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A Yearning Heart

Third orders and religious life

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Indwelling Trinity

Sorry for the typo. I meant to write "perfect" love of God. 

As for vocation and t the differences... For me they have mostly Melted  away. I had many vocations all of them valid.  Newspaper delivery, student, hamburger flipper at Burger King, cook, college freshman, Missionary of Charity,Physician Associate, floor washer,  Carmelite nun, Carmelite Hermit, Carmelite semi recluse with Multiple Sclerosis, mostly bedridden.  Who knows what God has in mind next! He may cure me or lay me down trusting in his merciful love that he will be there to greet me despite my many failings. It is not an easy thought the more God shows me the more I need his mercy. 

Yes at times I am assailed by fears. 

Living for God is my vocation. I spent so many years seeking God thinking I was truly seeking God alone. When I in reality I was seeking myself. My brothers and sisters Never dwell on the good you have done. Give it immediately to God. If you have nurtured a soul for him by his grace give that flower to him that he may first rejoice in the sweet perfume of a soul come back to him. I am going of topic now and I apologize. 

All I wished to say is that from the moment we are born we begin living our vocations let us not lose sight of  that yes we each have special  gifts but just because we have them does n not mean things will happen the way we want.

And  secondly beware of Satan. I say this with all seriousness, he is the father of lies and even in the holiest of topics he will try to find a way to bring discord. 

Please pray that I to may not be overcome.  Jesus Mercy. 


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