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Pope St Clement 1

3 Questions on the Fall, the Incarnation & 2nd Coming and God's apparent delays.

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Pope St Clement 1    4
Pope St Clement 1

A young person asked these 3 questions some months ago :-

1. Why did God wait so long between the Fall and the Incarnation?

2. Why did he need to come down as Jesus to forgive us and create a new covenant when he is above the rules and has no issue snapping His fingers?

3. If he's coming back why does he wait so long, especially now the church is diminishing and becoming obsolete?

The young person is a bit of an intellectual so both short answers and some in depth stuff would be good. Any links?  Thanks in advance and God bless :)

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Seven77    1,037

 I'm no theologian or anything but here is how I would answer:

1. it seems to me that God waited so long because the world wasn't ready for it… If you think about, all of Old Testament, throughout salvation history,  God was preparing people by laying the groundwork so they could better  appreciate the Incarnation.

2. Jesus didn't need to come… But he wanted to. It was fitting for him to do so. Because the one who loves wants to be with the beloved. 

3. he waits so that more people can become saints, and there is more merit to be given and had in the face of challenging times.

that's all I got right now

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Luigi    3,351

Tell your young friend that when we figure out the mind of God, s/he'll be the first one we explain it to.

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