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Archbishop 10-K


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[quote]The Jesuits (today, and for 40 years) are corrupt as hell from the top down.[/quote]

This seems to be a total generalization, as well as showing a total lack of respect. Every single Jesuit I know is smart, well educated, charitable, and well versed in the doctrine of the Church.

It is ludicrous to say that they have no regard for Rome, or that they are not the Pope's men, otherwise they would have already broken from the Church!

The idea that evangelizing Asia and the schools they run is undermining faith is, well, wrong. In my opinion, supressing the Jesuits and their immense capacity for evangelization and teaching would be one of the most undermining things we could do,



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Both Crusaders,

Let me again state that I have no doubt as to the greatness of the Jesuit order itself, or in its foundation. It was certainly one of the greatest missionary and educating orders in Church history and produced many great saints. I am not disputing that.

It is, in fact, a result of that early greatness that has made them so very devastating today. They have a virtual monopoly in the education field. Years ago these schools were outstanding examples of what Catholic education should be. How about now? Let's just look at a list of Colleges run by the Jesuits. You may recognize them. They are all known for being litle bastions (or very large bastions) of liberalism:
Boston College
College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA)
Creighton University
Fordham University (They actually have a couple decent Jesuit professors)
Georgetown University
Gonzaga University
Loyola College in Maryland
Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles)
Loyola University Chicago
Marquette University
Saint Louis University
Santa Clara University
Seattle University
University of Detroit Mercy
University of San Francisco
University of Scranton
Wheeling Jesuit University
Xavier University

We'll stop there. That doesn't even include high schools, academies, or even a full list of colleges.

Your statement that "It is ludicrous to say that they have no regard for Rome, or that they are not the Pope's men, otherwise they would have already broken from the Church!" is naive. They are much more effective if they appear to be with Rome. Mahoney, Weakland, Sullivan (et al.) have no regard for Rome and they remain in "good standing".

Again, I am not claiming that there are no good Jesuits out there. Of course there are. But when the Superior General of the Order is awful (as have been the last three, who I already named) and the general body of the order is awful (as is easily demonstrated) and virtually every Jesuit institution (with some, but very few exceptions) is saturated with modernism/liberalism (and are therefore not evangelizing), then it is safe to say that the Order is corrupt from top down. Every orthodox Jesuit that I know would say the same thing (and has). And I haven't even mentioned the topic of the article I posted (which you need to read) about the problem of homosexuality in the Jesuit seminaries, which was written by a very orthodox Jesuit.

All in all, I would steer clear. When I see S.J. behind the name I am very cautious.

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One thing i want to mention is that regarding homosexuality in the Jesuits is it is very high through the whole catholic church and apologists such as Karl Keating are the first to point that out. I am not disagreeing with you Popestpiusx that the order has been corrupted signigantly by liberalism what i am saying though if one does live up to the Jesuit ideal as my experience with Jesuits has been they are very effective and the Jesuits in principle are not bad it is the individuals that have made this order wrong. The consitution beliefs of the order are very orthodox as well as the Spiritual exercises and i am sure popestpiusx your the first to talk about how important the exercises have been the hisotry of the Church and continue to be. It is truly a shame that certain indviduals have perverted what the Jesuits stand for. But i would not discourage any man from joining only if he is strong and orthodox and is wanting to live up to the Jesuit ideal not the perversion cause by others that is not Ignatian in any form.

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Guest JeffCR07
In my heart, I love the Jesuits, but I think it is most certainly wise to be cautious. I'm not sure if this is true, but I heard that this past year they removed their 4th vow, thus severing their absolute devotion to the holy Father in Rome. I live in the US, so I am very gladdened by the things that the Crusaders have been saying about the order in the world-wide perspective.

Its so depressing to live in America. There are just so many terrible things here. The liberation theology that has been brought up earlier in the thread is still around, especially at "catholic" colleges. I think the best thing we can do is pray for a return, not just for the Jesuits in America, but for the Church in America, and anywhere else where there is unchecked and rampant unorthodoxy.

Come Home!

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It's not just an american problem. As I said before, it starts at the top of the order. That being said, I too love the Jesuits. It's a tragic what they have done to such a glorious order.

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Speaking about Catholic colleges...

My twin sister is going to Boston College (Jesuit), and my two best friends are going to Georgetown (Jesuit) and Scranton (Jesuit). Myself going to Notre Dame (under the Congregation of the Holy Cross), I must take a step back and compare the effects of the Jesuit community on my friends' universities compared to mine.

Visiting all four schools, I must say that the Catholic presence at BC, Georgetown, and Scranton is not very prominent. Sure, there's a chapel on campus and priests teach the theology courses, but overall, they've conformed to very liberal teachings and have drifted away from those of the Vatican. With the exception of a congregation of Jesuit priests living near campus, I saw no evidence of Catholicism anywhere at Georgetown. BC and Scranton seem like every other secular school with the exception of Sunday Mass and theology offered as a major. I believe the Jesuits, at least in these universities, are sacrificing their Catholic identity and fidelity to Rome in pursuit of academic prestige and liberal thought.

There's a lot going on with the Jesuits. Pray for them.

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