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Did Exodus really happen?

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I don't think most of the Bible stories happened 'exactly' as they are written. I do worry about people who take different genres of the Bible and turn them into a security blanket rooted in some sort of literal historical account. This fallacy of fundamentalism and reductionism has created so many problems for contemporary religion. These people build faith on sand based on false premises around what they expect from a book.  Ancient people didn't do religion like that. They were not stupid either -  they accepted narratives as divine and true without being exact. They looked for spiritual meaning, allegory and symbol to convey religious and philosophical  truth and experience.

The exodus may have some historical basis -  I think on a far less scale than written -  but  the importance, I think anyway, is in the spiritual meaning of slavery, exile, community, persistence and reliance on God. I don't care if its 'historical' or not. That's way down the list of importance it's not even secondary. If you think this is shocking then explore the authorship of some of the texts, such as some attributed to Paul that were probably not actually written by him. The reasons why this happened are many. This wasn't unusual or shocking to an historical audience but it can be for a contemporary audience. 

Life was lived through stories and narratives. God operates and conveys himself to us, first and foremost, as persons and communities. We then relate this to others through creative means:  stories, myths, laws, codes, art, culture etc.  God doesn't drop autographed books from the sky and he didn't tell the bible writers what to write word for word (despite what some think biblical inerrancy or authority is all about).

But that doesn't mean it is us bringing God into existence. It is us merely responding to his presence! God isn't limited to any book, person, people or place. He doesn't rely on us.  We simply have tools to gain a glimpse of him -  none are perfect. That's why Jesus is the key for Christians. 

 Have you not experienced God and owned it? Do you make Gods presence known too? You do it through the narrative of your life, right? Does how you convey Gods work in your life to others have to be limited or not exceed certain bounds to be accepted as true? If you write poetry or an inspired story based on your relationship with Jesus then is this trash? A future generation might assume your poetry is literal, historical, allegorical or that you didn't exist. But it dodges the reality of what is written and whether that conveys something of Gods reality to others :smokey:



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A Yearning Heart

There was a something on TV a while ago that made the suggestion that a volcano exploding across the other side of the Mediterranean Sea could have resulted in features similar to what the plagues of Egypt in the Exodus narrative were described as looking like. 

While I'm sure the point of the show was to discredit God's role in bringing the plagues in the Exodus story, it nonetheless was an interesting idea. 

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