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I’ve been through a lot too. Injuries, surgeries, deaths, loss, betrayal and injustice. I’ve suffered the loss of five children in four miscarriages. I was stabbed 17 times, thrown down a marble staircase, had my head slammed into the floor repeatedly and then was strangled unconscious. I nearly died. The next day in the hospital my attacker’s father threatened me with a rather large knife to keep silent. The threatened eviseration still causes me flashbacks. 

The flashbacks got so bad six weeks ago that I was in a really dark place. This video helped me. I hope it helps you. 


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Bobbie - I can only imagine the desperation that would cause someone to post a statement like that to a bunch of strangers. I mean, we're mostly good pholks on this board, but we're strangers to you. We don't know what you've been through. We don't know what to tell you. 

Talk to someone in person. A priest. Any priest. Call. Tell him you need to talk now. If you work, does your company offer an Employee Personal Assistance Plan or something like that? Call a counselor. Any counselor. Tell her you need to talk now. There are hotlines out there. Call a hotline. You won't even have to tell the person on the other end that you need to talk now. They'll already know. 

We're all just wounded warriors in the army of the Lord. Sounds like you've got a lot of wounds. But you posted to a specifically Catholic board, so I assume you must have some faith in the Lord. You want some help. We don't know how to help, other than to pray for you. But we want you to get some help, and hopefully some relief. (In that regard, I've sometimes thought that, as bad as Jesus' sufferings were on his last Thursday night and Friday, it was 20 hours of really terrible suffering, but then it was done. Sometimes that seems better than year after year of just-plain-bad suffering. But it's not up to us to decide - we don't get to choose.)  

Call somebody.


Let us know if you get any help, any relief. 

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