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Personal problems again

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I need your prayers again please.  I am allergic to one of my pain medications as I have broken out in hives in places, in other places welts come and go that are very itchy.  I see my doctor Monday.  Getting in and out of cars is proving painful to my hip creating problems for me with mobility over the following 24hrs roughly.  I THINK I have decided to suspend Saturday Vigil Mass until I have some sort of improvement - the same goes for St Vinnies in the parish.  I feel as if my way of life is coming apart and I need to find a new one.  Perhaps closer to the problem is that I don't know where on earth I am just now - and with no idea when hip replacement surgery will be done.  At times I am struggling against depression.  Our pp is on extended leave due to his own health problems.  But as soon as I can talk with a priest, I will be asking for dispensation where I might feel it necessary from my Sunday obligation.

I think the way for me to go just now might be to make decisions at the time, not in advance.......wherever that is possible.  Feeling quite vulnerable just now.  My SD and I are not getting along well at this point.  He has expressed indirectly some concepts with which I cannot agree. 

Thank you very much for prayer.  Laudate Dominum - Fiat Voluntas Tua


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