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Feedback on new video I produced?

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Sorry, not my style of music either but maybe this just isn't the right place to ask for reviews? I gave your Youtube upload a thumbs up in support anyway.

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I liked it! Lyrics/ message is well done. The beat sounds great both on my phone speaker and (really great) on my JBL charge 3. Something not always true for most songs. Well done.

I guess the only con I can think of is the mouse clicks at the beginning. Too... Loud? Seemed more like canned stock sound rather than a real mouse click.

But that's really not a big deal. Compared to most secular profane rap popular today this is profoundly amesome. This really has something to say compared to the mumble rap and/or incoherent word salad rap that gets air time.

Before this I was thinking with the likes of 69 the screamo rainbow brite looking kid that rap was dead. 

Also, it seems there is only one board now on the phorum is that the case? 

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