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Continuing Health Problems

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Tomorrow, I see my OB/Gyn again at 11:30am to ascertain whether or not I will need surgery.  She recommended an exploratory laparoscopy to drain the fluid from the cyst remaining and excise the tissue and also diagnose endometriosis.  I was under surgery last October for the same expected outcome but the doctor could not find any trace of endometriosis at that time.  This weekend has been a horrible experience for me.  Last night, I felt severe cramping in my lower left abdomen again like the cyst was rupturing further - it literally felt like something was tearing.  I had taken Advil 600mg but it didn't stop it - I had to take another painkiller tablet.  I've been sleeping all day today because I am very fatigued and dizzy - the same symptoms I experienced on Aug 24th when it ruptured for the first time.  I am almost 100% certain I will be recommended for surgery and it may be as soon as Wednesday, Sept. 6th if they can fit me in.  Otherwise, I'll have to wait until the following week.  I am bringing FMLA paperwork with me tomorrow for the doctor to fill out, as well, so I can submit it to HR and hold my job.

Also, please say some prayers that this doctor will be receptive to a study I learned about and a possible alternative to traditional birth control pills (which I always have horrible side effects to).  I found a study at Medscape that discusses the use of micronized progesterone tablets (Prometrium) and the correct dosage for treating PCOS.  The other gynecologist was not very receptive, but this current one might be.  If not, I plan to ask my endocrinologist when I see her at the end of the month. :) 

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