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"To Light a Fire on the Earth" by Bishop Barron

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I started reading "To Light a Fire on the Earth," by Bishop Barron. 

The book is a collaboration—the Catholic journalist, John Allen Jr. writes about the Bishop’s ideas and strategies on evangelization in a highly secularized society, based on an interview he did with him. It starts off with background on his life and formation, as well as the context for his way of thinking. There are paragraph length quotes from the Bishop throughout the book. He gets a lot of inspiration from St. Thomas Aquinas, baseball, and Bob Dylan. Right now, I'm like 1/4 into the book. I'm on the chapter on beauty, which is one of the three transcendentals (beauty, goodness, and truth). The idea is to begin with beauty— beauty attracts everyone, it draws you in, convinces you in a way that argumentation can’t. Most people are not won over by what they perceive as boring, dry “rules” on morality, etc. because they don't understand that. But if you show them something beautiful about Catholicism, they will begin to understand why you are Catholic and will begin to appreciate the "rules.” You can't appreciate the rules of the game unless you understand and love the beauty of the game itself. So, just seeing a beautiful Cathedral like Notre Dame for example, draws people in to want to know why it was built and what inspired it. Then they will eventually come to appreciate Church teaching. That is the basic idea, the approach of winning people, like the “nones,” over to the Truth. In other words, as Bishop Barron puts it, it is the "show me, don't tell me” approach. 

It's pretty amesome stuff so far. 

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