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Donald Trump and Racism

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On 8/31/2017 at 10:00 PM, dUSt said:

Yes. Condaleeza Rice was against removing confederate statues, and it's impossible for her to be racist.

When read in context, what Trump said actually isn't as racist as I first thought...

"Reporter: Neo-Nazis started this. They showed up in Charlottesville to protest the removal of the statue.
Trump: Excuse me. You had some very bad people in that group. But you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. "

So, instead of him saying that there were "very fine people" in the neo-nazi group, he actually first said that group was bad, and then implied the "very fine people" were not in that group.

I must say, he might have a point about the whole fake news thing.

Hold up. That doesn't make any sense though. He said that there were *some* bad people in that group. And he said that there were "very fine people," on both sides. There were fine people on the protest side? It was basically organized by neo-Nazis--- there are fine neo-Nazis? 

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