of the other codes! Goofy phone is being goofy...& it's Edited by brandelynmarie

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Working on a new project. ;) I bet Brian or BG could guess what this is for, I imagine both of them used to own one, and might still. (Think 1998, and it has buttons...)

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YOU HAVE MY HUSBAND locked in an electronic device?????  I thought he was at the SFAirport.....



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