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Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister

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Charbel    352

Wonderful! It's always nice to have these little reminders to strive and bear our cross with as much love and devotion as Jesus had. :bravo:

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sr.christinaosf    502

I had a funny experience last night...One of our residents was paged to come to the nurses office.  I was asked to help get her down...

I went up and she was in just a shirt, no pantaloons or robe to be found.  After a little while of looking around, I gave up and helped her wrap a blanket around her lower extremeness and head downstairs.

It was comical, the whole adventure and I'm tempted to write a little post about it. 

However, I'm not sure if I should.  Any thoughts (you know, respect for privacy - although I wouldn't mention a name)

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