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Speaking about Catholic colleges...

My twin sister is going to Boston College (Jesuit), and my two best friends are going to Georgetown (Jesuit) and Scranton (Jesuit). Myself going to Notre Dame (under the Congregation of the Holy Cross), I must take a step back and compare the effects of the Jesuit community on my friends' universities compared to mine.

Visiting all four schools, I must say that the Catholic presence at BC, Georgetown, and Scranton is not very prominent. Sure, there's a chapel on campus and priests teach the theology courses, but overall, they've conformed to very liberal teachings and have drifted away from those of the Vatican. With the exception of a congregation of Jesuit priests living near campus, I saw no evidence of Catholicism anywhere at Georgetown. BC and Scranton seem like every other secular school with the exception of Sunday Mass and theology offered as a major. I believe the Jesuits, at least in these universities, are sacrificing their Catholic identity and fidelity to Rome in pursuit of academic prestige and liberal thought.

There's a lot going on with the Jesuits. Pray for them.

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