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Knights of Columbus: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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3 hours ago, Ice_nine said:

I mean Chris Columbus was kind of a bad dude . . .

yeah...but in all honesty so were some of the indigenous peoples...


let's just celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving on that day...


The Knights should just be "The Knights" 

...and wear this to Mass... lol


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22 hours ago, dUSt said:

In the context of the time period he lived, not really.

I mean, we could give just about every historical figure a pass because of "the context of his time."

The Taino seemed like pretty cool folks. I'm not a historian, but apparently (according to Columbus) they didn't have or use weapons. Maybe that's wrong. I don't know.

The thing is people are pretty selective about who they laud as heroes or denounce as villains. Obviously no given person is 100% good or evil, but the figures we celebrate do show something about who and what we value. 

I mean MLK jr. is a lauded figure, but his presentation is kind of whitewashed. He also cheated on his wife. But I would say his moral failures were greatly outweighed by his better qualities.

Not sure I can say the same for Columbus. But he was brave. I'll give him that. Sometimes bravery and adventure don't always come along with positive motives or consequences.

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