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AVAILABLE: Short Movie on Trappist LIfe at Gethsemani Abbey

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6 March, 2017 - Gethsemani's new movie is available



click on the image for a larger view



click on the image for a larger view


We are very pleased to announce that Gethsemani has released a new movie.

It is called "One Day" and follows the monks through a typical day, from rising at 3:00 A.M. until Compline at 7:30 P.M.

It is available in a two-disc set, one DVD disc, and a second, higher quality, Blu-ray disc. The contents of both discs are identical. 

The movie itself is 34 minutes long, and there are three bonus features, bringing the total length of the DVD to over an hour.


This movie is distinctive because it was produced, directed, photographed and edited by the monks themselves.

Nearly all of the music was composed, arranged and performed by the monks as well. Even the cover art was designed by a monk (by Fr. Elias, our abbot).

"One Day" covers one day, but it has been two years in the making.

It is available online from Gethsemani Farms - click the icon to the left to purchase it [https://www.gethsemanifarms.org/productDetail.aspx?id=1669]- or from our gift shop. [Cost is $19.95

To see the trailer,

click here.

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