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I know that I may come under some fire for this comment, but I'm willing to take the chance.  I think that it's wonderful that these sisters are thriving.  Certainly their talents are being used for the greater glory of God.  However, they've become very "famous"...the "Oprah Nuns"...very visible on the internet and in the musical world, cutting albums.  There has been a great deal of discussion on here and some not so nice, about Mother Angelica's Poor Clare Nuns and the fact that there has been "curiosity and gossip" about what is happening there, with the decreased numbers of sisters and silence of the community, uncharacteristic of the community as once was.  Is this not a possibility with this community as well?  Are they becoming visible and famous in the media?  Maybe too much?   I'm certainly open to comments and I'm aware that there may be some criticism with these comments.  

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Francis Clare

Are we doing a bit too much “navel gazing “ when we try to answer questions that those in leadership of the DSMME’s ( which is an active order) most probably have already grappled with? You could further extrapolate out to  include the Benedictine’s of Mary with their many Top 40 albums of sacred music ( they are contemplative).  And I’m sure there are other Orders that are notable for one thing or another.

Mother Angelica, the problems at OLAM, and the decline of that Order is another kettle of fish due to the confluence of events immediately prior to and after her death.

Do we.....or should we.....or do we have the moral authority.....to question the motivation/s of a particular order? Is it really our business?  Does it help to promote vocations or encourage those discerning a vocation to RL?  I think you already know the answer.

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