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A Prima Ballerina & Consecrated Virgin -- Documentary

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Amazon has a documentary on Mireille Negre (you can rent it):


Mireille entered the Paris Opera Ballet at nine, joined the Corps at seventeen, and became a prima ballerina by 22. She left the world of ballet at age 27, to join the Carmelites (in 1973) as Sr. Mirielle of the Heart of Jesus.

After ten years as a Carmelite, she found out about the vocation to live as a consecrated virgin in the world. Only then did she feel as if she'd found her full vocation. She was a born dancer & artist, to the bottom of her soul, yet also longed to consecrate her life to God. Seeing no way to reconcile the two, she set dance aside and entered religious life.

After obtaining permission to leave her order, she was consecrated by Cardinal Lustiger, and founded her own dance studio in Paris.

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


Photo 3 (she is on the right):


Photo 4:



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Thanks to Virgin Consecrated Laurie.  Her post came to me on God's Most Holy Time, since lately I have been studying, praying, and reflecting on the fullness of my vocation to make vows to live as a consecrated virgin in the world.

Most appreciative to the Roman Catholic Church and CCC603 for the incredible and numerous spiritual creativity to find a corner for everyone who's looking to belong to the Body of Christ. 

May I ask for your prayers during discernment as God bless this Communion of Angels and Saints.

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