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Faith or Reason

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                In spite of the negative views on philosophy, some say that philosophy should be separated from Christian Faith.  In order for philosophy to be true to its objective and method, How can we reconcile the encyclical letter of St. John Paul II (Fides et Ratio) in response to the plight of philosophy in contemporary times. Contemporary times are has different approach in terms of their way of thinking.


            St. John Paul II discussed that there are various reasons for this disenchantment. First, there is the distrust of reason found in much contemporary philosophy, which has largely abandoned metaphysical study of the ultimate human questions in order to concentrate upon problems which are more detailed and restricted, at times even purely formal. Another reason, it should be said, is the misunderstanding which has arisen especially with regard to the 'human sciences'. It stresses the positive value of scientific research for a deeper knowledge of the mystery of the human being. But the invitation addressed to theologians to engage the human sciences and apply them properly in their enquiries should not be interpreted as an implicit authorization to marginalize philosophy or to put something else in its place in pastoral formation and in the hearing of faith. A further factor is the renewed interest in the inculturation of faith. The life of the young Churches in particular has brought to light, together with sophisticated modes of thinking, an array of expressions of popular wisdom; and this constitutes a genuine cultural wealth of traditions. Yet the study of traditional ways must go hand in hand with philosophical enquiry, an enquiry which will allow the positive traits of popular wisdom to emerge and forge the necessary link with the proclamation of the Gospel" (#61)[Fides et Ratio].

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