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Vocational Discernment for Men - Long-Term Live-In

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From Saint Anselm's Abbey (Benedictine monks) in Washington DC:

Beginning this summer, our Benedictine community of St. Anselm’s

Abbey is planning to begin an intentional community for four men

between the ages of 21 and 35 who are seeking to discern their Godgiven

calling, whether to marriage, diocesan priesthood, religious life,

or the single state. Some will be graduate or professional students,

others will be young professionals. They will have their own living area

in one of the abbey’s buildings and will regularly meet to share with one

another their vocational search. They will also have the opportunity to

participate in the liturgical life of the abbey, to pray among themselves,

to have their meals with the monastic community, and to receive

spiritual direction from one of the monks if they so desire. The cost for

room and board will be $800 per month.

We want this program to be of great benefit to the participants, both

individually and as a group. While they will often be off the property

during the day, either at a job or in class, at the abbey itself they will be

able to form their own small community with the assistance of a

Benedictine monk who will be overseeing the program. Those who

wish to apply should provide a c.v. as well as a statement indicating

how they expect living in this community will be of benefit to them.

They will also be interviewed by members of the abbot’s council. If you

are interested in learning more about this program, please contact

Abbot James Wiseman, O.S.B., either by phone at 202-269-2303 or by

email at jwiseman@saintanselms.org Even better, you could come visit

the abbey and speak with him in person.


St. Anselm’s Abbey

4501 South Dakota Ave. NE

Washington, DC 20017-2795

(202) 269-2300

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