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Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma - any experience?

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I love these Sisters. I spent 9 months discerning with them as a member of the community. I would recommend them to anyone, though I imagine they tend to attract those who work in the medical profession or those with a penchant for advanced theology. They truly live their charism of Mercy. They also have a very "real" quality about them... That is they don't pretend to be the most perfect people or require everyone to be a cookie cutter version of a "Mercy Sister". So they have quite an array of personalities! I found it beautiful... Maybe because I can be a bit of an odd duck and they simply embraced my idiosyncrasies. Life is life, and sometimes (like everywhere) not everybody "gets along" but that's just because they love fiercely and are so very concerned about real relationships and not pretending. After some not so great experiences in another community, it was lovely to be with women who were genuinely willing to put in the effort to be a family and not just look like one on the outside. If you feel drawn to their charism, enjoy study, and are willing to begin the journey of personal growth in virtue I heartily recommend checking them out.  I had the opposite experience of the previous poster, when I did decide to leave I was supported... And the sisters continued to reach out to me with letters and prayers. Even though I didn't stay, I am so genuinely grateful for the time I spent with them and for their continued goodness to me.

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Kayte Postle

I am in the beginning stages of discerning with this community, and so far they have been nothing but wonderful. They have been very open and honest with their answers to my questions, even the difficult ones. I struggle with some minor mental health issues, and they have been open about how that would work within their community. I'm hoping to visit them in January.

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